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Always wanted to try my hand at prophecy

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posted on Jul, 7 2010 @ 12:53 PM
I'm a sensitive. I've had visions of deaths in my family which have come to fruition on the exact dates. Unprovable but uncanny. I decided to focus on a few topics and see what I could come up with.

North Korea-A large scale conflict will arise in mid 2011. The US will be involved.

Iran-Russia will begin witholding technology from Iran this year as an allied force prepares to eradicate Iran's nuclear capabilities.

There will be a pandemic towards the end of 2010. Nothing incredibly serious.

There will be a mostrous earthquake in Asia during July, 2010.

THere will be a massive uprising in the US before the end of 2011 due to massive tax hikes.

Before the end of this year credible evidence of extraterrestrial life will be discovered.

The US economic recession will worsen significantly in 2011.

There will be a miraculous event during the fall of 2010 which causes a return to the christian faith across the globe.

During 2010 there will be a massive Katrina type hurricane striking the US.

In 2010 the republicans will take back the house and the senate.

In 2010 the oakland raiders will narrowly miss the playoffs.

The Horizon oil leak will not be stopped before october 2010.

A major conservative talkshow host will suffer a serious illness.

2013-The Chinese will develop a technological advancement that leaves the rest of the world in awe.

2010-Cuba begins drilling for oil in close proximity to florida.

2012-THe pope will die and there will be a fracure in the Catholic Church

2011-Clint Eastwood will release a magnificent fil and pass away before recieving his oscar.

2012-The world accepts that Tupac and Biggie are really dead. And that Elvis lived for 18 years after his supposed death.

2010-The winter of 2010 will be the worst in american history.

2011-Serena and Venus WIlliams sport a cordouroy tennis skirt at the us open and the friction causes both to burst into flames.

2011-The governement of the US takes over several industries in large scale nationalization.

We'll see how I do. Pretty confident with the exception of the serena and venus williams thigh friction.

posted on Jul, 7 2010 @ 12:58 PM

During 2010 there will be a massive Katrina type hurricane striking the US.

I think it will be the seventh storm this season which is named George

Do you also do personals???

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