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Hey, I have one question I need some advice and or opinions on

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posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 01:49 AM
Hey, my one question is regarding ouija boards. Me and my friend used to one day when he was over at my place. We looked up how to use it online and all that fun stuff so we were using it correctly. Anyways, we started off by saying something along the lines of "No evil spirits allowed here" or w.e "warmed" up the board. The whole begging process seemed silly. Anyways onto the question (just said all of that stuff so you guys no i'm not going to bs this) but me and my friend D started off by saying who this is and it went crazy at first (we even lifted are hand off the pointer too ware we COULDN'T move it with out trying ware one of use would notice)

After the board had a fit after was asked if someone was there (are eyes were closed we lifted are hands off to see if one of use we sub conciously moving it we weren't in any way) any how it went right over the yes at the top right. or left (can't remember ware yes and no are it's been a while) so then we ask who it was it went crazy again and spelt out R.C (remember the enitials for later on R.C) anyways we asked if they lived in my house. The pointer went crazy and went to yes. Then after a few more yes or no questions it said spelt out I got to go. We didn't even ask a question at the time. So w.e we tried again in two hours. This time we got a spirit named Oscar CAMPELL. Who lived in my old house in 1894 (We looked it up he was a graveskeeper at a grave yard near by and just so happened to live in this exact house) Anyhow, we asked questions on if there's life after death and if he could move freely and it said yes. A few minior things happened but w.e not important

The secound time we used it we encounter Oscar right off the bat (But it wasn't at my house about 50 miles away?) we asked a few stuff then he said my friends horses we loose and we went outside to check out of courisoity and they were. So we went back in did the stupid warm up the board non sense and then "oscar" said it was following me so was it wife Rachelle CAMPELL (r.c see?). We did research she was INDEED his wife and lived in my old house. We did not know of these people or w.e until recently when we did research.

The last time we did me and the friend I did it with the first time did it and we got Oscar he told us to look out the window and we heard chicken and elk? Then he said look at the T.V and we seen a THIRD PERSON in the room (was a shadow with blue eyes) we looked at the spot ware it was standing and there was a white "orb" hovering there. Then I asked a stupid question I said "possess me" it said no and kept going to no then the orb went crazy. Then we lost connection. I guess I made it angry
(I asked that to see if anything would happen)

QUESTION: What exactly happened? What should I make of this? Recently i've been seeing things like shadows and whispers. Not things like kill your wife or third born child but more of "Hellos" and "how are you J". Additionaly I used to have night terrors and lash out in the middle of the night but after this experince almost all negative thoughts and nightmares and such have stopped. (Sorry for my spelling it's very late a night and i am tired

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 01:58 AM
I can only answer this based on my own personal experience and knowledge.

This is NOT something to play around with. You seem to have a very 'no big deal' attitude. I gather this based on how you felt it silly to ward of evil spirits and then mocked what you believed to be a spirit to possess you.

The fact that you are now hearing voices and seeing things tells me that you have opened something up....namely yourself. The problem with this, is that once you have done this, in the manner that you did it, you have opened yourself to whatever is out there...and it may not be something you want in your life. I would back off the ouiji board and if you are a religous person, say some prayers.

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 02:25 AM
reply to post by westcoast
I would say the same thing, it would seem these are not toys, and people would not want to open any wrong doors.

On the hearing voices thing, I seem to be hearing more, most are hard to understand or will just be few words. Like the last night, I almost fell asleep and in my left ear I heard ( Hey You ) I said what, no reply.

The other night, I was with a guide in a lucid dream state, I was wide awake, but I was taken thru a door, down the stairs, thru a hall, to a table, with a chair, and some other things, I started to fall asleep and as I did I heard like a glass candle holder fall and break on a hard floor.
Well that woke me back to full lucid wide awake.
The next morning I ask my brother if he had broken a glass or something last night, he said no, it must of been guide trying keep me from falling asleep. Or Subconcious

I would recite"The Lord's Prayer"

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posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 04:03 AM
I would definitely encourage you to progress with your studies, this could be very interesting for us all. Perhaps the next time you try have a camera (video) and some sort of audio recording device.

If you're feeling particularly brave then don't ask non-evil to stay away - this could be quite exciting!

Please let us know how you get on.

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