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Yugoslavia of Today 2005-2010 Western Version

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posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 03:28 AM
Before giving out on what has been happening in the region i will tell you a little story about my trip to bosnia around the year of 2005.

2005 Pre Market Crash era

Me and my family went on a business trip to the country just for a month, i could tell you though its more of a military occupied country rather then a free one, Free yes but its not not totally free.

Bosnia is under a Military Supervised freedom state where every road or province is been run, controled by Euro force and us military on patrol dutys.

Which buildings have been rebuild by your tax dollars at work you might ask?
Important structures, like hotels and the green zone area of Sarajevo that inlcludes the airport

Is Bosnia a Multi Ethnic Society?
No Longer as of 2005 i have seen and heard those people that stayed behind which are serbs and croatians are now planning on leaving bosnia, not just those people that stayed behind.

Citizens of the Serbian Republic are jobless and angry how every election a muslim wins the bosnina prime election, and in which the candidate is backed either by the united states or Eu Union.

Citizens of the The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina are also jobless and there childern in schools have no future not to mention the state was a false ideal created by the Dayton Agreement.

citizens of the The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina have no healthcare and getting one isnt easy if you want healthcare the only way to get healthcare is to convert into islam, some of the people have converted into islam just for the healtcare

Isnt that sick how islam plays with your health?

Is bosnia Safe to Travel?
I would advise not travel under any means even if its for business for number of reasons

But for now here my 5 important reasons.

1.Wahhabist's are every in bosnia even if your in hotel your not safe, or rented buildings they come at night start knocking threating yelling Allah! at your door, police wont due any justice, they are a paid scumbags.

2.Stay away from the streets at nights drugtraffickers are bound to be on every dark corner of the building, street.

3.Boy slaves/kids slave stay away from poor harmless looking homeless kids, it seems ismailsts in bosnia want turn bosnia into another Sudan.

4.Water fountains or any drinking places, since the war so far the water hasnt been tested on how safe it is so its best you dont drink it rather just some bottled water or other drinks to keep cool.

5.Do not bring anything that is over $1000 it will get either stolen or taken by force

What is not been built in bosina ?

Chruchs are not been built, yet they were promised
alot of Civillan pre war residential buildings homes and other buildings have bullets, holes
and runied marks on them,

there are some that are completey broken and yet no buildings thus have been fixed.

again only the surrounding areas of the green zone of bosnia have been fixed.

Are there any signs of jobs in Bosnia?
No in fact the only jobs are within the goverment, but milions of people in bosnia cant afford them because they need a higher standard of eduction level.

Whats the major holiday now in Bosnia?

only serbs and the croatians are celebreating christmas but no longer as a united nation as once they used be.

Whats the unemployment rate of bosnia?

Bosnia jobless rate is over of 40% which is alot worser then america at the moment, milions of people in bosnia were promised jobs, but.

None of those promises came true even now they are promising jobs, they are just empty promises.

posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 07:17 AM
so you didnt enjoy your trip huh?

I was there during the war with NATO, loved the country. Most friendly people i had ever met even though there whole lives had been destroyed by the war. Beautiful scenery, Good beer, crap food, hot chicks and lots of discarded landmines and grenades scatterd about the place.

good times

posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 07:25 AM
Yes yes. It's all because they're dirty Muslims, heard it before. Couldn't be because of the complete ruination of the nation during war followed by the forced imposition of free market robbery. Nah, it's got to be 'cause they're muslims!

Pay no attention to the fact that Catholic Poland is doing no better economically. Or - heaven forbid - that protestant United states is riding on its ass at the moment, too.

It's all about the Muslims.

posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 03:55 PM
reply to post by Agent_USA_Supporter

By reading your post I couldn't shake off the feeling that you not only never visited Bosnia & Herzegovina but in fact just copy/pasted those stereotypical American point of view facts on this country (and region). First of all religious extremists exist in every country and as a matter of fact you probably have more wahhabists and Islamic fundamentalists in the UK or France than in B&H. Yes you might be a victim of mugging if you walk the streets dressed like an idiot tourist wearing hideous sandals with white socks carrying a Nikon around your neck the size of a frying pan. I don't know what place you accordingly stayed in but military presence in B&H is minimal especially if you were there in 2005. If you said in 1998 I might have actually believed you. So to cut the story short, next time you visit our country try some bigger cities and behave like a normal citizen and maybe you'll get to know some people or our culture a bit better. Best regards to you sir, and do as the ATS logo advises you, DENY IGNORANCE!

posted on Aug, 7 2012 @ 04:32 PM
Seems like what i and a lot of other troops did was for nothing,we helped the muslims with the mandate we had and really it was a crock of crap.Hope Bosnia is not a future terrorist training camp.I know things are gonna be shall we say shaken up in a certain area of Yugoslavia and major western state.I think we have a situation where religion and race will fight.Or be in a permanant Mexican stand off for decades or centuries.We have to realise its mankinds way to fight conquer and kill.Im not an ex military sheeple i know and a lot of vets understand this and no longer have belief of bomb and mop up.MSM will fill your head with there version you have to wake up sheep and grow a pair.Not every guy who has a turban on his head his a bad guy..just like every serb is not bad.And i know oh i know not every western soldier is not GOOD..EYES WIDE OPEN...!!!!
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