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A friend of my brother whose uncle works for the pentagon

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posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 08:19 PM
Why do people believe this crap...

The amount of times i see people fall for hoax emails is staggering... Why is it SO obvious to me, yet millions of others fall for it?

And not just stupid people... I’ve known some rather intelligent people actually ask me about ridiculous emails they have received...

“Hi mate, not sure if this is true but thought i better forward it just in case”


They are always in the same tone...

You may not believe this... I didn’t believe it either... but I’ve check it out and its true.... you will be amazed when i tell you this... Blah Blah Blah


I have recently acquired some shocking information. A friend of my brother’s son whose uncle works for the pentagon overheard a top ranking official blah blah blah


Why do people fall for this stuff... and why do you forward it on to everyone you know???

Regardless of what it claims... YOU WILL NOT suffer the curse of a thousand crotch crabs if you don’t send it to everyone you know.

You will NOT get a cheque in the post tomorrow morning

Nor will you find the love of your life...



I can’t help it... it’s one of my pet hates... and these emails can be dangerous...

I was once sent one that claimed you could save the life of a stroke victim by making pinpricks in the tips of their fingers and toes BEFORE calling an ambulance...

That is so ridiculous... and so irresponsible... if anyone was actually stupid enough to follow this advice it could actually cost them the life of a loved one.

And who write these things?? What sad little twit is bored enough to sit down and write this junk...

Dam, I’m sorry, I just received one from a friend and needed to vent... this is the rant section after all

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posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 11:51 AM
Just keep in mind, the pentagon has a food court

Panda Express - Gourmet Chinese Food
Taco Bell Express
Togo's Great Sandwiches
Dunkin' Donuts

And even the pentagon has janitors. So "my uncle" who works for a "high ranking" official could just be talking about a guy (uncle) who works at a taco bell for his manager(high ranking official).

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