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two sides of the same elitist coin

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posted on Jun, 15 2004 @ 01:00 AM
Here is something I found fascinating.
Thirty years ago I was told by a initiate, who was the very best in his day, that many jews who died in camps during world war 2 were not able to escape the earth plane.
He said that Hitler knew how to trap them.

When you die, you have a small but reasonable opportunity to leave this dimension. If you cannot detach from your attachment to physical things; if you are manically into control; or have untoward tendencies ( a darkness with-in you), it will be hard or impossible for you to leave. To leave there is this worm hole that you fall down. It seems that at death, the worm hole will not allow you to pass through unless you get there quickly. If you hang around to long, or if you are scared to let go and leave, you're stuck. In fact, you where trapped by your belifs and attitues a long time before you died.

If you dont believ in life after death or if you commit suicide, or if you die a violent or sudden death, it will hamper your chances of escaping the earth plane.
It has to do with your individuality and personality, and how deep your nostaligia is for god.

Hitler knew how to trap the dead in the Sphere.
Hitler was one of the greatest devilish masters to ever live, an occult master of the dark side.
He could of been one of the greatest saints, but he chose to go the other way.
He was taught by the best in of European occultists.
Hitler had unseen helpers.

He was able to trap millions of Jews parly becaurse they didn't believe in life after death,partly becaurse many where killed so suddenly, and partly becaurse many in the wartime ghetto jews beleived what the german Nazi themselves did.

When you look at it it's quite alarming. I had a terrible time getting my head around this when God's Gladiators first showed it to me.
I had difficulty comprehending it. I refused to see that the victims and the criminals had the same agenda, the same beliefs. It was a shock. I had been programmed to ignore the similaritities.

The Nazis believed themselves to be members of a suprem race; the Jews also believed that they were a supreme race.

The Nazis felt they where especially chosen by God to dominate the world. Their central theme was the idea of the Arian superman, selected by God.
The Jews beleived that they where were speciel and chosen - that they where chosen by god to inherit the earth.

The nazi did not believe in breeding outside their own kind, they insisted on genetic purity; the jews also believe in genetic purity. They are also not allowed to marry outside their gene pool.

Hitler referred to the jews as cattle. The jewish law, the Torah, refers to non- jews as goyim, which means cattle. It is permitted under jewish law to kill goyim, who are considered subhuman.

A jew is permitted under his law to pillage and remove the property of a goyim. its not a sin under his code. Killing and removing was also permitted under nazi law -

The nazi were autocratic, they liked control for control's sake.
The jews' religion is rather similar; it has over 600 mind - boggling laws.

The ghetto jews where raciest and not keen on the african, The Nazis where raciest and against minorities either.

The nazis invented weapons of mass destruction, improved germ warfare delivery systems, and developing the V2 rockets.
The jews (aided by transdimensionals) invented Truman's vengeance - They gave us the atom, nuclear, and later the neutron bomb.

the Nazis destroyed jewish communities and forcibly shipped people into gettos and camps. for 50 years the Israelis have bulldozed arab homes forcing citizen into camps, while not paying compensation for property seized. The nazis did not like to pay compensation either.

Of caurse the ideas of racial purity - the choosen people, the superman destined to rule the earth - are all bogus.

It is odd that the jews and the nazis hold the same ideas, when you look at it it is bizarre to the extreme.
It is amazine no one has seen it before. It shocked me when I was first shown it, I could not accept it. At first, I thought it an anti- semitic rant, but then I saw it for what it was, a statement of fact.
Yhe nazis and the jews are two sides of the same elitist coin.

Whats's even more bizarre is that the UFOs mirror the Nazis and they have even been seen to fly swastikas as insignia. I don't know if Hitler's mother being jewish had something to do with his hatred. And anyway, it doesn't alter the fact that six million ordinary folk where killed, which is terribly sad. Still, I found it very freaky when I saw the victims and their tormentors had the same beliefs.

You can see that anyone who is born thinking they are speciel, believing they are genetically superior and chosen by God to be the master race, must, by their very nature, be a part of the feild.

These people are permitted by the laws they make to kill anyone who is not like them, and they can legally pillage whatever they want. You can see how these types, be they Nazi, wartime ghetto Jews, the federal Reserve, or any tin-pot modern fat controller, have tendencies that were/are very akin to the feild. when they try to escape this plane after death they won't have the velocity.

They have already been trapped by their ideas, their miterialism, their hate of humanity, their phoney sense of specielness - all of which is very Ahrimanic, "We are the Choosen Ones; we are the god like ones. We are here to own everything and to control and dominate everyone"

This isn't just a wartime Jewish thing, millions are now trapped ; the real Nazis, modern neo-Nazis, tyrannts, control-trippers, financial sleight of hand marchants, the phony prophets, bent law givers, and so on.

Anyone good or benevolent who dies automatically drifts away from the earth plane - they have no need for material things or control. He or she finds themself in a spiritual world that reflects their warmth, opennes, love, and goodness, It was their spiritual qualities that carried themaway at death.

However, the tyrants, the religious control freaks, the choosen ones, are stuck here, they can't get away. So eventually, over decades, a dark band surrounds us, which is the neo- Nazi sludge at the bottom of the spiritual septic tank of human evolution.
As the sludge develops in the nearby etheric it becomes harder for ordinary people to break away after death- the noose tightens.

Love is liberation. Loving people is setting them free; controlling them is satanic and entrapping. We need love so badly; without it we are trapped.

Meanwhile, control on the ground is closing in on us.
It's a two-pronged attack; you can watch from the bleachers or you can watch from the skies.
It's the same game. played by the same people . As above, so below.
Ding ! Ding ! When I worked this out, and I had a lot of other world help to do so, I freaked.

People know what is going on and they pretend it's not happening.
Feigned naivety is a form of denial.


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