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Bright white and star-like!

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posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 09:59 AM
reply to post by TheLily

Hi i am from Cambs so not far from you!

I was fishing last tuesday 29th it was about 11.30pm and the sky was clearish

I noticed the bright white light approaching from in front of me.

I couldn't tell how big it was or how high and i couldnt make out a shape because of the brightness but it was below the clouds.

It went over my head in a straight line and in complete silence!

Couldn't of been an Airplane, Heli or ISS.

That was the last i saw of it and it has me stumped as to what it could of been

First UFO i have seen in 29 years. The silence as it went over was creepy

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posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 10:30 AM
reply to post by UFOmaster

And this confirms what i saw only 1 hour later which at the speed it was traveling fits in nicely

posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 02:31 PM
reply to post by TheLily

Hi, i live in east Sussex, and the past week at around 10.45 - 11.30 pm i have seen the same light passing in the sky, very bright, and silent

there is still a little light in the west, last night i saw a smaller light in front of it, the direction it was heading is NE

I have a feeling it may be the space station, the light could well be the solar panels reflecting the light from the west. the smaller light i saw infront of it, may also be the russian space ship that failed to dock, im going to see if i can see it tonight.

im going to get my camera tonight and see if i can get some footage.



found a tracking thingy for the ISS, and it pretty much passes over my location. heres the link.

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posted on Aug, 16 2010 @ 09:14 PM
Took a while for me to see this post, but yes I have seen the bright lights you write about. The first time I saw it was when I was getting some cash out of a machine in york. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this, but I couldn't make out a shape because it was so bright. I tried to forget about it and convinced myself that it was ball lighting. However, six weeks later it was back and this time there were three white lights. They appeared to be miles up in the sky, but they were so bright you could see them all clearly. The difference about these lights though and the first one I saw, is that they just switched on like a light bulb and after about 2 mins they just switched off.

I am not sure what these things were, but I can tell you I have never seen anything like this in my life. I know they were not chinese laterns for sure. This thing was so bright it was like looking at the spark from a welder on on a massive scale. I wish to this day I knew what these things were, but I dont think I will ever get to find out.

posted on Aug, 17 2010 @ 05:55 AM

Originally posted by TheLily

It's bright white and star like,and it moves quickly and the first time i saw it a helicopter was in pursuit.It is silent,it has no flashing lights.

I logged in specifically to respond to this thread because yes I have seen this light and there was even some sort of communication via what I can only call chakras. I had a vision of a gold plaque and a man and a woman an arm raised in friendship. There cam something “I am the herald” and I do not know it it meant tit was the herald or if it meant me but as this light flew over us on the 7th of may I had a feeling of being slightly lifted from my body as if something had gently taken a hold of my heart chakra and lifted me up a few inches.

It calls itself the herald - something is coming (?)

I do not know what the light was or even why it appeared to me in the way it did but it felt personal to me because it was extremely coincidental that moments after walking into my garden to relax this UFO, the bright white star just appeared in the distance.

Below is the log entry I made shortly after the UFO flew over us. It is not the first UFO I have seen and it will not be the last but what it is and why it is and who it is has become the big question. One thing I do know is the only people who have anything to fear are those people who send aircraft off in pursuit of them they fear but you and I have no need to fear them.

On the 7th of May 2010 at 22:00 (roughly) I saw another UFO and this time my daughters and my next door neighbour’s teenage daughter saw it too.

I was sitting in the garden on a chair just to the left of lounge door that leads into a landscaped garden. I was feeling quite at peace with the world, looking up at a clear sky and simply enjoying the diminishing light, the silence and the soft breeze in the trees.

The sun was starting to set and I was very mindful of a blackbird singing on a chimney pot, his song shrill but fitting perfectly with the clear darkening sky as it turned a darker shade of blue. Behind me my 20 year old daughter was in the living room watching Hollyoaks and tapping away on her iPod touch. My 14 year old was in the Kitchen fixing herself something to eat. My wife was upstairs in bed and incapacitated with a severe migraine. I had been periodically checking up on her and had been concerned enough to decide to have an early night to be sure she would be ok.

Anyway I was sitting in the chair, my dog, Aspen (a huge malamute) was at my feet and far away above a house at the bottom of my garden I suddenly noticed a light that simply appeared like a light switching on in the distance. It was bright like an LED light and very intense but strangely not blinding or uncomfortable to the eyes. It was coming towards me from the direction of Livingstone (west) and as it drew closer I realised it was not an aircraft and there was no sound. Evenly while making sure to keep my eyes on it I opened the back door and said silently, calmly to my 20 year old, ‘UFO!’

Both of them were suddenly there with me and in silent shock they both watched this light come closer with such a strange and extremely smooth grace, a perfectly straight line as if on rails, moving like the UFO my wife and I had watched many months before over our house. In fact I think it was the same UFO because the light and the way it moved were very similar. The way this light moved nagged at me, it moved like it was in perfect control of gravity, like gravity was not even there. When I watch a plane or a helicopter there is a barely noticeable fluctuation in movement as it struggles against gravity, atmosphere and turbulence – if you watch you see it.

This light showed no such symptoms; it was as if it flew through a perfect vacuum with seemingly no friction to impede its path.

The light drifted over the house and suddenly I was struck with a surfeit of intense emotions all positive and yet sad, instantly causing my vision to swim with tears. I had a mental flash of gold plaque and an engraving of a man engraved on this gold plaque with an arm raised in friendship? I raised my own right hand to shoulder height, mimicking this posture as if to wave and then things got weird. I remember the Light stopping and “looking” at us and I had a sensation of lifting out of my body, chest first so that I arched up into the sky by about a foot even though I did not actually lift physically I felt like I left my body for an instant and I was aware of a vibration, a crazy fluttering deep inside my chest? I recognise this as the chakra and the vibration as that full body vibrating one experience when a meditation is really rocking!

I vaguely remember saying ‘Can you feel the love? I called it, don’t be scared. Now do you believe me? Take no photos; just watch it, send them your love.’ I said some other things too but I cannot recall it however I assume it was in the same attitude.

Yes I know, it is very weird new age nonsense but I can tell at the time as we watched this light in the sky and it watched us right back this new age nonsense felt very relevant to the situation and it felt very appropriate. In this moment where times went strange it seems important to give up hate, ago, rage and anger, no longer hold on to notions of stepping on others or holding onto little things like materialism.

I glanced quickly at my daughters and they were standing there in awe, my 20 year old the utter sarcastic sceptic now suddenly confronted with what she had always said could not exist.

My youngest on the other hand just had this huge grin in her face and the dog was running around us doing laps and wagging her tail frantically.
I know this really does sound crazy but there was a communication of a sort and I felt the words ‘I am the herald’ not with words but more a feeling. A communication via emotion not words that I was able to translate instantly into words – I cannot explain it and I may have misconstrued the communication (sic?) but after the passing I was left with that feeling that seemed to come from this incredibly surreal light.
My youngest made a wow sound and my eldest was just awestruck and said nothing. Suddenly there was a sound behind me and I glanced over my shoulder to see my neighbour’s teenage daughter at her bedroom window. Wide-eyed she was watching this bright and silent light fly over the house and when she looked at me I could see alarm and disbelief.

I got the instant feeling that she had decided that because I was waving to the UFO with tears in my eyes that I was the cause of this sighting. She scrambled to close the window and then pulled the blinds down.
I looked back to the green light (Both my daughters) said it was a bright white light but I saw a bright green light) just as it passed over the roof. I went through to the front of the house and at the front door I watched the light continue on its way curving toward the south east drifting off to the left of the Edinburgh ski course on the distant Pentlands hills.

My eldest was freaked out and had taken herself off to Dunfermline for retail therapy the next day as seeing the UFO had blown her mind in the same way that my mind blew on the 8th of May 2008 UFO encounter where I ended up leaving my wife for a year and almost losing my sanity... I realise now that I had not lost my sanity but I had been broken down in terms of ego and rebuilt as a much more spiritual person
My 14 year old on the other hand that night was tearful afterwards and I kept checking on her as she tried to sleep later that night and she said ‘You don’t need to keep checking on me dad, I’m not scared I am very happy, they want you for something!’ She says time stopped and something happened but she cannot explain it.

My 20 year old on the other hand got uptight with me a couple of days later and demanded to know what I have been up to and why can’t I just let it rest and stop? She does not want to believe there are aliens visiting.
‘You believe it was alien then?’ I asked with a big grin.

Dad, that thing was not human!’ She was not smiling when she said this and to hear this from a sarcastic sceptic was quite an amazing turn of events

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