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crimes that just should not happen.

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posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 12:05 PM
Well, speaking of amnesty. I don't think anybody is against it if it is done correctly and it is part of a bigger solution. It can't be "blanket" and it can't stand alone, but it is necessary in some form. Here is my plan from my other thread. I will post it here, but there is more detail in the other thread. My plan involves securing the border, streamlining the immigration process, providing help on the other side of the border, and creating an "amnesty period" for illegals to get legal. It also provides very serious consequences once the amnesty period is over and the border is secured.

Originally posted by getreadyalready
The idea that securing our borders is somehow "controversial" has never made any sense to me! Now, with Healthcare reform and tax hikes pinning their arguments on whether or not "illegals" will be covered, the whole idea that we know about millions of illegal immigrants and we don't do anything about it has got me thinking.

I worked in the construction industry, and I come from the Midwest where Clinton "saved" Arkansas by building Turkey and Chicken processing plants and creating tens of thousands of jobs that nobody wanted!

I realize that our infrastructure is highly dependent on this labor pool, and that certain industries would be shut down if we removed all the illegal immigrants.

I also understand that many of the illegal immigrants are learning English and attempting to meld into our society. They are often hard-working families with high morals and virtues and work ethics. So they shouldn't be looked down upon or treated as criminals.

So, how do we account for these people, prop up the industries that depend on them, and at the same time take the burden off the taxpayers, and shore up our borders from threats??

Here is my plan:

1. Amnesty. It is controversial, but it is necessary at this point. We give a 6 month cooling off period before beginning to crackdown. We set up Social Security offices and Immigration Offices and we help get as many of these workers documented as possible. We do an ad campaign and we publicize the plan, the help available, and the consequences for staying unregistered.

We get the Visas in place, we begin to tax their income just like American workers. We alleviate the disparity in wages, and we provide additional SS and tax revenue to the system that is already footing the bill! We assist employers on getting their books right, and we get everyone moving in the right direction.

2. We secure the borders at all costs!! Lethal force has always, and should always be allowed at our borders! There should never be a single person crossing into this country illegally. If a poor migrant worker can do it, then so can a well-funded terrorist!! Fences, Patrols, UAV, Cameras, Military, National Guard, Manned Gates, etc., etc. This goes for the Northern border as well, and for the Coastlines!! If boatloads of Cubans can sneak over, then so can boatloads of Criminals or Terrorists! We have to provide the means, resources, and political and economic support to our border patrols!! THIS HAS TO BE A NON-NEGOTIABLE!

3. We set up VISA help lines in Mexico. We set up satellite offices across the border, we attempt to help get people immigrating legally, and we make sure there is less and less incentive to do it illegally. With streamlined VISA's making it easier to immigrate legally, and increased patrols authorized to use lethal force, the Illegal Immigration should come to a grinding halt!!

4. After the 6 month Amnesty Period, We enlist our businesses and Hospitals, and Driver's License Bureaus, and every American to report illegal aliens! If we know they are here, and we don't get them deported, then we are all guilty!
If they show up at the ER, we patch them up, and then we arrest and deport!
If they show up looking for work, we document them, take their info, and give it to immigration!
If they want a Driver's License, we take their info, and we direct them to the licensed officer waiting to deport them!

5. We document Deported Aliens, and we make it clear that a second offense will be treated as a criminal offense, if they survive the encounter! We document, fingerprint, and database everyone who is deported, and we compare that info on every person we pick up.

6. We create a "Graduated Visa Program." One year work VISA has very few guidelines, but to renew for a Second Year will require Basic English Skills and Basic Civic Knowledge. To renew for a Third Year will require fluent English, and better Civic and Legal Knowledge. After Three Years, they will have to show continued work and tax contributions, or a desire to obtain citizenship. No Freeloaders will stay in the country for more than Three Years!

7. We hire staff, and begin to review and investigate expired VISAs. It isn't just Hispanics that are here illegally. There are a vast amount of expired Student VISAs on the books. We need to know where those people are, and what their intentions are! They are subject to the same 6 month Amnesty, and then they will be considered criminals!

My plan is still taking shape, and I would love the input of ATSers on it. If it becomes streamlined and articulate enough, I plan to help a local Congressional Representative make it part of his platform for election!

Please offer all the "constructive" criticism you can! I look forward to people disagreeing with certain aspects, but try to offer an alternative. I know it is a HOT subject, but I just can't believe anybody would not want to help people immigrate effectively, and protect our borders at the same time!

I have heard the "huddled masses" argument many times, and I agree with it. I want immigration to continue, but I want it done legally and safely, and I want the immigrants to continue to add value to our country as they have done in the past, and not become a burden upon it, or a political tool to get tossed about!

Thanks in Advance!


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