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My Contact Experiences

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posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 11:54 AM
On the evening of Friday July 2nd 2010 I had an intense contact experience that I would share with you, first however I would like to describe some of my past experiences.

It all started about 3 or 4 years ago after watching a Steven Greer video where he said it was possible to contact ET via telempathic communication. Being the sort of person who has a big ego and wants to prove to everyone that I can achieve anything I set about my new goal. I got into mediation by learning basic Buddhist techniques and would visualise the face of a grey ET. At the time I knew virtually nothing about ET, and as Dr Greer didn't describe the procedure I made my own up. I would change between meditating on the face of ET then meditating on an aeriel view of my neighbourhood then zooming in on a big tree behind my house occasionally. Anyway I had some interesting visual experiences in my mind and one where some being I believed to be an ET was singing beautiful music to me. I also had a dream one night of a UFO circling above my bedroom window.

I continued to do this meditation because it helped me relax, I wasn't expecting much this time. I had been meditating laid down on my bed when I started to stare at my lamp shade which started to look like a flying saucer through my semi-focused eyes, at the same time an immense feeling of love came over me. Next thing I knew I could here a fighter jet screaming over my house. I jumped up to look out the window, and from where the jet sound was coming, through the clouds, I saw 4 huge great white flashes, the atmosphere was electric. I had two more similar sightings over the next few months, one with a golden orb doing crazy up and down manouvres, and another with a strange green/red light ball floating in the sky.

About a year later I had just returned from a weekend break in Amsterdam and decided to forget work for the day and went for a walk in the woods. This was the most intense experience of my life, the further I walked into the woods the higher my vibration went, I felt like the forest was my direct kin and remember flinging my arms back thanking god for blessing me (until this point I didnt believe in god). At this point past life/pre incarnation memories came flooding back to me and I realised that this had been planned before I was born and I was here to meet ET, I ran deeper into the woods sensing where I thought the ET's were waiting for me. I never found ET, a helicopter flew over and triggered huge paranoia in me, I hid in a hole under a tree for a while then panicked totally and ran for my life. While I didn't actually see anything or receive any messages I felt they were there. I think the purpose of this event was to let me have an experience of 5th dimensional consciousness.

Since then I have been working on contacting my higher self and expanding my mind to 5th dimensional awareness/unity consciousness and have had a few unity consciousness experiences over the last month.

This brings us to last Friday night, 2nd July 2010. I had been on a 10 mile walk with a friends dog, during which I contacted my higher self and seemed to receive some messages from ET, though nothing that couldn't be written off as my subconscious. I dropped the dog off and started the 5 mile drive home. A mile down the road something (higher self?) told me to turn off onto a country lane, as I did this the contact occured.

All of a sudden my mind expanded to what I call unity consciousness/planetary mind. The only way I can explain it is that it feels like your mind is "out there" instead of "in here" it feels like everything you can see is actually in your head. I think the rapid expansion of consciousness was due to the ET craft moving into my vicinity, I didn't see anything, it was either high up or in a different dimension , I suspect it was only partially materialised in our dimension.

The message I received was "Thankyou for being here with us this night/time" the words night and time sort of came through as the same word. I think this is because they send energetic impulses that my brain converts into English, and there isn't a word in the English lanuage that represents night and time as one.

It wasn't just a voice in my head, it felt like the words were resonating through my entire reality, almost like the words were coming out of the sky, it was one of the most intense and profound experiences of my life.

posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 02:50 PM
This is pretty far out man. I have played around a little bit with this type of concentrating and trying to will them to you. I can't say for sure what the results are, I don't trust my experience really. I hope you get to expand on it if that is what you still want. Good luck.

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 02:03 AM
Keep practicing, the more it happens the more real it will become.

Always follow your excitement in any given moment to the best of your ability, this will lead you to the thread of who you really are and open you up to the higher vibrations. We need to be more in alignment with our natural way of being, our higher self, and learn to live more in the now. As we raise our vibrations higher and higher we will become more in alignment with their vibration of unconditional love, as we come closer to their frequency of love contact will occur naturally.

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 03:21 PM
Seems quite intresting your experience.
Keep us up to date, if anything new devolps.

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 03:55 PM
Thank you so much for posting I had just finished providing a transcript for Steven Greers video's here: when I found this.

We are the ones who can search for and discover the diamonds in life, its all based on our consciousness, awareness, and wanting to help, to be of help. While I was watching other videos by him yesterday on BP the oil spill, I was aware of being monitored nonstop, by a group that was similar to my group, or my own contact but different, or as if, different individuals, and was shown a very populated, overburdened city, very industrialized, much like a very populated city here, but clean, advanced and joyful, safe, free and clean ET city.

My whole family had been seeing crafts and having contact until last Sept/Oct when I really didnt feel like going outside suddenly in the evening, as if this was no longer required, though contact continued. The push was more in meditation towards contact with Higher Self, and regaining memories if possible. But last night was directed to sit under the stars, it was a clear night, and used a big blanket, it was cool and there mosquitos out. Watched many planes fly over, loud, could hear them from a distance, one that seemed odd, strange shape and big flat wings, that went straight out, anyway, the feeling of being monitored continued, then as if a woman greeted me with something about bringing a camera out, from now on. This is not my dream by the way, and don't even know really how to operate the night part of the camera, which is only picture mode, and the video mode is regular, its not a fancy one, but still too difficult. I asked why, surprised and the answer was for awareness.

So then, my son came out and cuddled under the blanket with me and in a moment he had jumped up and suddenly from the tree branches came out this craft covered with a white light, sort of med height for the planes that flew over, soundless, no wingspan, no red, green or white light, just this white covering. I asked my son, what is ithat, he said a plane, I said,nope. Thats not the planes that fly over. In any case, it was at the end of our townhouse, so it wasnt flying over the roof directly but beside us, relatively near, and on the other side of the roof in a cloudless starry sky, it dimmed then vanished suddenly. That was it, he went running in the house to tell everyone we had seen one again. My oldest skeptical son came out and muttered something about needing a telescope and I said, not for anything flying low like this.

Then after this, I was mulling over and wondering if it was black op or not, and the woman interjected her consciousness again and said, "its one of ours!" I attribute that to Steven Greer somehow.

Its really important for others to know they can also with mediation, by seeking and caring about the world, standing for peace, they can also make contact. They respond to us, and wish for to be aware and awake and help. Nothing is really more important than waking up.

[edit on 6-7-2010 by Unity_99]

posted on Jul, 7 2010 @ 01:43 AM
Sounds exciting Unity_99.

I find it interesting that as soon as anyone makes contact they are deemed a hoaxer and the threads are moved.

It has now been decided that all Steven Greer material is Hoaxed and no longer worth study lol, oh I well I guess it's my higher self telling me it's time to move on.

Bon Voyage everyone.

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posted on Jul, 7 2010 @ 02:13 AM
I am tickled by your experience, because walking in the woods skyrockets my energy vibration too! So much so I get sick from it!

It sounds like you have become very sensative and intuned to the world surrounding you, and everything in between. That is an incredible experience that you had making contact, and yes, I have made contact aswell! Both physically and telepathically.

Just, as a mild warning, be careful! Sometimes you never know who or what your going to get. Not everything is black and white beyond our understanding. Dark forces can take advantage of us, once we begin to dabble with telepathy. Always double check with your self and ask- Does this feel right to me? Does this make me feel good or fear? That will help you find your way through the realms

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