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Okay, My dreams officially dont make sense anymore

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posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 03:51 PM
I should start this off by saying, my dreams have managed to be pretty concise. By that, I mean there is a logical flow to them. Like, I want to go to the beach in my dream, so I go to a beach, put on a little SPF15 then lay down on the towel, then walk into the waves etc...

Recently, I have managed to control bits and pieces of my dreams, kind of like lucid dreaming. I want to change this, so I do, I want a red shirt, so my shirt becomes red, I want to talk to that person over there, so I do. Its all done consciously.

However, the past few nights, I have been unable to control anything, and the messages of my dreams have been all doom and gloom. Below are a few scenarios I can remember and I'd like you all to help some sense of this. I cant seem to anymore.

1. Riding a white horse through fields, with a anti tank missle launcher on my back. I have long flowing red hair, and am wearing silver gauntlets (I usually keep my head shaved irl). I can hear someone shouting (over the sounds of the hooves) "here it comes, here it comes" but nothing shows up.

2. Im in older 2 story house on the ground level. Im in the kitchen making a sandwich (pb &j, my favorite) and I hear thunder. It starts raining outside, and its not like a normal L.A. rain, its a deluge you see on TV. The roof starts leaking, but Im on the 1st floor which makes no sense to me.

3. Im in a cabin and am a toddler. Im all alone and there are 3 windows, no doors. Standard wood colored walls. Off-white curtains that are pulled back. Its pitch black outside. I see a pair of yellow colored eyes staring at me from outside. Im completely gripped by terror and paralyzed. I hear scratching on the walls and a Door appears then opens to reveal a gigantic (and I mean huge, not just for a toddler to see) wolf. The wolf comes in and sits next to me, staring at the eyes and I wake up in a sweat.

4. Im in a familiar part of town, but its a meshing of several areas of my past (friends old houses, hills I played on etc). Friend and I are apparently mining for Gold, when we hear automatic gunfire. We take an elevator (the kind in Willy Wonka) out of the mine shaft and to the roof of his house. We see nothing, so we go downstairs. We get armed up (military style weapons SAWs, M-16s) and hop out to the street and take fire from 6 well armed men in long coats. No one runs out of ammo. No one gets hit. Its like that scene in Hot Shots where Charlie sheen was standing 2 feet in front of the guy and kept firing and nothing happened.

These are just a few. I will have more when I get back from lunch.

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 05:38 PM
5. Im walking a grocery store, starving. There are workers there but all the food is rancid and the smell is horrendous. I ask the workers for any food that is less rancid, or even fresh but they just look at me. Their faces begin to do that morph thing that happens in Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" video, and again I'm paralyzed by fear. They turn into some type of huge snarling monster that holds me accountable for the food going bad and the current state of things.

These dreams, though seemingly unrelated, all fall back to me. They give me that unrealistic fear and paranoia. I have never been so scared in my life, and I never had nightmares before. I cant find anything about what represents the rain on the first floor of the house, or the food, or the weaponry. I dont know much about dreams and was hoping someone here can help me out and decipher some of it.

I will continue to post more as they occur.

posted on Jul, 12 2010 @ 07:27 PM
These are all very symbolic so I suggest you look up some of these symbols at dream interpretation sites to give you a feel for what the deeper messages of the subconscious are trying to convey, but I would say that it seems that these dreams are regarding future events and my guess is that there is going to be something very dramatic that you will undergo shortly, be it a natural disaster or something more personal, and although it will be very dangerous you will live and grow through it.

posted on Jul, 12 2010 @ 07:46 PM
Most of my dreams have never made sense. I'll be riding a motorcycle and it turns into a recliner chair. I'll be driving a car and suddenly I'm driving from the back seat. Few of my dreams make sense and I've always wondered about people who dream consistant dreams that make sense. My mind jumps around alot in waking so I guess it would do the same in my dreams.

When I analyze the dreams I can remember, I usually realize that they are very indicative of my fears and/or frustrations. Whatever your dreams mean, they can only be interpreted by you since they come from your mind. What do these things mean to you? What are you afraid of or concerned over now? Are you about to make a change in your life? Good luck.

posted on Jul, 12 2010 @ 07:49 PM
I take Doxepin for its anti-histamine properties because of this Auto-Immune Disease I have.

I'm telling you, you want F'd up dreams? Oh my god, every time I go to sleep I get the most vivid, wild, odd dreams you could conjure up.

At first I found it odd, now I rather enjoy the ride. You should never take anyone else's drugs, but seriously if you are looking for something totally messed up, that is the ticket.

posted on Jul, 12 2010 @ 09:03 PM
reply to post by RicketyCricket

I dont have as many lucid dreams as I used to, the last one I could remember as felling real was one were I was standing by the ocean I have no clue how I got there and just looking around, then the ocean waves are beating on the beach, and slowly out of the sea/water this giant reptile comes out close to me, it lookes like a comodo dragon, only bigger and with a mouth full of teeth that look like its smilling, its on all four legs and its huge like over 12 feet in length. I get the feeling in my stomach "fear" as it comes out of the water and slowly thowrd's something on the beach, when I look at the thing on the beach it looks like a human person thats just laying there with its back to me and the freaky reptile that came out of the water, he/she looks dead or just sleeping have no way of knowing. So anyways I'm just standing there looking at the thing go closer to whatever it is that is on the beach and I keep thinking that I shouldent get in it's way it looks mean and scary, then my mind goes in to hyperdrive and fear sets in more eventually it reaches a point were I get so pissed off I start running toward the creatture and as I get closer to gets smaller and smaller like some sort of illusion were the mountain's in the disstance look smaller, thill you get closer. Only backwards the thing gets smaller as I get closer to it but its still freeky, so I kick it in to the sea. Then I wake up, and am like that was weird. My lucid dreams are all weird or at least the ones I can remember.

posted on Sep, 30 2010 @ 01:44 PM
So it appears they are coming back again. This time with increased frequency. Im managing 3-5 nightmares a week, in a seemingly unrelated flow of events.

Recurring themes appear to be:
Lack of Preparedness (in any situation)
• No Ammo
• No Food
• No Clothes
• No Medicines
• No Money

posted on Sep, 30 2010 @ 02:46 PM
Your dreams are very interesting. The only person who can get all the meaning out of them is you, because some of your symbols will be personal to you. But I think there is a universal level to dreams also. In fact, I think most dreams can be read in multiple ways.

I record most of my dreams in a journal and have done so since about 1992. But I have dreams that go all the way back to the 60s. So I have a lot of experience trying to interpret my own dreams. I'll show you what I do, and then maybe it will help you figure out how you want to interpret them for yourself. I will use your first dream as my text:

1. Riding a white horse through fields, with a anti tank missle launcher on my back. I have long flowing red hair, and am wearing silver gauntlets (I usually keep my head shaved irl). I can hear someone shouting (over the sounds of the hooves) "here it comes, here it comes" but nothing shows up.

The first thing I do is think about what is current in either my life, or in the larger society, that might be involved. In your dream, I note the line "here it comes, here it comes" but nothing shows up and this reminds me that we are in a period of "apocalyptic anxiety" because of the coming of the year 2012, much like we were in the late 1990s because of the coming of 2000. These millennial fevers have come many times in the last two thousand years, and have always ended with a "nothing show[ing] up." If I read your dream in that light, it seems to be saying that whatever you fear might be coming really isn't.

That would be a universal reading taken from the conditions of our society today.

Another layer of universal reading is to look for symbols that often appear in dreams. I have a couple of dream dictionaries that I look at online to see what people have said about these in the past. The symbols I notice in your dream are:

White horse, anti tank missile launcher, red hair, and silver gauntlets.

So I look them up on websites that collect dream dictionary references, (for instance, here, or here ) and simply copy over the dream interpretations I find so that I can peruse them together, to see how certain themes arise that I would not have noticed myself.

I'll run through it for your first symbol, and you can then take the technique farther for the other symbols is you would like to.

White horse: (You usually have to break compound symbols like these up, though for something like "white horse" you may find the whole phrase defined.)

"The horse is a noble and powerful animal. As a dream symbol it can represent a wide range of positive thoughts and ideas about self or others. Depending on the details of the dream, horses can symbolize ffreedom, power, and sexual energyt. At times, they can also be considered messengers, relaying information from the unconscious to the conscious, from the spiritual to the physical. If you are horseback riding it suggests that you are self assured and feel a sense of control in your daily life. Old dream interpretation books say that the color of the horse is also significant. (Remember that this is based on superstition.) Black horses are said to point out delays; white horses reinforce the positive and transformative aspects of life; gray horses may point to the difficulties in the dreamers current situation; piebald horses are symbolic of confusion; brown horses are associated with mental pursuits; tan horses are said to be symbolic of love and sex."

And here is another that might pertain:

(1) A Horse - particularily a stallion - may symbolize sexuality

(2) It may symbolize animality; instinctive dynamism that may 'carry you away'.

(3) A galloping horse may symbolize ecstasy; or a need not to get bogged down in sensuality/ material amibitions; being in 'the world' but not of it.

(4) Horse may symbolize emotion(s). If the horse is rampaging, either your emotions are threatening riot if you do not seriously attend to their requests or you are allowing your emotions to rule you. Tightly reigned or tethered horses probably mean your emotions are too much repressed.

(5) The horse may symbolize your unconscious or your whole psyche. In myths and folktales, horses sometimes speak. If the horse in your dream speaks, it is either the voice of your unconscious, or some part of it, or the voice of your true self, your inner being.

(6) If the horse is threatening, look into your unconscious to see what is threatening you there. Is it your sexuality, attachments to mother or father, the unconscious itself, or some other repressed desire?

(7) If a horse or horses are pulling you in a carriage, they are your emotions. Are you in control or are they?

(8) Black horses are associated with funerals. What part of you is dead or dying? Should it be allowed to die? Or what should be dead in you - for example, something from the past that prevents you from living freely in the present?

(9) A horse's hoof may symblize fertility or sexuality. Fertility is, psychologically speaking, the power to expand as a person.

You may note a lot of references to sexuality, and just glancing at "rocket launcher" and long red hair, I don't think these are the only references you are going to get. But I would not hold that you are forced to see the dream in personal sexual terms, because the idea of sex and sexual jealousy is deeply woven into the myth of the "jealous God" of the old testament. Therefore, one can retain the apocalyptic reading if one wishes.

Anyway, that should do for "horse," here's a couple more for "white."


Purity. It is made up of all color therefore is complete.

White in a dream might possibly be a reminder to resolve special situations and problems. White is feminine, symbolizing virginity, but also emotional coldness and immaturity. White is the colour of the bride, and it stands for completeness, idealism, purity, innocence, elegance and openness

So that's that technique explained and illustrated. It does take time, so not everyone will want to put in the effort.

Finally, the dreams are yours, so it is important for you to decide what they mean to you. You are on a conspiracy site asking, so, do you feel that your dreams are warning of something to come? Or are they trying to tell you not to worry so much? Only you can decide for yourself.

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