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New Richard Hoagland Coast to Coast Discussion from July 4th

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posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 04:33 AM
New Richard C Hoagland chat, worth listening to all 9 parts. Go to the you tube page of the person who uploaded part one to find the other parts. Hoagland discusses stuff he talked about some weeks back plus new information. Chat kicks in after a few minutes of discussing more mundane stuff.


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posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 05:04 AM
With all the misinformation, false prophecies, and hilarious paranoia that Hoagland has spewed in the past...what 20 years or's amazing that C2C still has him on as a regular.

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 05:06 AM
Aw man... Why does this country block boobtuube? I love Hoaglands stuff, even if some of it is utter garbage.
Does anyone have a torrent link or anything to the audio?

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posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 05:31 AM
If Hogland is the best we've got for "information" then that is rather telling.
Don't we have more reputable sources available?
Where are they and what are they saying?

Any updates on
Anyone from the Research Conferences of Gulf Coast Section Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists Foundation?

Why do others not step forward to speak and either warn or assure people?

Where is the regional director Eastern Gulf Region of Petroleum Technology Council?

Where is director of the Center for Sedimentary Basin Studies?

Don't we have some professors of geological sciences somewhere that should be speaking out?

All they ALL pledged to secret societies to keep their mouths shut or what?

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 07:01 AM
Has Richard Hoagland ever said anything that has come true?

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 07:32 AM
Here I was, ready to rain on the Hoagland lovefest, and most everyone beat me to it.

It's refreshing to see some other people here with their eyes and ears open.

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 08:16 AM
sigh such harted on hoagland from newbies

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 08:23 AM
I wonder how many have actually listened to it all, because most of what he said is him tying together stuff that has come out in the mainstream and then him conjecturing about what this could mean. He doesn't say that some worse case scenario is a certaintly, only that it is a possibility. A couple of bits of info are not in the mainstream as far as I bit for example is info he accredits to some guy called SWEENEY who has talked about a serious methane problem in the drilling rig (the one working on the relief wells I believe), with such a high concentration of toxic gases including the methane that they have closed off tge lower deck and all staff have to wear gas this is news to me and I don't know who this Sweeney guy is, maybe someone else does. [Edit - listen coast to coast chat with Sweeney from July 2nd here

He also talks about a sea floor bulge that he says his BP source says is tens of feet high and circles several hundred square miles of the rig. He kept on and on about the need for publicly available data via a buouy system to monitor whether or not this bulge is getting worse. If the info is bad info then it's bad info from his souce, not him, as it is obvious to anyone listening he really believes what he is being told.

An interesting point he made was the real lack of activity out there - the turning away of many offers for help which might see many thousands more people doing their thing to help out. The crappy clean up efforts , the lack of ships out there skimming the oil him this suggests that the people in the know believe it's all a waste of time and that something awful might well happen so instead of putting many thousands more lives at risk they just reject the offers for help and keep the team numbers to a minimum out there. I guess this is possible....

anyway maybe you should listen before judging and forget the fact he believes in ufo's, life on mars bla bla bla

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