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Global Non Compliance as a threat to their way of life.

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posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 02:08 PM
I have come upon this idea time and time again, especially after viewing a certain you-tube video, and also after my newish economic lessons "Renaissance 2.0:" which somebody just posted, that broke the debt pyramid and the demise of the old republic down for me nice and slow like! I'm not sure if this idea has been posted or not, and many an old ATS'er may have already taken themselves out of the great game we are all playing in servitude and different stages of ignorance already by becoming self-sufficient themselves, and homesteading it with there satellite connection out in the boonies and your are all the stronger for it my friend.

Some of you may say that It won't matter if I draw my line in the sand nowhere will be safe, and say that if somebody, a corporation, MNC middle rung, or even up at the top... the TPTB crosses it you will react in violence and end your own life and it will all be for naught. But what I say is that as more and more people resist in violence the restating of there mortgaged home, or resist playing income tax like the shootouts we saw in decades past, it will only make the peaceful side of the resistance look better and better.

The whole idea though is that while you may be able to work hard as a servant simple to STOP offering your services to the pyramid economy (that and your coming generations if god let live) and system of debt-slavery that has all of us here in America feeling very unsatisfied about our everyday 9-5 grind (yes sir even if you make the big bucks, just wait) if this were to get moving at the local/ state or grassroots level (yea yea I know media blackout, disinformation campaign, false-flag, assassination, ect ect fear fear don't reach don't try ect ect.) it would be a real threat, one that doesn't involve violence and won't give the military-industrial-banking complex an immediate excuse to blow you outta the sky.

This is GLOBAL NON COMPLIANCE, the ability to resist in all our loving passivity. I believe the average American contribution to the economy right now is around 60ish bucks of month, if I had my way it would be about twelve cents. They day that an entire state decides to live hand to mouth on the backbreaking labor of its own citizens is not far ahead, I promise you that, and no it doesn't mean a civil war because if everybody woke up tom marrow, got some food and water and decided to stay in for a month, not go to work and not buy stuff, I think that would be about the end of everything. Course this is not my original idea, I simply regurgitate what great ideas I see from others, as they light my emotional guidance mechanism deep inside myself i know that they reach truth, and grasp is with a hand of love.

The real idea is to lead the way, go out there with a microphone and spit that Non compliance tune, either in music, song, dance, art, poetry, or writing. Certainly don't think your going to support yourself doing it, but aren't we all here posting on ATS because we believe we have a HIGHER CALLING ANYWAY? Call my bluff that I simply have a complex and illusions of grandeur, but no I want to shut down the greatest egoic construct on the planet, the illusion that all ears and minds can come under the financial debt hammer of slavery and servitude. So my friends and fellow comrades reaching towards your higher calling, would you like to join the movement, do you fear that in the coming generations we will all be corralled into jobs that suck all creative spirit and uniqueness from our very souls.

I leave you with a video:

and one on how you can through art and entertainment media speak out (yes i wanna be an mc lawlz.)

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 02:25 PM


Coming to a decision near you.

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