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A new technological religion in the future....

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posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 04:02 PM
I foresee a time in the future where human beings are bionic, not just in strength and health, but also psychologically and spiritually.

You see if we look into the direct experiences of God or anything spiritual, in antiquity, we will see that for the most part these experiencers of God took drastic measures to get there, including month long fasts, years of meditation, decades of self work.

If we look at science, there is actually an area of study where science looks at an individuals brain and the new areas the light up when a meditation expert is in meditation. We're talking about parts of the brain that for those who don't meditate, are not active.

Which means that when the bionic revolution begins, there will most certainly be advances in ways that those who undergo bionic integration may just have the integrated tools necessary where accessing those mystical parts of the Brain is natural.

SO at first only the wealthy and privileged will be able to experience what it is to be a Prophet with access to the Divine.

And what do wealthy and privileged folks that have access to certain things that nobody else has do??? They try to keep their positions of power for as long as possible.

This is what I foresee happening. It will be a new religion based on the Bionic integration with technology giving certain individuals access to the hidden dimensions of the Soul and inner mechanics of Spirituality granting them access to realms, dimensions, and information that average Joe has no idea about.

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 04:41 PM
i remember playing a role playing game similar to dungeons and dragons called 'shadow run' that dealt with many of these convoluted and 'techno bender' issues. Yes, i do believe, that if time on this world lasts well into the future that we will be forced to deal with such issues in ways that our elders could not have possibly imagined......

not just 'terminator' or 'minority report'.....we are talking 'dark city' meets '12 monkeys' and worse.

humans left to their own devices will invent the worst incarnations of diabolical torturous existence that would make Dante blush.


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