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Internet Anonymity at Risk

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posted on Jul, 7 2010 @ 12:00 PM
reply to post by Carch70

This is a private move by a privately owned and operated forum. What we're talking about is GOVERNMENT doing this through force of law, which is much different. If you think that a gamer forum doing this is bad, then wait until the government is doing this.

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posted on Jul, 7 2010 @ 01:44 PM
Any attempts by the MSM or the govt or rulers to demand non-annonymity of users from the internet will be futile and serve only worse purposes.

In the real world, it was annonymity that helped the police and society to crack difficult cases regarding threatening gangs and harmful organisations. No human would dare expose himself and be subject to retaliation later.

This was even understood by the sacred US Constitution. Only in a COURT OF LAW was the accuser or witness required to revealed in name in most cases, and once the trial was over, he was given a new name and identity to begin life again elsewhere, fully protected for the help he offered in investigations to solve difficult cases.

The only ones who have fear from annonymity ARE THOSE WHO HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE, more so on the internet.

The internet is not some court of law where you identity needs to be proven and sworn. Whatever is said is based upon freedom of expression and the onus is upon another to verify whatever is stated.

Without annonymity, none would give any feedback except bootlickers, and would only cause more harm to Nations and Corporations, for without feedback, no one knows truly what direction it is headed.

ATS and folks here had done more to help society than any govt agency had done, for through annonymity, many had whistleblown, revealed, discussed and debated freely on issues.

Not one person holds the truth alone, but only by such rationalized and analysized discussions will reality be revealed for improvement of self and society without the odor of name castigation and mortal retribution due to unknown slights.

No doubt the govt agencies knows who is who here through their hi-tech spywares, they know better than to simply tagged anyone who disagree with govt policies as a terrorist. To do that, they would have to build 6 billion dog cages and feed them for years.

As mentioned, the only ones who fear annonymity are the ones who have much to hide, and will sought all ways to ensure that if the internet,which they need to disseminate their disinfo, were to survive, it must be NOT be annonymous, even as they give their bootlickers and dogs annonymous names to confuse.

Such is the corruption of power and its maintenance.

For those living in democracies, know your rights and your contributions on the internet which is NOT a court of law. Any attempts by the MSM or internat regulators to curtail your freedom of speech directly or indirectly must be meet with the wall of the masses, or mankind will forever be enslaved by tyranny.

posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 12:33 AM
WHY should we have to use our real names etc on the internet? In the real world, we're not required to give our name to every person we speak to---we can walk up to a total stranger, strike up a conversation, chat for an hour and never give any name at all. When we make a phone call, we're not required to tell the person we're calling our name, and can block it from showing on caller id if we like. If we write a letter to the editor at our local paper, we're not required to give our real name. Why on earth would we agree to using our real names EVERYWHERE on the internet? That would be like having to walk around the real world carrying a huge sign with our name on it. Anybody game for that? Ha.

posted on Oct, 13 2010 @ 07:28 AM
When you sign up to use the internet, you are required to show I.D. etc to the IP company.

They already have all your details. This is nothing new really, as your history is saved by the IP for a certain number of years in case of legal proceedings.

Now this information is already available at will to intelligence orgs who want it.

Maybe it's all just smoke and mirrors to give the illusion of anonymity on the net at this point in time?

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