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The Matrix and the fat controllers

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posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 01:31 AM
I hope everyone isn't too tired to see one more review of the original Matrix movie. This review is good because Stuart Wilde has really traveled outside our matrix reality and can speak from experience. His observations are priceless!


For more on the matrix read
hIs latest book, God's Gladiators

The Matrix

Stuart Wilde
The filmmakers, the Wachowski brothers, were inspired from another world in my view.
What is so quirky is that in the 10-D worlds that I am familiar with, there is a Matrix-like battle taking place that the storyline of the film follows very accurately.
The Matrix is a modern Bible story, in that it tells the time-old story of the death and the resurrection of the initiate, who becomes the savior.
It isnít a particularly feminine film in that it is rather violent and high-tech. But everyone on the spiritual path should see it.

It will teach you about the morphe and the state of our humanity, as seen from a transdimensional view. The premise of the film says that the world is controlled by transdimensional beings who have installed a computer-generated program around humanity that effectively throws a net of absolute control over us.

The filmmakerís rendition of the computer-generated matrix as green symbols that tumble down a computer screen is a fairly good effort. In the 10-D morphe, I have seen the matrix as a series of dots, they seem perfectly spaced out, and they permeate a room from front to back, floor to ceiling. In the Matrix, the unseen controllers of humanity have a police force called, ĎAgentsí.

Morpheus, the father figure in the film, talks of the power of the agents saying,Ē they are the gatekeepers; they are guarding all the doors. They are holding all the keys." This is true in our world. Even though almost no one knows it and few would accept it.

Here in the etheric of this dimension, there are entities all around us, they are the masters of our human evolution, and they feed orders to the controllers of this world.

Our leaders are puppets of a demonic power, one that is all around us. The etheric ghouls are everywhere. They are very secretive and they have a vast numerical superiority.

Have you ever wondered why, whenever you tried to break out of restriction it seemed like the world was against you?
When you embarked on a plan that was holy and good, unexplainable things went wrong, or someone got in the middle of your plan and did their best to make sure your failed, or at least they acted to make sure your journey was uphill all the way.

Itís themóthe etheric ghouls, sending in their human foot soldiers, to make sure there are no exits for humanity.
If these things happened to you I feel sorry for you, itís been the story of my life, so I know.
And like me, you probably got down on yourself and you wondered what was wrong with your energy and why you failed. Perhaps you set yourself a task that was too big for you but more than likely you would have done just fine if the ghouls had not gotten in your way.

As the heroine in the Matrix says to herself when sheís momentarily winded coming through a window, "Get up Trinity, get up!" Thereís an etheric war on. Trust me. Stand up.

The Wachowski brothersí film describes the war against the matrix and the agents, and that same war is being fought today.
Itís the unsung heroes of our humanity fighting against what seems to be as insurmountable oddsóGodís gladiators.

There is help on the way. Thousands of people all round the world are experiencing sensations and seeing things in the etheric they never saw before. They are part of a massive army that is walking across from 3-D toward 10-D, albeit hesitantly at first.

There is a huge shift going on. What does it mean? It means that something up there loves us and is trying to get us to open our eyes and see for the first time. Itís all there in the film.

Goodness knows how it got there. From deep inside the filmmakersí souls ?where all things exist as one.
Someone, somewhere, is talking about the demise of the matrix and our escape. The key to the film is at the end after Neo, the hero, has been shot.

Trinity breathes over him and she says, "I am not afraid anymoreÖ so you see, you canít be dead, you canít be, because I love you. You hear me? I love you." Then she kisses him and says, "Now get up." Itís the most beautiful scene in the film. Itís where the love of the Goddess revives the comatose God. She resurrects the wounded male (the ego) and kisses him, bringing him back to life.

The ability is in her selflessness. Itís part of her compassion, her eternal kindness. Males can do the same when they stand inside the feminine spirit that is within them. The resurrection is the same for you as it is for Neo in the film. Once you are no longer scared, the forces of control canít feed off you.

The hold over you and your life breaks down. Watch the Matrix even if you have seen it before. There are hundreds of symbols in the film. How they got there, I donít know. Itís irrelevant. Itís all there, albeit as an allegory. Itís the story of the return of Jesus.

The hero, Neo, dies in room 303. Thirty-three is the number of the initiate. Zero is the feminine principleóeternity. So 303 is the initiate embracing eternity. Neoís bedroom, where he hacks away on his computer, is room 101. Eleven is the number of the master builder.

So early on in the film, Neo is the master builder working around eternity. Look at the silver, chalice-type cup on Reineheartís desk. Notice the gold lining of Neo and Mr. Smithís jacketsóEl Dorado, the golden one; the initiate who doesnít know he is an initiate.

When Neo goes into Ďreplicationí, he is covered in mercury.

They inject the same fluid into Morpheusí neck. Mercury is the alchemic fire. Neo wears a plum red blanket as he climbs the stairs to meet the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar. Why plum red? Watch the large rabbits on the television behind the Indigo kidsówhat do they mean?

Listen to the Oracle; she talks about the true nature of fate, free will, and time. Look for one of Godís Gladiators.
Heís pretending to be blind. He nods when Morpheus and Neo walk out of the elevator. Did you see the number three?
It appears many times, especially in the railway station where the last fights take place. Itís the trinity. Look at the graffiti to the right of Neo as Mr. Smith throws him up against the wall. What does it say?
Shadow. Whose shadow?
Are Neo and Mr. Smith one and the same?

The Matrix is the story of the Holy Trinity. Morpheus is John the Baptist.
the Architact is the Father, Neo is the son. He is referred to as Jesus several times in the film, though the reference is masked. The female character Trinity is the divine goddess, Mary Magdalene, the feminine principle that was excluded from our Holy Trinity by the male writers of Christian dogma.

The Christian idea of the Holy Ghost is a concoctionómisinformation used to disempower the femaleís rightful place at the top of the trinity. There is no Holy Ghost. The idea is a lie.

Ghosts are the astral image of dead people in the etheric, this side of 10-D. There is nothing holy about them. They are lost. Over two decades, we came to know so much about the etheric and its entities we felt we were ready to take them on. There are lots of groups fighting the entities all over the world. I can only speak for what I know.

We would never have made any headway if we had not been massively helped by entities on the other side that wanted to see the ghouls destroyed as much as we do.

For the most part, they are angelic beings of a fractal nature with enormous power. The problem they had was they couldnít get into the earth dimension while the matrix was intact.

The matrix had to be penetrated, not only to relieve the suffocation humanity feels, but mostly to allow the helpers to get in. The War of the Worlds couldnít begin until there was a crack in the ghoulís cosmic egg. Remember the ghouls have absolute control here, there is no question of that, Iíve seen it over and over.

In the Matrix, Morpheus and the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar, constantly have a problem with the agents hacking into their phone lines knowing what is going on. We have had the same problems in communicating with 10-D.

fractal entities could show us how to make a move on the ghouls but anything they showed us, they also showed to the ghouls. Whatever we had in our human mind is an open book, so everything we did was blocked, or more often than not, the ghouls got in the way, feeding us contradictory information.

It took us ages to figure out what was real and what was not. But here is the good news. Just as Neo figures how to beat the Agents and he becomes more powerful than the agents, the same is happening here. The Matrix has been broken and within weeks of that happening, we had 9.11. On the surface it looks like a few Muslims got angry at Americaís support of the Jews.

But 9.11 is much more than that. It signals the beginning of the end for the New World Order and the kingdom of the etheric ghouls. Many citizens will mourn the passing of the dark empire for they are the ones that benefit, and they will attempt to sustain the status quo, imagining as all tyrants do, that they are right and nothing can possibly go wrong.

The American Fourth Reich as I call it, with their punitive laws, surveillance, violence, hatred, and their new SS unit, the Office of Homeland Security, with its Gestapo-like powers of arrest and detention without trial, is not a good thing.

But all the bullying and nastiness of the goons of the American Reich will only last about as long as Hitler didótwelve years. As they fall, their partners in Europe and the rest of the world will tumble with them. For most of our industrial societies make a living tending to the consumption of America. The clock is ticking.

Then again, you must never confuse ordinary citizens with their governments. Iíve met a heck lot of Americans that are honest, peace loving and decent, so the ideals of the Founding Fathers are not lost.
They are just in hidingóI believe that they will prevail but the whore of Babylon has to fall first.

Perhaps the sudden appearance of the 10-D morphe in our world really is Godís kingdom overlaying itself on the matrix of this 3-D reality. If that happens then goodness, softness, and a proper justice will prevail. That is good for us all.

In the film The Matrix, when the hero Neo is told about the nature of the matrix and the invisible control over humanity, he throws up. He finds it impossible to accept that he has been living in a dream world under the control of a transdimensional influence that acts as the ultimate secret government. I find the film eerie in its accuracy.

Like Neo, people canít see it yet. They donít get that there is a takeover going on. Itís driven by television and the media that is enabling the subjugation of our societies under the absolute power of the fat controllers, to borrow a term from Thomas the Tank Engine. The media is the voice of ghoulish sentiments, violence and revenge, but most of all it is the voice of absolute control. Itís the way the status quo sustains society along its parameters. There is nothing reasonable about the people who control us.

They are demonic fools, puppets of the etheric, who will sell their citizens into bondage for power, recognition, and money. They tell themselves they are helping people, that control, uniformity and the absolute power of the state is a good thing. Itís the nature of tyrants to lie and obscure the truth.

The phony war on terror is a concoction of the ghoulís making, it allows the neo-Nazis to close the last door of hope for humanity. People are brainwashed by the media into thinking that the new arrest without trial laws will keep them safe, so they can grow fat and consume and waddle about unimpeded. It wonít work. By the time they hear the knock on the door, it will be too late for many. This world is nasty and getting nastier.

In the west, we are sold the idea that itís all to do with Muslim terrorists, they are the bad guys. We donít see that the terrorists are fighting the evil empire, our society is that evil, it is the empire of the ghouls. The terrorist lives in simple ways, honoring god, and heís prepared to give his life for the struggle. I donít agree with violence but you can see how the Muslim terrorist offers a stark contrast to our western ideals. What is our world built on? Itís built on egocentric ideals of self-importance, elitism, glamour, the chosen ones, arrogance, violence, dog-eat-dog, and the absolute financial and political control of humanity.

We worship at the altar of obscene levels of consumption and a callous disregard for the well being of the planet and others. There seems to be no god in our western world, save the arrogance of the ego that will attempt to make itself into a god.

Ours is a house of cards built on lies and more lies. Even now, you can see how it cannot last forever, for our system is built on ideals that are devilish. That is not to say terrorism will win, itís just saying we are bound to lose. We are in a Matrix, one that I believe is sustained by etheric beings who have captured a large part of the soul of humanity.

But even if you donít accept the etheric idea, you can see we are under the control of a new totalitarianism. The western media speaks with one voice, reflecting the ideals of the American-Jewish alliance, and the interests of the industrial-military machine. There is no voice for those of us who still hold to benevolence and fairness, those of us that still have a love and a care for this planet and its humanity. Our modern leaders, Bush, Blair, and the others, will eventually become the most reviled leaders in the planetís history. People donít see it yet. We are being sold into slavery. Citizens are fed the party line by the likes of CNN, who with the other western media networks are the official voice of the New World Order.

Their lies are blatant and repeated over and over. Itís hard for people to realize they are being set up to accept totalitarianism without any means of protest. The new anti-spam laws enacted by countries like Australia are sold to us as part of protecting our privacy, but in fact, itís part of the control. The state machine doesnít want anyone with contradictory facts talking to millions of citizens via their computers. Itís so clever, isnít it? If you look in your heart and there are questions there, be brave, donít sell out to vengeance and more control, even if there is nothing you can do about it.

Hold to your ideals of goodness and fairness, and a love of God and humanity. Join with others of like-mind, tell them to be brave and not to despair. No totalitarian regime has ever lasted and the New World Order is no exception. When it falls, do you want to look back and see that you colluded and collaborated with state sponsored nastiness? How will you explain yourself to your god? This is a test. Itís the ultimate test in a way.

Everyone can pretend to love God when there is no pressure, but what about when the heat is on and you have to go against the herd to stand for your ideals? I donít profess to know much about the Bible but didnít Jesus say something like, "When two or more are gathered in my name, I will be there." Wasnít the name of Jesus synonymous with courage, non-violent protest, love, and a benevolence and tolerance for all? If you hold to these ideals, I for one will stand with you. If on the other hand you donít care for these sentiments, I have no hatred for you, but I can tell you as sure as eggs is eggs, you wonít last.

Stuart Wilde -

posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 01:45 AM
So who will stand against the matrix? Let's get a count. We now have 2.

posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 02:42 AM
Make that 3

posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 05:17 PM
That interpretation is a purposeful mislead.

Here are some interpretations which are much better, though certainly not perfect. It is leading edge research in progress - some typos - and is a highly informative read which must be suplemented with an understanding of another document on the site. Most people don't pick up on the idea that much of what was put into The Matrix was symbolic of things being done to people via computer networked vampirism involving the use of secret camera equipment, the idea that people are batteries for example.

Mrs. MacNeil gets home, and then we get to meet Sharon, the tutor and assistant who symbolizes the military network presence in this situation. She too is a Water-elemental character - Libra, Gemini, and Taurus. She is typping and also eating an apple when Chris walks into the room. On a symbolic level, she is nourishing herself with juicy Capricorn with Libra on it. The apple symbolizes Princess Regan, a sacrificial lamb, and she is juicy or "succulent" as a Libra character - a Queen. Sharon, as military psychological warfare specialist presence, would spend much time studying Regan while also partaking of her via etheric vampirism. Sharon both directs Regan's "home schooling," and records her life for research purposes; Death "makes recordings." I think they borrowed the home schooling idea from this film for use in the film entitled Mean Girls. An apple's "got tread" and squirts juice as it dies in the mouth - as it is f!cked or stabbed night after night, the vampiric orgy squeezing the juice out of the sleeping Prince's aura night after night, the astral ritual circle becoming a python slowly squeezing its prey to death; they also absorb or "suck" what they squeeze out. They even used this idea in the film entitled Girl Interrupted where some girls go out into the night through the underground tunnel matrix to knock Homer Jay Simpson down a few times while music about "squeezing the one you love" plays in the background. The bowling is the sexual intercourse or stabbing element (". . . they stab it with their steely knives but they just can't kill the beast . . ."), and the noise of the pins getting knocked about gets the mean girls all excited. One of the mean girls plays team leader, military special forces style, and just observes and keeps the scene safe and secret, just in case the "boy's" conscious light decides to show up on the scene unexpectedly and try to jump back into the car the girls are trying to steal piece-at-a-time. The victim must never wake up aware of any exploitation, so the conscious light must be obliterated when unexpectedly showing up on the scene.

If you are suffering vampirism, you might even dream of finding yourself in a park on a beautiful sunny day, and suddenly there are drug dealers materializing all around in the park, and you just know that is what they are for some reason, and you also know the only reason you see them is because the team leader (don't ask me why I knew he was a team leader) just happens to materialize where he can't see you because you are standing just outside of his peripheral visionary field, practically right next to him, and he is occupied with some kind of equipment check where he is bending down to open a flap of cloth on his pant leg which hides a large needle, and then the cops suddenly bust practically all of them while you stand there and watch the commotion. They visit singularly also I suspect, and risk a potential scuffle I suppose, and sometimes you might dream of a famous face from Hollywood who chases you around a table a bit, though in physical reality she is rather small and frail, and in the dream she seems more common than she does on film - even a bit desperate.

Sharon stands up from behind her typewriter, a "loud machine," to hand over to Chris the invitation to the White House for "dinner." Dinner might mean dinner, or it might mean "dinner" as in astral ritual sacrifice. Sharon's pubic area is profiled through the fabric of her white pants as a backdrop for a brush which is placed in a mug so that the brush sticks up in the air. The brush seems to sweep the area between Sharon's legs as her hips move. This is one example of how camera angles are used to set up symbols, and symbols cross-reference with others symbols, this one cross-referencing with Merrin and his red-handled brush from an earlier scene. The sacrificial phallic icon is kept "in her vagina."

Chris joins up with her precious stolen Princess, and they all go into the "research area" to talk around the table, and smoke rises off the table, and this smoke may have been allowed into the scene, or even designed into the scene to symbolize the burning of incense which further symbolizes the burning of Aquarius, and the Prince is Aquarius in one of his assigned astrological roles; Bernie in the movie entitled Weekend at Bernie's, as in Burnie, plays the incense role who suffers vampirism to death and gets dragged along by Scorpio and Leo throughout the movie, and Taurus plays the desired prize. The auras of the vampires, made up of both the Hollywood and military network at once, become a Firewall which surrounds the victim's aura and makes Regan talk some "beetle juice" which is squeezed out of sleeping "Prince Valium."

Vampirism is a frightful experience, but also a very reliably repressed one which might only surface if the sleeping Prince - either male or female - decides to pick up a book on astral projection or hypnotism and then begins learning to go into a trance, though I've notice that these frightening, suffocating feelings only occur at night when one retires to bed, and not during the day when one just decides to dabble with trance. If you keep awake enough to trance a bit before falling asleep in bed at night, you might feel deeply suffocated, and the breathing stops unexpectedly causing you to gasp for air like when awakening from a dream where you were holding your breath, and you also feel deathly panic threatening to take possession of you, and it probably does when you finally fall asleep, this habit becoming an extreme form of anxiety stasis out of which a mental block is created, effectively keeping the Prince from experiencing his own hidden-away wealth, except for when intuition manages to sneak a message out to him, like a note floating to the surface of an ocean he tends to ignore as he walks along a pier shopping for a boat. The daytime experiences on the contrary are wonderful and luxurious like trance should be. So, maybe they all group in on you orgy-style and squeeze while you are falling asleep, and the fright knocks you out fast; Death plays the Sand Man. Maybe the "team leader" just watches to make sure all goes well and the astral body of the victim flies off to other dimensions proper.

A game is used to symbolize what I call journaling or consulting with the Oracle. The games people play are the means by which they inquire of the primordial oracle, and most stories about oracles where the oracle takes the symbolic form of the woman behind a crystal ball actually hint on a symbolic level of what I am about to explain. I conceptualize the oracle as the Gemini matrix and the Taurus class "faeries" who express volition via the matrix, and so do many others around the globe, people who secretly and jealously covet Life and its processes for themselves. These "faeries" express themselves in the form of intuition, and "games" are a means of expressing or channeling intuition, and this becomes a talent over time where the game you play becomes a means of learning of and listening to the quiet voice within who "watches over thee like an angel," and the vampires make certain that this angel is held hostage if they have a hold over you - if they possess you and have even payed a dowery for you, tempting your dad with the keys to a brand new Dodge Demon in lime green for example, within which he even takes you on a fast stop-light-to-stop-light test drive, bragging a bit about how he might "take it" from some officer who owns it, though he takes a stereo system instead because he already has the green camper which you don't realize was effectively given to him, he knowing full well that you will pay for that car, or any other green vehicle they manage to get dad to take, with your soul - a green car exchanged for "green car parts," like toes, eyes, and fingers from an energy-body perspective.

One example of receiving an unexpected message from "the oracle" while "gaming" might consist of an image drawn when the art teacher at school says you can draw any picture you like. You might be an adolescent boy in junior highschool somewhere, and you decide you will start drawing women instead of cars, because they are interesting to you these days, much more than '69 Z-28's or F4U Corsairs. So, you take your paper to your table and then you begin to draw what comes to your mind as you draw. You draw a woman at the beach who looks rather like Raquel Welch in torn prehistoric deerskin, and she has the look on her face of heroic struggle against impossible odds. She is out in the water a ways from the beach, about hip-deep in water, and her hands are tied to a post sticking up out of the water behind her, and there are sharks circling all around her. To the educated eyes watching this all on hidden cam, it probably seems a laugh-riot, because journaling tendencies of any kind are what they tend to look for so that you may be more effectively assigned to vampires who practice different disciplines for the network, but the teacher is deeply disturbed by the imagery and seems rather confused in a flustered sort of way. Of course the rather oxygenless-looking boy, who has no idea what he just drew, thinking it basically the same as stuff seen in movies, maintains no fantasies of sadomasochistic relations with girls or women, though if he has been the victim of vampirism, that whole holographic gestalt will have been encrypted into his nature and that nature will have to be careful as to how those carefully sown explosives are processed out of the system. If he is lucky, he will never think in terms of leather and whips, and will prefer nudity and cuddles, though once he becomes intellectually inclined, he might be drawn to the systematic study of the genre media which tends to mirror-image the informative influence of the implanted explosives, and the specific manner in which those poisons are administered. Of course vampiric sexual practice is sadomasochistic in nature, and this would become integral with the plague element associated with the occult practice, a plague element which will tend to rub off onto the victim, both the sadistic and masochistic impulse finding a holographic informative home in the energy-body and character structure. Masochists are also perfectly capable of sadism etc.... The "sex" feeds the predator and depletes the unconscious rape victim.

Of course the image mentioned about is an expression of what one might call spontaneous journaling, a process most people don't understand. When the Columbine Massacre was arranged for, journaling activities of all kinds were purposefully associated with the crime, much of this material obviously done for a sinister reason, and that reason is to make it effectively illegal for any kind of journaling to be practiced on a large scale by young people (much less likely at the very least). Granted, the process has its dangers, if only because it often catches people by surprise and people also tend not to understand what is happening when it is happening. The killers, and a suspiciously large group of friends, did journaling types of things of a particularly sinister nature using everything from the internet to film as a medium, and then they killed a very precise number of people, as though killing Jesus and his apostles (12 + 1 = 13); they could easily have killed more I'm sure, because people were sitting ducks in there and they had plenty of ammunition. That form of "journaling" - a trip up to the library matrix - is not genuine in my book, because it was done specifically to spook people really bad and cause trauma which never really heals.

The kind of journaling I am talking about here is simply therapy trying to happen, and most people fall way short of understanding how honest a process nature demands of people when this kind of thing surfaces, and vampirism exacerbates the dirty elements of the process because you are getting dumped on hard and your vital energy is drained out of the body to extent that you are left rather pale every morning. There are certain types of people who despise any genuine journaling amongst common people simply because the process is to be reserved for elite class people who are accepted or chosen as "the free" and who are specifically taught the process. This therapy will be (is) a means of deprogramming and those chosen to ascend into the illuminated class of people must ascend to human potential more thoroughly than do those who have been "judged eternal," so journaling at some point in the future will become very unpopular amongst the common - read socialist - lot, and secretly very popular amongst the superior class - the actual capitalists - who will be able to afford the resources serious journaling demands, resources which will have become scarce enough s tat they are very expensive and "not to be wasted" on something like "scribbling and sketching." Journaling promotes a surprisingly well-rounded illumination. In fact spontaneous anything tends to indicate the presence of that specific brand of illumination, and attempts at spontaneity will, over time, tend to attract illumination which can be felt as a mild ecstacy and warmth, and journaling can take very many different forms which cross all genres of human endeavor, and journaling becomes a pleasant habit because it feels good, and even makes the body more beautiful as the mind illuminates along with the hands which must channel vital energy to express impressive art.

Journaling might take the form of free writing or free dancing as it finds a place in someone's life - Jazz music, etc... - whether the individual in question practices serious writing or dancing or neither. The above-mentioned picture by the way would symbolize a wide array of ideas which would tend to anchor themselves on that image as though it were a kind of conceptual hub, ideas relating to mother, intuition, Life-essence, and Water having become hostage somehow. Vampirism is essentially terrorism, and it is highly effective as such, and terror breeds terror breeds terror . . ., which is the secret basis of civilization. The above-mentioned kid would be wise to keep his journaling secret, and then burn it once understanding of it has been achieved. One stands above the Fire in understanding, and can burn the past with impunity.

Now, Regan tells mom all that she did during the day; she is really speaking to her through the spontaneous expressions she observes in the boy from Iraq, and also through reports collected as "Sharon" observed the boy from an experimental perspective. It is as though Chris has learned to not see the "boy" or Prince in the boy being studied, kind of like the scene in The Matrix where a vampire shares some of his rot-gut with "Dorothy" late at night and explains to a surprise guest that the language he is looking at as it rains down into his expanded energy field just looks like "redheads and brunets" after a while, and multiple video monitors are made integral with that analogy; a trip down the yellow brick road is provided for the awakening Dorothy types, in the form of a sinister, vampiric dream, to keep them from actually running away and making actual progress towards self-awareness. They see you journaling on your own and then they substitute vampirism for it, and you stop journaling. I know this paragraph sounds like a real brain twister, but I have gotten to the point where it all is basically clear as a bell in my mind, though difficult to explain adequately. Vampirism "spins your house into a wreck" and knocks you out, and then a nasty dream unfolds which you are not likely to remember. Toto takes a cop car ride in that famous story, and the influence of vampirism is often symbolized by various forms of cyclone - forms that "confuse."

Regan and Sharon went into the back yard and played a game - Sagittarius - and then they went down by the river - Sagittarius - and had a picnic which is a kind of game too - a dangerous game sometimes. A meal can symbolize human sacrifice, as it does here, but the "girl" is effectively seduced, so she is not wise to the process. They did the same thing in Mommy Dearest, a movie which mirrors this movie in many ways, and the birthday party scene in that movie, a birth scene for little brother on a symbolic level, would cross-reference with this scene down by the river.

We then find out that a horse happened by the picnic, a grey horse which is symbolic of a filthy astral body and also disease in general. Regan got to ride the filth, and naturally the filth, which tends to excite the womanly element in Regan's alchemical makeup, is meant to rub off on the boy who Sleeps through it all, and if he were to relate some of the symptoms he feels sometimes at school, they might put him on medication for diabetes, though it is not diabetes but simply "sh!t dropped on his head" which, as he discovers later in life as the phenomena is studied, seems to run down his face with the flow of energy moving down the meridians, and the face becomes numb from the top down, a numbness which reaches well back past the top of his head. He will get shaky knees and feel the energy of anxiety stasis making him jittery and weak; the drop also hit him in the feet and lower legs which shake and become weak. Later in life he will learn to stop the process in its tracks by imagining a black mass of static energy being pulled or propelled out of his body and sent away - into the unseen.

The girl, who has been taken down by the river, just gets the seduction treatment as she is made to play the woman, and the Princess element dies to the Prince element as the talents in the boy's aura die out in response to the old transfusion followed-by-injection; these talents of course will find themselves reborn in someone else, thus Regan feels born again after "riding the horse." The female nature is seduced away at first and then is eventually taken hostage. They will destroy her if she tries to escape. Different qualities of Water are associates with different qualities of information, and seriously good information is a centrally controlled commodity.

The book indicates quite clearly that Sharon arranged for this horsey ride. Now, most people might get as far as registering the sexual innuendo contained in the symbolism of this scene where the horse becomes a penis, but what are the odds of people discovering the technical complexities of top secret vampirism in the scene, a secret very well kept for thousands of years. Sometimes dogs are used symbolically the same way as horses by the way; one good example can be seen in the movie entitled The Truman Show. They symbolize Capricorn and also an astral body kept under control by its owner, an owner who makes him or herself astral project well enough to have sex in a ritual dream, sex which results in the exchange of toxic etheric energy for clean, and Capricorn can symbolize toxic etheric energy. The horse visit was a part of the "meal," for Regan was the "food" and "wealth" present on the scene.

Regan reaches into the cookie jar after trying to talk mom into buying her a horse; she "is a horse" in her role as Princess, and Capricorn is a Princess sign. A horse and a cookie are both Capricorn symbols. She grabs a cookie and runs, and then Chris runs after her to wrestle the cookie out of her hand. The cookie in Regan's hand symbolizes toxic energy trying to come back to Chris, effectively replacing Regan who might find herself reborn and a part of the "lost Prince's" nature again, and Chris will then be left with a mountain of cookies to eat. Chris would naturally work very hard to keep her ill-gotten goods, and the boy element probably has no idea he is fighting for his very life on a daily and especially nightly basis. People are sacrificed all of the time and they have no idea it is happening. They are eaten by cannibals who have taken over the tribe.

posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 12:48 AM
what do you guys have against TheMatrix?

Just wondering


posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 03:19 PM
Count me in against the matrix I want to do cool karate moves

posted on Jun, 17 2004 @ 03:22 PM
I'm in only if I can fly.

Can I be the One?

Matrix chicks are hot too.

I get a cool black overcoat.


posted on Jun, 19 2004 @ 10:56 AM
I'll take the red pill too!

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