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SAS joins hunt for killer who's taunted police for five days

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posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 11:08 AM
This is weirdly near to a Crop Circle site. Now I wonder if there after this man, or something altogether more sinister that there covering up.

He has already announced in writing he has no issue with the public whatsoever, infact during the initial stages the Public were being advised to "keep a eye out" for this man. Now all of a sudden the enquiry has done a U-Turn and for a transparent reason (which were not being told), theres a 3-mile cordon and people are being told to avoid windows and avoid venturing outside.

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 11:08 AM
WHAT all our massive network of CCTV cameras
and monitoring equipment has failed yet again to
be any use in protecting us the public from this type
of thing?

as i said before just to monitor us when they feel
like it

there not worth a toss.

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 11:10 AM
reply to post by gambon

Or is that planted info to justify killing this guy? Remember... He DID shoot one of their own after all...

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 11:11 AM
reply to post by stealthyaroura

Does that not really depend on the CCTV network they have. If it were not for the fact the hunt was in the woods i would agree with you. Oh and they have released CCTV footage of him going into some shop

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 11:21 AM

Originally posted by kevinunknown
reply to post by stealthyaroura

Does that not really depend on the CCTV network they have. If it were not for the fact the hunt was in the woods i would agree with you. Oh and they have released CCTV footage of him going into some shop

You know I remember years ago in the 90's a big news spread about a criminal that was at large for like 15 years was finnaly caught...

He was found camping in Sherwood forrest. Living in quite good conditions with camping equipment that would put the army to shame.

15 years!!

I believe the only reason they caught him was something really bizzar too like, a microlight aircraft spotted smoke and called for someone to investigate.

Just sayin.... How much man power will they put on it and for how long? When will they start to pull back if nothing is found?

How much in tax paying money is being spent, and for how long???


posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 11:39 AM
reply to post by Korg Trinity

I can't agree with you at all. Love does not make anyone do anything. It can be a reason, a trigger, but love does not just become sentient and take over a person's body/mind and make them do things. I certainly understand the concept of becoming so angy at something that you lash out in that instant, without any conscious decision, but that is hardly the case here. He would have had to get the gun (which, presumably, he had to procure from somewhere first) and then go and shoot three people (one of which was some time after the other two, I think). Someone does not try to murder three people and wage war on the police because they see red.

Yes, there is a difference between 'seeing red' and being a cold-blooded killer; but there is also a difference between 'seeing red' and what, here, is approaching pre-meditated murder.

So I can see what you are saying, but cannot agree with you, and certainly don't understand why you would help him - though, judging by other posts, your take on the story may be slightly misinformed. If your take on it was/is correct, then I would also have sympathy for him, but still would not go so far as to help him.

Out of curiosity, would you feel the same if he was targeting the general public, or does the police involvement affect your opinion?

I wonder if he'll survive 15 years too

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 11:42 AM
just been watching sky news again and its getting really suspicious to me. they just had some survival dude on (that looks coked off his tit's) and they were, were this guy has been camping and funnily enough there's a tent bag left at the scene even though all the other camping stuff was taken away by police there is no way they would of left it behind it was just so obvious and the survival guy said he'd leave it for the police. they also did a segment on how the people of rothbury are scared since it was announced that he isn't just after police. i don't think their trying to hide anything severe probably just their incompetence.

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 11:49 AM
This is interesting especially since things seem to remain the same even though this is happening on the other side of the world from me. A guy shoots some random person there is an investigation and maybe a manhunt. A guy shoots a cop and there is a manhunt, swat, snipers, dogs and high tech equipment. Love the double standard. I've never heard of special forces being used for a manhunt though. Why the S.A.S.? Isn't that a bit of an overkill for one man!? That's like us sending out the navy seals for coffee...... wth..

Doesn't the UK have a S.W.A.T. Equivalent?

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 12:05 PM
The SAS have been used in these type of manhunts before and probably will again.

1982 The hunt for a man who terrorised North Yorkshire for 18 days and whose murdering instincts led to a police siege of Malton began on June 17.

PC David Haigh had set out to deliver a summons to a poacher in the Washburn Valley but did not return. A colleague and friend, Mick Clipston, found David Haigh's police car with its doors open and Haigh dead beside it, shot in the forehead. The police officer was not the only one to die at the hands of Barry Prudom in the ensuing days. Eventually Prudom was cornered in Malton and this is how we described the climax.

Link to full story.

What these cases have in common is, a policeman was either wounded or killed in either case.
I dont think theres any conspiracy in this, the fact he has openly threatened to kill police and to keep killing them till he's dead himself, is what sealed his fate.



posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 12:09 PM
The SAS are used now and again if requested, it doesn't have to be military or terrorist's one of many...

A riot in Peterhead Prison's D-wing had resulted in prisoners taking over the building and taking a prison officer, 56 year old Jackie Stuart, hostage. The hostage-takers were lifers, in prison for violent crimes. It was thought that they had nothing to lose and would not hesitate to make good on their threats to kill their hostage, whom they had now taken up to the rafters of the Scottish prison.

Feeling unable to intervene without putting their colleague's life at risk, the prison authorities called for help from the SAS. It was a controversial request. Sending in UK special forces to deal with a domestic criminal situation would set a dangerous precedent, and several politicians were against it. At first, an SAS officer was sent to Peterhead in a purely advisory role. As a stalemate ensued at the prison, the call was eventually put out to send in the SAS to rescue Jackie Stuart and end the siege.

Source: SAS - Peterhead Prison

Sometimes just the mention of them makes the most ruthless of people think twice...

1975 - The Balcombe Street Siege

An IRA operation ends with a family being held hostage in a London flat. As the SAS prepare to intervene, news of their arrival is leaked to the media. Upon hearing this news, the IRA men promptly surrender to police.

I've no doubt that the msm will spout anything they need to in order to hype up a story, especialy Sky News who have been hanging on every police siren and over dramitising every single detail, many of which are just plain fear mongering.

What people need to remember though is that this is a huge police operation with many armed police spread over that area. If there was SAS involvement, that doesn't mean they'd be running riot doing thier own thing through the woods. You can't do that when you have a co-ordinated task ongoing.

In an ideal world i'm sure we would like to see them clear the area of civvies and police, then let the lads from the regiment do thier stuff, but that will never happen.

To be honest, i wouldn't bother anyway. The SAS have far more important work elsewhere and this will only add to Raoul Moat's over inflated ego, knowing he has these guys after him too.

I would just let the police deal with him, they are much more highly trained these days and when they get him, it will bring him down a peg or two knowing that the very ones he hates so much were the ones that caught him.

As for comments about relationship break-ups and many of us having felt the same way....yes many guys have attacked thier partners and thier lovers, but when you go on to randomly try and murder innocent police officers, you're fair game in my opinion.

This guy stopped deserving sympathy when he started shooting people.


posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 12:15 PM
this is a lot of coverage for one man.yes he killed a cop and seriously wounded two other people (one a cop). and when have the police ever let pictures of one of it's officers who was badly injured be released to the papers,if not to say ''look what this man done,we have to get him at any cost''.

i think they are ramping it up by saying he is a danger to the public so people will come forward with info,and i think to justify the shooting of this bloke.i can't see it ending with the pictures on sky news showing him being led out of the woods with cuffs on and looking like he aint slept for a week.

they are really starting to look incompetant.after all he is a two bob ex bouncer/crim hardly rambo.

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 12:17 PM
and whats with the delivery of armoured cars from northern ireland ?

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 12:21 PM
ROFL ....

They make this guy sound like Rambo, ... from "First Blood".

Yet in this case they are not showing how tough this guy is, ... but how incompetant their own police force is.

A whole nation declaring war on one guy, .... how pathetic.


posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 12:34 PM
reply to post by Catch_a_Fire

It was reknowned survival expert (ex para) Eddie McGee that found him in the end.

It's Eddie's son Perry McGee that is advising Sky News at the moment.

Watching him talking on tv though, you almost get the feeling that he (Perry McGee) is frustrated at not being able to do more to help the police.

I don't mean he wishes he could do more, i mean he isn't being allowed to do more. Countless times he has said to Kay Burley that if he could just get into where they are looking, he could tell them which direction the gy had gone, he could tell them if he was alone or on foot, or carrying a load etc.

You can see he's frustrated at not being able to use his tracking skills to help the operation.

I do wonder why?


posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 12:36 PM
Just to add an update from bbc news - police are now holding a meeting in rothbury and announcing that moat's threats have now been extended to the general public.

This has to come to an end soon, i think we'll see the conclusion within the next day or so now the SAS are involved. The public may also turn against him now (if they arent already) due to these recent threats.

CX, i missed that one, been watching the BBC coverage. Frustration will be getting the better of everyone involved in the 'manhunt'. Watching the meeting now, theyre stating that theres been a change in Moat's circumstances that may have turned him against the public. Cant put my finger on what that change might of been.....the case deepens.


[edit on 8/7/2010 by Catch_a_Fire]

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 12:47 PM
reply to post by CX

I wonder too

Maybe they dont want civvie witnesses...

Methinks this is bs... They want this guy dead... And they are doing all they can to make that happen...

Military Aid to the Civil Power (MACP) usually means a company of infantry, the SAS are not usually used for mere nightclub doormen... A doorman who knows how to evade infra red thermal imaging, helos, dogs etc, and no civvie involvement...

This stinks.

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 01:07 PM
Right guys found this admittedly not a very reliable source but its saying that moat (the gun man) was a SAS enthusiast. It says he watched allot of SAS TV programs and survival books and often took himself camping.

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 01:12 PM
Sky news press conference live now 19:11pm..

Police spokesman, "The SAS are not involved".

SO19 are on location so i dont really see a need for the SAS as well.

what is shocking is that footage of the swat teams combing the area in dense scrubland all have there weapons down, acting quite casual about the whole situation. If he is there he will get the first few shots off if they dont keep there eye on the ball.

Personally i would be in pure swat mode combing this area, barrel is pointed exactly where im looking.

Lets see if they are and just dont want to confirm it.

[edit on 8-7-2010 by zeetroyman]

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 01:12 PM
Police just confirmed that SAS are NOT involved. I hate this media mumbo jumbo, you have to be more than an expert to filter out whats true or not.

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 01:13 PM
Yeah guy’s just heard that. Interesting that she say the army were advising and talked about “specialists” but your right sorry no SAS. It might be that as we have already discussed that they are advising “advice” has been talked about quite allot. The point made about apache’s really was over kill

[edit on 8-7-2010 by kevinunknown]

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