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a SHTF thought.

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posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 02:50 PM
I am just curious as to the thoughts of people talking about a SHTF.
I have read many posts here and the things that some of you think you need to take is quite extensive. I have a basic list of what you need listed no order.

1. food ... anything you eat now that keeps for long periods of time with no refrigeration. Don't plan on something you hate to eat or that you have never tried before...know what you and yours like to eat.

2. water/filter system...for your drinking water and any other use that you have for clean purified ,laundry...ect.

3. shelter...tent/camper/cabin....a place to FEEL safe and secure at...that you will be for this. It could be a long time.

4. proper cloths...for whatever area of the world your in and the changing weather from season to season. That means having several of the important items like coats, gloves and hats. You get the point.

5. tools/gear...used to build, repair, fix or make what you need to survive. Anything from an ax, saw, or hammer to nails, screws, generators and fuel.

6. weapon(s)/ammo...for self defense and hunting...rifles pistols to bow and arrows. that you have the basics covered, do you think you can carry more gear or other items for your survival?
I know medicane for you or a loved one...what happens if you cannot get more because they quit making it when the SHTF long will you last?
I know, a seed bank and garden long does it take to grow your garden?...months,so what do you do in the meantime?
Are you using your workshop? powered how? in almost any and every SHTF the power goes out and economy tanks as a result of it.

People are saying to take family pictures and dishes and uncle bob's ashes from the mantle...people, I hope that your not seriously thinking you will be able to have all the luxuries of your current life style...
If the economy goes belly up, why do you need $$ if it is worthless?

Buy gold and silver...yeah ok and buy what? for me to trade with you...RIGHT...
I want something that is useful to me and gold and silver aren't and it isn't to the the vast majority of the others out there. You will need to have a skill or be able to give me something that I need or don't have in order for me to even think about trading anything with you....something that would improve or help my quality of life...whatever that might be at the time.
Invest in preps and knowledge, your brain is the best tool to have...keep it sharp.

I just wanted to get this out there for people to read. I hope that people realize that if this does happen and we do have a serious want to be prepaired the best you can. Do what you need to, to survive...everyone needs and uses different things and hopefully has the same ending result...SURVIVING.

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 04:06 PM
i see your angle. however what if you undershoot it, and end up not having enough, or needing something you could have brought.

it could be wise to gather everything you think you would need, regardless of what your able to carry or bring, and put it all in one spot. then from there when SHTF you can judge what you need from the pile on the spot. you never know what the situation will be so you might as well have grandpas ashe's, the rifle, food and everything else right there in one spot so you dont have to look for anything when the time comes. if its real crucial just grab the basics, at least youll be ready for whatever scenario.

its not always what happens but where. you may need certain things like chains on your tires if you head north, or you may not even be able to drive the car and have to head a different direction that may call for other things.

1 thing i think people can do is start weening themselves off of digital stuff. get some physical maps and print out physical hard copies of whatever you may need. information is gold, and it may not always be so accessible...

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 06:08 PM
Well it depends on what kind of survival you are looking for. We have diferent types here on ATS
First there are the two major groups
The Fallout Crowd- These people have the idea that survival means playing Fallout (IRL) which is just roaming aorund killing anyone that they come across because they think once "SHTF" that everyone is going to go around killing and raping. Ironically these people can't see the fact that they are the ones rambling on about killing everyone they see.

The comunity crowd- These ones come off a little more sane but really fail in their logic. They want to set up a new comunity (which is all good and fine) but where they fail is when it comes down to their made up economy. They want nothing to do with currency but always make up something that turns back into currency and they fail to see how their utopia is really just a dictatorship.

Then you have the different sub crowds (to many to name) but my favorite are the stonners, they think that once SHTF they will plant hemp and marijuana and somehow magically all their needs will be fullfilled.

And the two major schools of thought.
Carve a spoon out of wood or just make sure you have a spoon. Some people are hellbent on the idea of making everything themselves while others are convinced that they will be able to carry everything in their backpack.
But as far as survivalists go there are two things you need to know
*99% of all "survivalists" think they are rambo
*Everyone forgets to pack soap.

edit to add:
Two more things you should know
*The guys wearing black leather bondage clothes and old football gear are bad guys.
* If you see a black guy with a copy of the bible don't mess with him

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posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 07:33 PM
I think the OP may be overshooting parameters that do not have any basis for worrying at this point.

Think in six month intervals and work out from there. Think in terms of the Seasons and what each might present.

From there I would say that the missing part is Community. Right now, if you do not have a sense of Community then chances of survival are slightly worse than as an individual or an individual family.

Some wait for the bigger picture to unfold before considering forming communities because those that cannot survive should not be carried by those that can. Yet, by then, what kind of quality community can take hold without practice and foresight.

I have actively engaged conversations with friends and family on the needs of the possible future; none of them are interested in activating and preparing. A few are finally talking about bigger pantries now, at least some folks see the darkness looming.

We all might have to wait until that moment and we will either know what to do and how to react or we will not. Eventually survival will evolve into re-Creation; then we will have to change again as we put down one set of tools for another as we rebuild our world.

posted on Jul, 7 2010 @ 06:26 AM
Thanks for the input.

With all the types of groups out there and there way of thinking it is impossible to be correct for everyone...thanks for the information on the different types of groups out there.

I think and it is my own opinion that, I should be prepraired for the furture and anything that I need for me. I know to have extra and I know to get a "pile" or stash of items that I need. Not all of us have a community of like minded people to join up with. I am not sure that I would want to be in a group...

I agree to have all that you think that you'll need and than some. I hope to be able to stay put and not ''bug out''...but we have no idea of what the future has in store for us. If we do have to bug out than what? what if your area is already over run with people or is destroyed before you get there?

My thinking is simply this...
Stay put and live in your home until it is no longer safe there...if you have to bug could be very limited on what you can take given the circumstances of the event.
You might be able to drive out with a semi and everything you own, or you might be on foot with only what you can carry...those are huge differances in the gear, equipment and food you will be taking, also the mind set will vary for each one somewhat.

I have several bags set up....
1. car/truck bag
2. tactical bag
3. extended stay in the woods bag
4. I am leaving and never comming back bag.

In a perfect world I would be able to have all my things with me...but we all know Murphy and his damn

The point that i was wanting to make is that there will be some tough choices to make if/when it happens and if it is for an extended period of time...or if something happens that the ground will not be able to reproduce food...IE nuclear or chemical attacks...soil would not be able to produce gardens for a long time in certain areas and if millions of people are hunting or fishing to get the food they need to survive, than it will be gone quickly...just think of the first day of deer season and all the people in the multiply that by 100 or even a thousand. Now take into account that many do not know how to skin, gut or dress out the animals that they are shooting and that they will not be able to preserve that meat or tan the hides...they would have lots of waisted meat and skins.

What do you do if the stores are out of food?...look at the stores right before a big storm...they get the shelves emptied quick.
Now imagine that is like that for 2 or 3 weeks...a couple of months...
How well are you prepaired and how long are you able to stay self sufficent?

I thank you for the replys and look forward to reading future comments.

posted on Jul, 7 2010 @ 01:59 PM
reply to post by saltdog

What do you do if the stores are out of food?...look at the stores right before a big storm...they get the shelves emptied quick.

Yes, the real people who know how to really survive take advantage. They are the ones who get to the store and buy everything before you get there. This is a common question i see on this board. The fact is people got to the store and bought everything before you got there, they beat you to it. So your first survival lesson should be dont procrastinate.

Now imagine that is like that for 2 or 3 weeks...a couple of months...
How well are you prepaired and how long are you able to stay self sufficent?

Well you are either prepared or you are not. Some places ido not see why people are dumb. If you live in tornado alley you normally get pretty good warning that the tornado is comming and you also know that you live in an area that gets them. Those people should all be prepared. Same goes for people that are hit by storms every year, it happens pretty much every year people should know what they need and have to do.
In california we get no warning about earthquakes and there is no possible way to predict them and for the most part people build and store with earthquakes in mind. So we have our little earthquake plans, bags, food/water and those annoying earthquake safe cabinets.


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