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Is it an alien? Or is it a TIME TRAVELER?

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posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 09:49 PM
I'm pretty sure all of us here are familiar with extraterrestrials. Greys in particular (the traditional alien with a skinny body and giant head with huge eyes and slits for mouths).

Here's a thought: What if these "Greys" are really us, humans, from the future?

You're first objection to that question was probably "Greys don't look exactly like humans".

I can explain that.

As we all probably know, evolution takes coarse in animals over time as they adapt to help them survive in a new environment. Humans are animals, who says we wont evolve too? Because these "extraterrestrial post-humans" (which is what I would like to prefer to them as for now) are from the future, then they have evolved along with the earth over time, and for whatever reason, they came out looking like what we now like to call Greys.

Another question might be "How did people from the future get to the past".

This answer is quite simple.

Scientists have already proven that time travel is possible, they just haven't gotten around to creating a time travel machine. Someday they'll figure it out. It'll work out kind of like the space shuttle did. People used to think man walking on the moon was all science fiction, until one day, BAM, it happened, with the aid if Apollo 11, the first space shuttle to reach the moon. One day, a time travel machine WILL be made, and man will be able to go back into the past.

By the time people of the future (extraterrestrial post-humans) decide to come to modern times (long past to them), they would have already evolved Grey-like traits. These time traveling machines they use look like what we call UFOs. So whenever there is a report of UFOs in the sky, its actually time travelers, extraterrestrial post-humans.

Mind bending, isn't it?

This could also apply to the Ancient Astronaut theory. Whereas these "astronauts" who helped the human race progress weren't really ETs, but extraterrestrial post-humans. Maybe, in a time that no longer historicity exists, Earth was corrupt, yet scientist finally mastered the time traveling machine. They knew that if something in the long past must have gone wrong, and they had to fix it, using time travel. They went back in time, and fixed whatever went wrong; all these factors would later apply to the Ancient Astronaut theory.

Doesn't it hurt your head just thinking about it?

As my theory may be true, I'm not giving up on intelligent life outside our planet. According to the Drake equation, there HAS to be, math says so!

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posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 09:53 PM
no yo evolution, sorry even darwin who was following his dad was not sure and said several things could absolutely debunk it,,,,and we have those.( the eye, evidence of reverse evolution)

posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 10:23 PM
Great theory. I like that you have put so much thought into this and would like to add a little of my own ideas. Ever noticed how we hear about reverse engineering UFOs at places like area 51 and they always say that we can't figure out how an alien ship operates? They seem to always make the suggestion that the ship is operated and the aliens communicate with some type of ESP.

Now imagine the human of the future, let's say from 100 years in the future. Where will nanotechnology be? Where will computers be? Now imagine a person from that time getting an injection as a child, of nanobots that build a computer that is integrated with his own brain. This child would interact with his environment in a way we could barely understand. Doors to his house, car and workspace would open with a thought, communication with others would not be dependent on a phone or even a voice. His ship would be started and driven with thought. If that person came through time to today's world, wouldn't we think he had some type of ESP?

posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 10:23 PM
reply to post by nicolee123nd

I can see your point that the so called Greys are distant humans that have evolved into what they look like now. Lets say up the line in time we do have a major nuclear war and a part of the population does go down underground. The scientists and the elite. After a good 1000 years or longer until the radation is non-existant, and the ice age has thawed. The decendants of the ones which went undergound finally come back to the surface. While theyve been living underground various parts of there DNA was manipulated. There skin without the sunlight would get grey and wrinkled. They would have big eyes to see in the darkness. Vocal chords are replaced with telepathy abilities. And super science has brought them many things and abilities. As I said once they return to the worlds surface, they find that not all the population left behind had died off. And those people still look like Humans not like them as greys. The grey elite try to enslave the population as they had before. But the grey elite are fragile creatures. The human desendants are physically strong and in the end its the Humans that win. before the last of the grey elite can be captured, a group of them use there time machine and jump back down the line. During the process the machine is damaged so instead of appearing only 1000 years into the past. They end up ruffly 12,000 years inthe past. Around the time of Atlantis, Lemuria right after the Ice age. There transport is damaged and they have to start all over again. But they have super science on there side. And the common humans will see them as GODS....

Plus they have a very long life span...

My 2 cents worth...which on todays currency market isn't worth that much.
But it is an interresting idea...

posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 10:32 PM
here are fourresults from the search engine using the term :
alien time travel


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posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 10:34 PM
i think this theory is really cool and it explains alot, but ..if we are backward engineering the technology, we are just re engineering something we already created?

in the future when poeple can have the freedom to be any physicial form they desire why be so uniform as the grey depiction?

wouldnt we be in multiple forms since we can genetically modify ourselves? possibly inter-machine or multidimensional also?

posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 10:53 PM

Originally posted by Mike Stivic
here are fourresults from the search engine using the term :
alien time travel


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it's always the new guy who has to be an @## and link all related threads to a new one. way to prove me right.

posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 11:04 PM

Originally posted by Eye of Horus
reply to post by nicolee123nd

The decendants of the ones which went undergound finally come back to the surface. While theyve been living underground various parts of there DNA was manipulated. There skin without the sunlight would get grey and wrinkled. They would have big eyes to see in the darkness.

You do know that in the bunkers, they have artificial sunlights, and other lighting equipments?

As for the Greys, they could also be Human GMOs created by NASA to pilot the undisclosed technology of saucers and their incredible feats that a normal human couldn't survive.

But if they come from the future, I'd say they are grey because they suffer from lack of sun exposition due to a long lasting nuclear holocaust... assuming they come naked! I think it is the color of their clothing for their mission here. Some kind of bio-suit... assuming they are "plagued" by the nakedness problem we face...

But concerning their mission here, I think their agenda is way beyond our conception of "correcting" a wrong. I think they would use this tool ( time travel ) as we do with any other we have; to reshape with purpose and design. For them, it might even be a "coup" prepared to throw down the NWO "Elites" of their own time.

posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 11:18 PM
Personally, I find the idea of time travel amusing. I believe that if time travel were invented/discovered it would be top secret. Time travel would be controlled by the most powerful and richest people in the world and what do those people want? Those people only want more power and more money! What do you think someone like Henry Kissinger would do with time travel? I think he would travel time to make himself richer and to help himself gain more political power. If that's the case then who is to say that Bill Gates isn't a successful time traveler?

posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 11:26 PM
reply to post by nicolee123nd


there is something to this, i am about as sure as that as i am that Drake's equation is reliable...

although i don't think they are from EITHER the future or the past but BOTH because both lie outside our current conception of time-space which might be shaped as a ring - and what is outside, surrounding it, is beyond time-space - maybe the universe is what delineates time-space to our minds - so in other words, i'm rambling..they come from the place that is no-time-no-space to this time and space

i think they hop in and out
where i don't know

but yes time travel
and surely within our universe, also, in the space-time sense of things!

since space and time are married, so to speak, there's ultimately got to be some sort of time factor in the movement of the unexplained things we see in the sky that are not of this world, if there is a space factor assumed.

does that make sense?

if we have "visitors from space" they have to be "time travelers" too, to some degree. it seems like it ought to be reversely proportional.

why couldn't they be far away in time but right here instantly in space
as opposed to
far away in space but instantly right here in time

posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 11:27 PM
Ill do one better. they are our "souls" which resides inside everyone of us. they are not made up of skin and bones like we are. space travel in their method is not possible in the current condition we are in. once we are able to "evolve" leave our bodies through ascension, we can walk through walls, speak telepathically, and fly in magic orbs that exceed far greater than the speed of light. so this is good news for people who die! eventually they may be one of the lucky space brothers from the future.

ps I like science fiction and writing

posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 11:31 PM
reply to post by togetherwestand

this also puzzles me.

one thing i've thought of and it makes more and more sense as time goes on and i realize more, is that maybe the way they are seen is just for the purpose of us seeing something that isn't ghostly looking - that they are literally in the pure form of mind - maybe they are actually light orbs like are sometimes seen, truly stars.

to come into this 3-d world, perhaps something happens in transition to make them perceivable to the human senses? could be automatic, maybe not.

posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 11:32 PM
reply to post by The Endtime Warrior

well, then you know what you are creating!

good job.

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 12:04 AM
There seems to be a lot of oft repeated info regarding these 'grey' aliens.

So lets say they exist, then there are a number of interesting possible explanations.

Lets assume ET's may be of varying composition;

Biological (standard)
Biological (genetically engineered)
Biological (exotic - eg silicon based)
Non biological (machines)
Non biological (energy)
Non biological (exotic matter)

Then we can assume a range of possible origins;

On our planet
Inside our planet
Inside our solar system
Our galaxy
Our universe
External to our universe
External to our dimensions
In our reality, on a timeline, or other variation
External to our reality (probability, fantasy - say they are agents in computer simulation, as they had agents in the matrix)

Then what you do, is pick something from the top and bottom lists - and make up a theory to explain any possible observations.

Childs play.

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posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 02:10 AM
I have heard of this theory and I would have to say it's slightly possible;

however, this is ruling out the notion that there just simply are beings that live on other planets.

To say that they must be 'us' from the future implies that they are still Earthlings; just Earthlings from the future.

I say that they are more than likely beings that are of other planets.

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 02:15 AM
I thought this so many times. Aliens or what we perceive as aliens could really just be ourselves coming back to check on us and making sure we perhaps don't make the same mistakes.

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 03:59 AM
i think it may be a combination of both

but whatever the answer, i do not believe they are against the common folk and on the side of the tyrants.

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