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A calling for the Arcturians

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posted on Oct, 6 2011 @ 10:50 PM
I personally have met and spent time with a member of the Arcturian family living here on Earth... He is one of the most gentle, peaceful and loving individuals I have ever met. If my experience with this Arcturian can be taken as an example of the the rest of the Arcturian Galactic Family, then I would most definitely agree to having them join us here, in this realm to work along side us...on our behalf. They are here as loving guides to teach and nurture us through our ascension process. Their purpose is only for our best outcome.

Many thanks to the Arcturians for supporting us Earth folk.


posted on Oct, 9 2011 @ 04:36 PM
Hello, I am from Kenya and for a whole year I have been trying to contact "benevolent star beings" who would hear my call, and ask them to speak to me through telepathy or dreams or anything... but I have failed. I went outside everyday on my balcony and I would meditate and do some relaxation exercises for around 30 minutes and then for the next hour, I would call out, and (in my head) I would introduce myself and welcome any light beings.
I would always tell them how much I desire to be in their presence and how I would like to learn from them and know them... then I thought, maybe they don't come to Africa because they have never contacted anyone in Africa (that I know or have heard of) So I stopped and have now been trying astral projection. hopefully it will work.
I am desparate to meet them but all in good intentions. I want them to share their knowledge with me and this looks like an opportunity to call out to them. so I will take advantage of this and ask them to land here on mother Gaia because a great deal of us would love to know them. much love!

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 09:32 PM

Originally posted by lowki
The Arcturians are from Arcturus a bright star in the Bootes constellation.

The Arcturians, are a peaceful race of benevolent beings.
They are the proud home of Jesus's soul after he left earth.
They are a main component of the Christ Consciousness Sananda orbiting earth,
to send loving and healing vibrations to all on our home planet.
Creating balance and equilibrium for mutual prosperity.

This is a calling formulated to allow them to land,
and form bases on land or underground beneath the surface,
one which would allow for the sharing of communal space,
between earth humans and star being Arcturians.

Please consentingly sign here by replying and otherwise supporting this contract.
It can be reproduced and signed by consenting individuals you approach.

[edit on 7-7-2010 by lowki]

are you sure jesus was an acturian?
are you sure he wasnt a plaeidian or sirian?

Just Sayin.

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 05:53 PM
reply to post by l
. It is time to call the Arcturans, we need to ask for help.

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