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The Military Industrial Complex.

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posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 07:51 PM
The creation of the Federal Reserve banking system in 1914, essentially gave the largest banking monopolies Government liscence to control the currency.

After the engineered Collapse in 1920's and 1930's, the Federal Reserve System had LOTS of money, and bought America's Industrial manufacturing bases for pennies on the dollar.

This was the rise of the Military Industrial Complex of which Eisenhower spoke.

Not to mention J.F.K.

The real kicker was in Roswell... when we discovered that our RADAR installations were capable of interfering with the propulsion systems of "Flying Saucers" that had been sighted.

The technology from the resultant wrecks were confiscated in the name of national security....

And a decision was made to keep the public unaware of this discovery.

Since the Military is ultimately Answers TO Congress... another decision was made to "Privatize" this particular military operation.

Full control and "Ownership" was given to the (Now Federal Reserve Bank Owned) large industrial corporations that had the level of technological sophistication and resources to reverse engineer the craft.

The Creation of "Majestic-12" mirrors the 12 Federal Reserve Regions in the United States.

Due to the Ownership of the "Majestic" technology, in trust for the Military, by the Federal Reserve system...

It was then easy to take the technology away from the military, for private usage by the most wealthy people in the world.

They are using this reverse engineered technology to attempt to create a technological tyrannical "Genetic Line" monarchy, or oligarchy, or what have you....

Serfdom for all but the elite, who would wield immense technological powers that us poor SERFS would mistake as "Divine"... perhaps...

It's a sick little game.

But, since the Federal Reserve system is, by definition, Unconstitutional.

That means that we technically posses (We, the People) all that these "Bankers" now hold.




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