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Shanes Theory Of Everything

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posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 07:07 AM
Hi ATS'ers

What follows is an introduction to my personal philosophy of this world. It will (over several posts) detail how I perceive this reality.

Some of you may know (well two of ya anyways) that I began my training in an art form when I was quite young (13ish) and have continued on that path ever since. I have been trained in an aspect of Spirituality based upon a defined path, one that goes by many names.

This first section will deal mainly with setting the groundwork in explaining my personal philosophy. It explains the mechanics that I believe to be interacting upon this reality. If you disagree, then congratulations! You have exercised the power of free will, and have produced the opportunity to formulate your own ideas.

Although I belong to a Society, each of us has a personal (and at times very different) view on this reality. This is mine, and mine alone. Although we at times disagree with one another, the one thread that binds us is the understanding that no matter what our beliefs, we all serve the same purpose: To allow the universal force to flow in a way that is uplifting to the world we live in. Everything else is secondary.

If you find one of us (and there are others here) then we are honour bound to explain more, although it's up to us to decide how deep we wish to go. I am somewhat breaking with tradition here, as I am the first that I know of that has posted their inner philosophy here. It's taking many months of questioning, but now I am satisfied that what I am doing is nothing wrong. If it is, then I am prepared to accept the cost.

These philosophies have been lifted verbatim from the final training exercise I undertook before becoming a Teacher. This was an exercise in defining my personal philosophy on paper to my satisfaction. I have not changed anything, and as such you may notice that it was meant to be held in your hands and read as a book. In transferring to this digital medium, there may be some discrepancies. My suggestion would be: If you wish to absorb the words, then print them out and hold them in your hand. This is the way these words are meant to be read.

So to begin:

What you are reading is the first in 5 volumes of my personal philosophy. This Book contains the world around us, and the various interactions that we can observe and influence.

The Second describes the history of my society, as described to me by my Teacher.

The Third is an examination my physical style and the effects it has on the human body.

The Forth is a collection of exercises (both physical and mental) I have developed to attune myself to our ways.

The Fifth is a living volume, written only inside my Personality. It is the way we instruct a student to attune themselves to our ways.

As it has been done for centuries, the first four volumes have been dispersed around the world for people drawn to the same path to find. This document is designed to be read. Do not lock it away to be forgotten, or try to covet it to yourself. This document is me, and as such would like to feel the sun on its pages and feel the hands that hold it who wish to know more.

If after reading this volume, you feel that you are also drawn to this path, then the next step will become apparent over time. I wish you the best of luck.


Part One will be posted tonight. Thanks for reading.

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posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 07:23 AM
The Flow
“The Flow is what it is: The flow of energy from one point to another. It is the lifeblood of Reality, and the force that allows us to exist.”

The Absence
“The Absence is the opposite of The Flow. Where The Flow is life, The Absence is death. Complete and utter death.”

The Universe
“The Universe is what we perceive as our known world, the Earth, planets and stars; galaxies and nebula. It is the amount of reality that we observe.”

“Reality is the true Universe; vast beyond human expectations. If what we conceive as the Universe is a dot, then Reality is the rest of the paper it is written on.”

“Life is the combination of two equal and opposite elements acting as one. “

“Physical Death is the leaving of our Personality to join our Soul. It is the separation of two equal and opposite elements from one.”

“Our Soul is the collected Personalities of our various lives in this reality.”

"Personality is our current soul. It is what we are in this life, and will merge with our Soul when physical death occurs.”

For these ideas used throughout these Books I will be presenting sections detailing the effects it has within us when needed. Some ideas will not need further explanation, some will have whole chapters devoted to them.

The Flow

The Flow is the gravitational pull of the Earth, it is the mechanism in which we convert food into energy for our body, it is the interaction between particles and the precarious balance between Love and Emptiness. The Flow has been perceived many times throughout history – Chi, the Force, Yin and Yang. The Flow is without ego and without feeling. The Flow is a universal balance that allows each of us to live. The Flow does not care it it survives, but for the many realities under The Flows power, it is essential that The Flow continues.

Without the Flow we will have nothing The Absence, a void without life. And for our Souls, this would be an unimaginable horror. I, and others like me strive to facilitate the Flow. It is not just for our reality, but for the infinite array of realities that lay beyond what we perceive as our Universe. I understand that the actions taken on this world flows into others, and with that understanding comes a responsibility to protect all.

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posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 07:43 AM
Matter is always being produced in this reality. One of the great questions to be answered in physics deals with this: If matter is being produced, where does the potential energy come from? According to traditional learning, matter should be an absolute finite, based on the energy contained in this reality, but it has been shown that matter can be and is produced at levels that do not adhere to the traditional framework of this reality. We are not a single bubble. Rather we are a single pearl in a never ending strand of pearls. Each feeds and is in turn fed. To be singular would be to be completely contained, which would interrupt The Flow. And if the Flow cannot do it's work, then Absence is the result.

Please do not confuse Death with Absence. Absence is a difficult state to explain (Mainly because our Souls have never experienced it, and as such it is a totally alien state to observe).

Absence is nothing. No particles, no Souls. No Flow. It is far more then an a lack of matter. It is a far more terrifying prospect. It is beyond a void. It is the complete lack of interaction between anything. If you were to see Absence, then the very act of observing it would nullify it and destroy that state. Absence is true death. What we define as Death is as lively and energetic as Life when compared to the Absence. Remember, this reality is not a closed reality. It feeds and in turn nourishes other realities. Nothing is single. Nothing is self contained.

I believe that by observing the interactions between the smallest beings, we can understand the most complex.

A Cellular Theory Of Your Soul

What is your soul? Is it your Personality as you know it now, or something else entirely? Do you view your soul as your complete being, a wholly intact entity drifting from one life to another, gaining knowledge and experience among the way? Why is it we cannot recall these past experiences very easily, when they could be so very helpful in our current life?

This is what I have learned thru observing the natural world:

At one time in past history, there appeared a Soul in our Universe. Where it came from is not important, although that answer is apparent to those who observe our natural world.

This Soul drifted thru this Reality until one remarkable event occurred. It recognised itself as having a Personality. From this Personality, a division occurred within the Soul. Eventually this Personality became powerful enough to disengage itself from its original Soul and begin its own life. Given the lack of stimulus the Soul encountered, this process took many, many years to complete.

This cycle of recognition and separation is what forms the basis of our existence today.

As the millennia swept by, each of these Souls underwent the same process again and again. And just like cell division, eventually there were many souls. With so many souls existing in this universe, they began to emit pull, much like individual particles of magnet will begin to emit a stronger and stronger force when clustered in a higher volumes.

And with this pull, the life force of the Universe, the Flow responded. The Flow does not have a mind, nor does it care about Life. It is the same force that create our tides and provides Newtons Law. It is physics. The Flow is life giving. The conditions were created so that Life as we know it began. Not on this world, for at this time our world was not even a swirling dust cloud floating around a newly formed sun.

Life as we understand it today is the entwining of a soul and a physical body. This Life could be as tiny as a single cell, or the size of our Universe. Although in reality Life is not as we perceive it, and not something that can be compartmentalised easily.

Even now, we have some idea of this transformation, and within the religious world such an observation can be made. The classical idea of God, while somewhat flawed and influenced by human-kinds relentless ego, still contains some grain of truth. I'm not going to gather a whole lot of quotes from various religions (if you wish to do so is your choice). But each religion begins with something giving life to another thing. No matter the God, each one gave a part of itself to the creation of another. Such a universal belief is partially based on truth. Somewhere out there, the original Soul still exists, although remember this was only the first Soul in our Universe. There are other Universes out there, and it is in these that we can find Souls far, far older then the first one that spilled over into ours.

From each Life, your Soul builds up a layer of Personality. Much like sand slowly being compressed into rock, each layer contributes some small amount of essence to that Soul. Some of us wish to break free of that Soul and use the current Personality to create new Life. Our mission is not to end Life, but to create.

If you met your Soul, you would not be able to recognise it as your own. You may have a slight link to it, but as a whole it would not be what you expect it to be. Just as a particle of hair would not recognise the body it emerges from. You must realise that what you call your Soul is a combination of many previous Lives, and each one adds its own layer around what was the base Personality. It is human ego that places our current Personality at the centre of that soul, much like the human ego once put our planet in the centre of the Universe.

The popular definition of a Soul places our current ego in control, or as a representation of it. You must realise that a Soul does not have these feelings. A Soul is a container to capture the feedback from life. It is an electrical capacitor, storing that feedback to be used in the creation of other Souls, other Realities. If there is a world created from Soul and flesh to create Life, then there exists other realities where both have free reign.

EDIT TO ADD: (for those of you who have read this far, Thanks! I'll be posting more tomorrow night - Right now I need to get other things done. I didn't realise how much I have to put into these posts, it's going to take awhile to get everything down.)

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posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 08:39 AM
EDIT TO ADD: What the hell, here a few more pages

A Soul will swell, just like a cell. Each Soul has its own inherent size, as defined by some force it adheres to. When that size is reached, then the experiences contained within the Soul (In effect your Souls overall Personality) will have reached the conditions to divide. This is done for several reasons. Having too much experience in one Soul would drive that Soul into a state of what can be best described as madness. The Flow will counter this by trying to limit the amount of experience that a Soul can contain. Division is the Souls way to continue it's journey while still retaining sanity. It retains balance within this Reality, and spreads Life throughout this Universe. It provides the Flow with a method to move energy from one point to another.

The more Lives you have lived, the more unrecognisable you whole Soul will become. Eventually, in one Life or another, you will possess a Personality strong enough to separate from your original Soul, much like a cell dividing. At with separation, a new Soul is created.

Humankind can only take a certain amount of Flow. When this limit is breached, then the natural order is thrown out as the Flows interactions break our perceptions of Reality apart.

Although, the Flow does not directly balance this Reality. It is more of a swing backwards and forwards, like a see saw or the ripple in a pond, until eventually the centre is reached, and balance is achieved. In reality, this is never achieved, until the absence of Life in this Reality causes the Flow to cease. The Flow exists to flow, and when balance is achieved Absence takes its place. The trick is controlling the Flow so that it does not swing to far either way. Simple really.

What counts as experience? I view experience as the electrical and chemical stimulation of the brain . Basically, everything can be counted as experience, so long as it's actually felt by the person concerned (whether on a concious or unconscious level). This can be an external event or an internal one. The intensity of an experience defines the amount of experience we derive from it. Therefore the experience of seeing a person die would rate higher then the image of that same person dying on television.

My worry is with the pace of society. As the speed increases (mostly to provide opportunity for commerce), the amount of experience that we each receive is increasing massively.

The Flow will not allow this Universe to become unbalanced, and so The Flow will intervene. I love this world, but can see a time when humankind is driven by The Flow to destroy all that we love and hold dear. This I know from observing the interactions of the Flow on society as we know it today.

The question really is, How much expansion can we take before the effects of the Flow impede our ability to continue Life as we know it? It is only when we know this answer could we have a hope to adverting the potential disaster that could be coming. I do not advocate Doom-sayers and specific predications of the end of the world. Rather, I take a mathematical approach to it, as the Flow does.

For what purpose is this all happening? Each of our Souls combines to create a greater Soul, and each greater Soul combines to be an even greater Soul. Look to the stars, or a culture of cells. Observe this book you hold in your hands and realise the individual atoms that make it its pages. Realise that our Souls group the same way. There are no secrets in this world. Look deeply enough and you will see the simple dynamics that create our Universe flow on to others, and when you can understand that, you will be able to create new Life.

Our Souls group to create a higher Soul, and that higher Soul groups with similar Souls to crate an even higher Soul. And so it continues, an infinite assembly of lifeforms, each composed at it's smallest level from our personalities and experiences. I do not promote viewing these higher lifeforms as any more greater then the individual personalities that make it up.

The Flow that we perceive as 'all powerful' in our Reality is just a small stream flowing out of a raging river.

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 08:47 AM
Spirituality should be based on the pursuit of knowledge, rather then the learning of rules. True spirituality does not call up any guardian angels or prophets to guide, nor does it promote subservience to one entity. Spirituality is based on experience. It is used to enhance our Lifestyles and allows us to interact with people on a base level. The Universe does not care whether you worship Jesus, Allah, Buddha or Zeus. There are countless Gods up there, defined by the acknowledgement of humans as being all powerful. And not one of these Gods cares. That is not to say the Universe is unfeeling, after all, if you give affection you will receive affection back. If you promote hatred, then you will receive hate in return. This is a Universe that will give back what it receives, and we as humans can perceive that as Karma, or Tao, or simply good luck. If you want to be hated in this Life, then make that your base feeling. If you wish to be loved, offer love as enticement. If you wish to feel tired all the time, then simply constantly think it and you will make it your base feeling.

Our Base Emotion

Imagine your feelings as a collection of pumice blocks floating in water. Every time we feel an emotion, then that emotion grows slightly larger and heavier.

A baby begins this Life with those feelings tiny, all jostling for space amongst the surface. Over the course of a Lifetime, certain emotions will be nourished more then others. If given to a hard Life, possibly the emotion of regret or helplessness may feature predominately. If given to a happy Life, then love and acceptance may will flourish.

To return to this metaphor: As each emotion is nourished, it slowly sinks below the other less experienced emotions. The lower it floats, then the more we feel these emotions. The bottom most one, the one that sits on the bottom of the sea, the emotion which is our most assessed and felt emotion will become your base emotion. It will act as a filter from which all other emotions are felt, happiness with a tinge of jealousy or hate tinted with love.

We can, of course, change our base emotion. But to do so requires us to consciously try to avoid feeling that base emotion. How? Since our bodies primary influence our emotions from its interaction of this world, I would suggest putting yourself in a physical situation where you can receive the emotion you crave to be your base emotion. If you want to feel happiness, then put yourself in a place that will bring you happiness. If you wish to feel alone, then surround yourself with nothingness. Do not be confused, emotions in no way influence the disposition of character. Based on the accepted protocols of your society, If you are naturally good person, then happiness could mean helping someone else, or visiting friends. However, if you are naturally 'evil' person, then this could denote a very different activity.

Over time, if an emotion is not felt, then it will loose some of its shape and size. It will begin to float again, and in doing so you can control your base emotion and fashion the Reality that you consciously wish to exist in.

Edit To Add: For those of you wondering just how to move from one 'society' to another, please take a moment to read my other thread My Escape From This Society, which details a move I am making next year to further develop my training and teaching skills. For many it would seem a rather drastic move, but personally, I am in the enviable situation to be able to do so.

(Arrgh! My fingers don't want to type anymore and my eyes are burning, so I'll continue tomorrow. Cheers)

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posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 04:30 AM


I understand there has been thousands of years of rigid teaching based on the name of religion, but we have to realise that religion and spirituality concern themselves with vastly different matters.

Religion today is based on the assumption that a living god exists and cares about its followers. While there is nothing wrong with this, taken too far extremism will occur.

Observing Our World

When we see a shadow, do we directly observe the shadow or notice the lack of light? Such observations guide our definition of ideas. This is reinforced throughout our life. It is the base way we, as humans observe this world. That is not to say it is an incorrect way to see.

Take the rustling of the breeze on a tree. We can see the interaction of that wind in the leaves and feel it on our face, we may be able to discern different smells wafting upon the breeze, or feel a difference in temperature. Can we see the wind? No. But by observing the interaction of the breeze as it interplays amongst the environment, we can assess the cause, and in doing so define it.

So why don't we do this more in spiritual matters?

A typical metaphor this is to observe how we find distant suns and planets. We do not see them directly, rather observe the effects on celestial bodies we can observe. The subtly darkening of a stars rim, the various gravitational fluxes or the gently wavering pulses of radiation. From observing these changes, we can deduce what is causing them and learn more about it. This is how most of the catalogued world of stars are discovered, not thru direct observation, but by the interplay of various objects to which it interacts.

If we follow the flow of this theory to others, and find it to be universally accurate in assessing the validity of the subject, should we not allow it to redefine the crypto world, the world that is not directly seen, but can be deduced by it's interactions on things we can see?

“As above, so below”

This saying defines the most basic and far-reaching rules of physics. It can be applied to every energy, every life force and every particle we see. It helped shape Newtons Law, Boyle's Law and can be fitted to every theory currently accepted by mainstream science (and many theories that are not).

Think of it as a yardstick for judging truth in ideas. However it should not be the only gauge that you use to ascertain truth. Observe your world and listen for the others.

The future depends on what you do now.

My stance is an open palm. With this I am able to cause great concussion and injury if I choose to weld it, or I can be as gentle as a feather gusting thru the wind. There are many variations to my stance.

I am first and foremost a diplomat. It is only when attacked that I will choose to attack back. My force will be overpowering to my opponents.

Even in victory I will show respect to others, and treat them as equals.

Freewill is the most important asset I can share with friends or foes.

Even in the heat of battle, an enemy is to be given options to surrender.

I am a chance meeting between sworn enemies that result in a lifelong friendship being established.

I am the flow of the tide, and the pull of the moon upon the sea.

I am respectful to all others, even when faced with aggression.

Victory for me is as certain as the rising of the sun, and as infallible as the seasons.

I do not protect those who do not want protection.

I offer options.

I am separated from ego, and use this absence to draw power from myself, and the world around me.

I do not rush in to defend without reason.

At one time, there were many of us. Now there are few.

We respect the environment, and our bodies. Each is to be treated like a temple, according to our own beliefs.

If help is asked for, we are duty bound to provide that help. In what form is left to the individual.

Well, that's it for part one. If anybody has questions I would welcome them. Part two, the history of my society, is actually also My Original Name part three. Will start posting that one in a few days time.

Thank you for reading.

Here's the collection of the Original Name Posts as well:
Original name Theory
My Original Name Part One
My Original Name Part Two


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