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"Lord Mayor has Satan in his sights" - article

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posted on Jul, 7 2010 @ 04:27 PM
This is moderately interesting...

I know there are a lot of (particularly charming and intelligent) Australian ATS units on here...wondering if any of y'all have any good bits on this...

The link is to, dated July 6 2010...the writer's name is Tony Moore...

Lord Mayor has Satan in his sights

Lord Mayor Campbell Newman was so concerned about Halloween Satanic rituals in Brisbane cemeteries last year that he ordered an extra $34,000 worth of security patrols.

Brisbane City Council's Civic Cabinet minutes of October 2009, which were previously kept secret, show Newman wanted an operation by police and council staff in Brisbane cemeteries to "look out for Satanic rituals".

Anyone caught would be charged with trespassing.

The move was accepted by Civic Cabinet and checks on Brisbane cemeteries are now conducted regularly.

The move came after $400,000 damage was done to 82 headstones in Brisbane's Toowong Cemetery in August last year.

Yesterday, Cr Newman said private security guards had been hired to regularly patrol council cemeteries every Friday and Saturday night.

“People should not be in Council cemeteries at night unless they have our permission to be there,” he said.

“Anyone found wandering around after dark will be considered to be trespassing and asked to leave immediately.

“If security sees anyone acting suspiciously then they will call the police and continue to keep an eye on them until they arrive.”

Signs have now been erected advising people of the patrols.

Cr Newman said he hoped the patrols would prevent a repeat of the Toowong Cemetery gravestone destruction.

In April, four people appeared in court on grave vandalism charges.

It was alleged one of the four defendants bragged about inverting crucifixes at the cemetery because it "had meaning to Satanists".

But the charges were dropped because police did not ask the owners of the grave plots if they had given permission or not for the graves to be damaged.

Attorney-General Cameron Dick immediately ordered a review of the legislation to prevent a similar situation from being repeated.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

You think they really are doing something particularly Satanic thereabouts, or was it just a pile of drunken chavs?

posted on Jul, 7 2010 @ 04:49 PM
Had to be drunken idiots, kids or both. a true satanist doesnt use upside down crucifixes and wouldnt need to be in a graveyard for any ritual.

posted on Jul, 7 2010 @ 04:58 PM
reply to post by bismos

What would a true satanist do, and where would they go?

Second line.

posted on Jul, 7 2010 @ 06:20 PM
Awesome. Something I actually know about.
Toowong cemetery is one of Brisbane's spooky sites, it being one of our oldest cemeteries. Hauntings aplenty there.
It is actually quite a foreboding place situated on a hilltop in the inner-north. It sort of looks like it's looming over the surrounding area.

I think most people growing up in Brisbane visit "Spook Hill" sometime in their lives. I remember doing it years ago
You go to 12th Avenue in Toowong Cemetery and stop your car at the grave of Emily someone (sorry, i forget the surname)
Put your car in neutral and let it roll down the hill.
About halfway down your car will stop and start going back up the hill. Apparently it's the spirits pushing you away. I don't know about that I think it's probably magnetics or something but still it can be pretty scary in the middle of the night after a scoob or three.
This website has more info on it and other 'haunted sites' in Brisbane.

Also my grandfather is buried at Toowong and Dad gave up fixing/replacing his headstone about 20 years ago due to this problem.
Satanists? No, I don't think so
Drunk Kids? Yes
Silly Goths trying to be Satanists? Yes

Can Do Campbell has some nerve having a whinge about this though considering he wants to tunnel under the thing, possibly releasing scores of zombie undead to feast on our brains.

Anyways, hope this info helps. If you google Toowong cemetery vandalism there is a laundry list of articles relating to various offences.


P.S New to ATS. Do I have to reference those links. Author and date etc.? Don't want to be breaking the law.
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posted on Jul, 7 2010 @ 06:43 PM

Originally posted by onequestion
reply to post by bismos

What would a true satanist do, and where would they go?

Second line.

They do not ravage graveyards... they would have too much respect for the dead.
What a Satanist does... is not easy to explain; think of it as being the footsteps, behind your own two feet.

And if there were any true rituals taking place, they would go maybe to the woods, somewhere secluded, and in the middle of nature.

Or in their basement, or altar room.
Really depends on the time, and place, intention etc. etc.

posted on Jul, 7 2010 @ 07:00 PM
reply to post by schooner

Thank you for the local feedback, o schooner, this is just what I was hoping for...I am in the process of reading through your links with interest...

A lot of places I've lived, there are different gossip/folklore tales kind of related to this flavor of news for example here in Salt Lake City there are tales that people were scared with as kids, years ago...I've talked to old people about them...relating to some dude named Emo, who lived up in the Avenues neighborhood, and devil worshippers, and it's mixed up with the cemetery up there in the Avenues, and even "glowing red eyes"... (and there's one of those car-roll-spots in the park near there, too, supposedly)...Anyways if anything like that comes to mind, I would be happy and interested, but meanwhile I'm having fun with what you've already provided, thanks...

posted on Jul, 7 2010 @ 07:07 PM
Cheers. You've got me doing some research myself. I've found out another part of the Spook Hill legend. Emily someone was apparently a child who was killed in a car accident. Don't know how true this is as there are many different versions of the story.

posted on Jul, 7 2010 @ 08:03 PM
reply to post by schooner

Oh, man, this one is good...

The link is to April 13 2010, I see no author listed for me to credit...

Jesus tombstone 'pinned down vandal'

A TOMBSTONE bearing an image of Jesus had pinned a man to the ground during an alleged vandalism attack on a Brisbane cemetery, a court has heard.

Shane Alan Bell, 27, Michael John Smallbon, 27, Benjamin Lionel Garland, 19, and Zoe Louise Wilson, 24, are facing a committal hearing in the Brisbane Magistrates Court, each charged with the wilful damage of up to 82 tombstones at the Toowong Cemetery in August last year.

The four were arrested after Ms Wilson had a conversation with a work colleague, Anna Nisbett, about damaging gravestones during a late night trip to the cemetery.

Ms Nisbett told the court Ms Wilson had said Mr Bell and friends had visited the cemetery one night, bearing inverted crucifixes.

"She (Wilson) indicated it had meaning for satanists," Ms Nisbett said, saying she was "stunned" by the story.
The federal public servant said Ms Wilson had told her of a bizarre incident involving a tombstone.

"(Wilson said) 'Jesus smashed Shane'," Ms Nisbett said.

"(She said) the tombstone moved a significant distance, hit Shane and pinned him on the legs."

Mr Bell screamed and passed out from the pain, and the three others had to move the tombstone off his legs, the court heard.

Ms Nisbett also told the court Ms Wilson believed the group saw a ghost while at the cemetery.

"She became animated and told me they saw an image of an older, hunched-over man and when they approached it, he disappeared," Ms Nisbett said.

"She did comment they were smashed, had consumed beer."
Ms Nisbett said some of her relatives were buried at the cemetery.

She saw a television news story about the vandal attack and decided to take up the matter with her team leader at work and with police.

Police went to the home of Mr Bell and Ms Wilson in Jimboomba, south of Brisbane, and arrested and charged the pair.

Arresting officer Constable Clayton Honeywood told the court he found knuckle-dusters with large blades, drugs and a headstone during a search of the home.

He said Mr Bell also had a leg injury.


Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

It's funny how they got off, too...

Lawyer says cemetery vandalism claims a ‘ beat up’

Grave news for headstone vandals

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