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Is entanglement the answer to Dark matter, energy even gravity?

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posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 10:26 AM
This is a thought I had about quantum entanglement. Science has made up things to explain why galxies and stars act the way they do. Things like dark matter, dark energy come to mind. Seems tro me they have found thier "dark" and the light just has not came on yet.

Perhaps, just maybe all the stars near a supermassive black hole are in fact quantum entangled at their cores. While we do not yet understand what medium entanglement operates in, we have proven it exists. Take this a bit further and we could even possibly find a contection between the core mass of planets and their stars.

One thought that comes into my mind is that their maybe a worm hole like object entangling large mass bodies in space and small mass bodies in such as atoms.

There is even the possibility that entanglement might explain gravity in general.

We have caused particles to entangle, what happens to a mass of particles entangled with other masses of particles?

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