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An Idea on How to Get Direct Information from Spill Cleanup Workers

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posted on Jul, 7 2010 @ 11:03 PM
OK, I need help on this.

But, there are about 30,000 workers and subcontractors in the Gulf, and I have to believe at least some of them want to tell us the truth.

They must want anonymity. Which is why we see virtually nothing from them in the MSNM.

Why can't we put up a page, where they can post anonymously? Sure, we will get some fakes and some flamers, but we should also get a lot of the real info, directly.

We can publicize it for free on Google, FB, and other sites (need help here too).

We would need to show them how to proxy to our page, so their IP address is not even known to us. Or, we could purge our servers access logs every 12 hours for this page, so if subpoenaed, we have no information to reveal.

Let's give them a private/public forum, to post what they are really seeing, and smelling, and feeling.

Someone has to do this, why not us>

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