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The lie of the century... George Walker Bush

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posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 11:18 AM
Gotta love the paranoia on these threads like usual, trying to portray the man as some evil mastermind as always. Honestly, I believe he was an honest man who was overtaken by dishonest individuals when he was trying to make something of himself.
He wasn't by any means a bumbling idiot, consider this: He's getting old, he's dealing with the stresses of being the POTUS, most of the country hated him, HEALTH COMPLICATIONS anyone?
I'd be stressed as hell if everyone else was at my neck 24/7 while I'm trying to manage 2 wars, domestic policy, a crashing economy, etc. all at the same time. Comparing him to the current administration, Obama's got a head of gray hairs now after all of that campaigning. Who is to say it's an easy job?

And on the note that of the people who elected him in being morons? I'm sorry, when did anyone of us say this was a forsaken democracy? You sir are the moron for thinking that America elects it's President by mob, the States elect the President by the Electoral College. Go get an education on American Government before posting here again OP.

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 11:19 AM
I guess the delays and pauses in his speeches are due to the fact his brain is trying to index through all the lies he has told and is trying too hard to not get caught up in the web of lies he has spun..

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 11:20 AM
reply to post by airspoon

Your love of GW is clearly showing.

You've given him way too much credit. The century is young and their are many demoncrats left for short term history to be aware of before we can say GW was the worst liar.

In eight years, I do believe Obama will be ahead of GW as the worst prez ever with back breaking taxes, overall poverty from no jobs, and a continuing depression.

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 11:28 AM
Lol at 1st comment posted. As if public voting has anything at all to do with who becomes president... I`ve been saying (check my threads) that he`s puttin on an act for a loooong time now. It`s hilarious and once more proves truth is stranger than fiction. It also says something about the american public. Yes, he did have a lot of supporters on the rightarded right, even if their votes had little to do with his presidency. Most people don`t kno he stole the election twice...

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posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 11:31 AM
reply to post by boondock-saint

I'd have to relate to this. My father is a very smart man and at one time had a very good job, however a chronic drinking problem has him coming across as dumb as GWB sometimes.

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 11:34 AM
I see that the left winger's at Soros' MoveOn' are active today.

You guy's need to get off of Obama's crack pipe and come down to the real world.
You have this Illegal,anti-American,Marxist, Islamic Muslim, treasonous, criminal as POUS and you say this about" born in America ,w/ birth certificate,"Bush....You people are sick...LOL!

The information about your criminal , Ocommie, is documented.
Get out of your gullible, hypnotic trance, take off your blinder's and come to the date ---(7/4/2010.)

And go to:

"Wallyworld" closed a long time ago,LOL!

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 11:37 AM

Originally posted by Battleline
Ya Bush was what ever you want,bla,bla,bla.This is like beating a dead horse over and over and over.

Carter made Bush look like a genius and Clinton turn the Whitehouse into a Whorehouse and out and out lied to everyone bla,bla,bla.

All the Bush bashing in the world is not going to take the limelight of Obama.When this clown is done they will right books on how he has destoryed this country and I can only imagine how the people who voted for him(except the like minders and the ones who can't actuelly think for them selves)must feel and will feel before this over.

Is this all you Obama bootlickers have left??????

First, I don't think you've picked up on the fact that many of the posters here are not in the Obama camp. When you state that "they will right books", I take that to mean they will alter the official story as in "to right a wrong". But I'm being sarcastic as we all know you meant "write books" as in "sing his praises". You were likely in a rush to bash a fellow member. You are not commenting constructively on this thread and had no intent on doing so. "Obama bootlickers"? Very nice, not incendiary in the least.

Bush laid the groundwork for what Obama is doing now. There is only one political party in this country. Just my opinion. The Dems and Reps both work against the people like tag team wrestlers. Tag team wrestling, I think you are likely familiar with that. Now as for "actuelly" thinking for yourself, I'm having serious doubts there. Did you and "W" attend the same prep school? You spell in the way he sometimes speaks. We all make errors in spelling and grammar while posting. Although you seem to revel in it while bashing the well formed thoughts of other members.

This isn't another round of Bush bashing. This is deliberating over and dissecting the historical evidence that directly leads to this country's current malaise. We are exploring the "conspiratorial" aspects of our world.

You are a sniper. You have little to add to any thread. You've been on this board from December of 2007 and have posted 3 threads but nothing of recent vintage. This indicates to me you have few thoughts of your own that you are willing to post for the scrutiny of the other members. Perhaps you fear a bashing by a fellow lurker. You are an Obama basher by any measure. Your bashing of other posters does nothing to fortify your already weak posts. All, just my opinion. I do love your signature. It captures your essence. Very "Bushian", also my opinion.

I don't know what to say anymore, other peoples quotes seem used up and hallow. There is no more swan song,I do not belive as a spicies we have the will to change and save ourselves. Just the way I see it. - Battleline

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 11:40 AM

Originally posted by airspoon
reply to post by CosmicEgg

Well, technically, the "people" didn't vote GWB into office the first time, SCOTUS did. Also, I don't think it's really debated that most people are ignorant morons though this thread deals with whether Bush was really as stupid as people make him out be. I think not. The video at the top shows that his ill-fated speaking abilities are all an act, as he certainly didn't act that way before his election to the White House. Either his mind deteriorated to a great extent, or he pulled the wool over the eyes of the world. I happen to think it's the latter, as his perceived intelligence has allowed both him and his friends to make a ton of money at our expense.


Or, his entire referenced debate was entirely memorized, which it appears to be. His eye contact is.. Well, not present. His body language? That isn't present either. However, his eyes are staring up into his mind for the entire length of the speech. I think he just gave his best go at reciting a memorized debate, and that's what it looked like. Many of his Presidential speeches looked very similar. He's always been lop-sided. He just chokes on his words when he's nervous. Call him dumb, incompetent, whatever you want. He most definitely wasn't "pretending" to be stupid.


posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 11:45 AM

Originally posted by Agentenglish
in nature what is the most effective way of destroying or overtaking something is it not from within if you wanted to destroy FREEDOM and LIBERTY bearing in mind it only exists in AMERICA whome police the world does it not make sense to infiltrate it and destroy it from the inside out and thus control the world under dictatorship and tyranny well look at your history JFK died because he did stand for the TRANSPARENCY reagan got a few pot shots taken at him to make him do as he was told then bush who was head of cia SPOKE OF A NEW WORLD ORDER the same bush whos grand father bankroled the nazis whos son then came to power bill fell victim to his dealy sin of lust and apparently didnt have sexual relations with that woman lol was he talking about hillary or monica then Bush junior well look like a lost school boy when they told him a plane hit the world trade center because though he knew it was coming he still couldnt belive it so him and blair hunted down that nasty man hussien and hung him and stole his oil then well the american public had enough and voted for that man hussien or barrack as you all know him for was he the messiah was he CHANGE YOU COULD BELIVE IN nahh nothing says weve had enough and want change more than putting a black man in the white house but alas hes just a black face on a white regime but worse with attitude and he will be played by the real powers that be worse than all the ones before him as he may end up like the token black guy in a movie but in fact how history will rember him is as the OBAMINATION that causes DESOLATION as he will go into perdition and the real powers that be will never show there faces
i personaly did work for a top pentagon guy and upon completion i asked him his thoughts on 911 as we had become respectfull freinds he exclaimed i was there that day i lost close freinds in the pentagon then i pressed him again after expressing my condolencies to which he answerd "LOOK THE OFFICAL STORY IS WHAT IT IS RIGHT UP TO THE PRESIDENT,NOW IF THERES SOMETHING ABOVE THAT " he exclaimed with somewhat of a really sad look in his eyes
just so you know im anglo american i love the american people and what they stand for as do the british people and we will change the world by holding accountable those lazy SHEPPARDS for you fear death and your gread and lusts for power and money compromised you as human beings as children of GOD for like the fallen angels you have forsaken your first love CREATION creates it does not destroy therefore for those that have ears let them hear for i am a servant of but ONE GOD and that is the GOD OF CREATION next to which whome can stand!!!!
you are born out of love and your first instinct is love tis the world and those that profess to be your leaders which teach you HATE.

dude, you would make your posts much easier to read (and therefore more powerful) if you used punctuation. I'm not bitchin' at you, just making a suggestion. you have good points to make, you could make them more effectively by breaking them down into coherent phrases, sentences and paragraphs...



posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 11:54 AM
If TPTB really do exist, then this is a long game: Bush's ineptitude was designed to make the sheeple hate him so much that they'd give his successor a mandate to do anything, out of sheer gratitude.

It worked out pretty well.

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 12:01 PM
reply to post by airspoon

I'm still going to contend it was substance abuse.

George Bush now admits that he was convicted of drunk driving. On September 4, 1976, a state trooper saw Bush's car swerve onto the shoulder, then back onto the road. [The Bush camp spin that he was driving too slowly is simply a lie.] Bush failed a road sobriety test and blew a .10 blood alcohol, plead guilty, and was fined and had his driver's license suspended. His spokesman says that he had drunk "several beers" at a local bar before the arrest. Bush was 30 at the time. He now says that he stopped drinking when he turned 40 because it was a problem.


In April 1972, the military started including routine drug tests in servicemen's annual physical exam, including urinalysis, questions about drugs and "a close examination of the nasal cavities" (for coc aine). According to the regulation, the medical took place in the month after the serviceman's birthday. For George W. Bush, this meant August 1972.


According to a new book, three independent sources close to the Bush family report that Governor Bush was arrested in 1972 for coc aine possession, and taken to Harris County Jail, but avoided jail or formal charges through an informal diversion plan involving community service with Project P.U.L.L., an inner city Houston program for troubled youths at the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center in Houston's dirt-poor Third Ward. (In another new book, reporter Bill Minutaglio, writes that the year of community service was arranged by the Governor's father, ex-president Bush, after he caught Bush Jr. driving drunk.)

Some more links...
www.coc... aine aine-chronicl_b_37786.html

Cocaine makes thinking rationally more difficult and causes long term damage.

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 12:07 PM

Originally posted by ickylevel
-Okay, you are gonna fake stupidity.
-Why ?
-Because people won't vote for you if you are intelligent.
-Then why me, can't you find some other idiot ?
-An idiot could actually make the country better.

Icky, I think you've hit on a major part of the current political trend. I don't think "idiot" or "unintelligent" was the intention of the Bush camp. That description came long after the damage was done. They were trying to connect with people on "he's one of us" level. And so despite the Ivy League education he was advertised as and portrayed himself in a number of friendlier ways and no "idiot" was not one of those. They targeted more along the lines of "down home", "Bible belt", "good ol' boy", "in touch with the land", "in touch with Mexican immigrants", "working class background" and the like. I think he changed his speech patterns to hide his level of education and intelligence. They wanted Texas regional not New England high and mighty like a Kennedy. And so we have "nuculer" as opposed to nuclear. And like say an Al Capone, he has more street smarts than book knowledge but he is not entirely lacking in book knowledge. I think he knew and knows the pertinent subject matter to a level that suits his purpose/assignment.

I think our presidential candidates are all packaged in deceiving ways. Obama was shown in a light that made him seem in touch with and somehow from the inner city environment. I dare say even his most naive supporters now know that is far from the truth. There was a reason he spent a couple of years snoozing in that Chicago church pew. It helped his political career for people to think he was in touch with the urban minority community. It locked up a voting block. His short time in Chicago was a far cry from his actual upbringing. Bush was also promoted a far cry from his actual upbringing. I think we can find similar disparities in how Clinton, Gore, McCain and others were packaged for our consumption.

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 12:20 PM
reply to post by p51mustang

Actually you bring up a very good point. And our souther border is a prime example. Why haven't we closed it? Other countries have closed borders. Why not the US? Every President we've had and i mean every, has done nothing to tighten our borders, oh, they've played lip service to it, but nothing of a serious nature has been done. Why?

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 12:29 PM
reply to post by Sunlionspirit

For those who do not have windows 7 and do not read French,
here is the article in English

The "brain "of President
Karl Rove , his life , his dirty work
Edgar González Ruiz*
Communication Strategist appointed by Bush , Karl Rove
helped to climb up the post of president , largely limiting his
verbal gaffes and by getting them to seduce the electorate
fundamentalist Christian. A great admirer and follower of
Richard Nixon , he did his business by opening a consulting
firm specializing in political shenanigans . His career marked
by " suicide " doubtful, collusion with far-right movements
varied and its links with Enron show that behind the
righteous speeches of Bush lies a cunning and ruthless
character , desperate to satisfy his political ambitions.
22, 2004
Mexico City
(Mexico )
USA: Bush
Rove Karl Rove is one of the most influential advisers of George W.
Bush. Some think he is the man whose election strategies have
enabled it to occupy the post of governor of Texas , to secure his
reelection , then enter the White House .
It has been described as " Goebbels "of Bush , child prodigy of
the policy, eminence grise, co -president, but is above all a
treacherous character as it abounds in the policy community and
But beyond the qualifiers , only count the actions of a person .
Karl Rove, sa vie, ses basses oeuvres [Voltaire] Page 1 of 11 7/4/2010
Rove 's life is a succession of lies, slander and crimes , including
His knowledge of many arts policy is to be attributed to his long
experience as " debauched " policy , and the success of these is
among others to attribute to the stupidity of much of American
society accustomed to methods of advertising sales .
The fact that as a "coup Thicket , torts and slander, Rove may
have had an ascending career , destroyed the myth of the
strength of democratic institutions in the United States .
Rove is leading the ' Club lunches " collaborators Bush meets with
him weekly to plan schemes against Kerry . At the same time ,
he enjoyed vis- à-vis the U.S. press of a greater impunity , which
allows him to dodge the interviews and staying in the shade. This
raises questions about freedom of expression in Venezuela ,
where some are more equal than others " , to paraphrase Orwell
's character , and where it is facing the press the untouchables
who are public figures no obligation to answer for their actions .
Bush to Nixon
Born December 25, 1950 in Denver , he already admired Richard
Nixon to 9 years the cheat , and 11 years, he had political
ambitions that would lead him a few years later to abandon his
studies at the University of Utah join the campaign of a
Republican senator . "He dreamed of being president and was
unable to get the autographs of a governor[1] .
During the Watergate scandal , Rove has been cited by
Washington Post as "a youth who had conducted training
sessions for dirty tricks that Nixon had used"And he was
interviewed by the FBI .
His personal profile , his lack of ethics and his ability to destroy
his political enemies attracted the attention of George Bush Sr. ,
who recruited him to be his assistant at the Republican National
Committee (NRC ), or he knew George W. Bush the son.
In the early '80s , he opened a consulting firm in politics, which
he sold to Texan billionaire advice to destroy the Democrats by
slanderous campaigns , up to invent their place of espionage
Karl Rove, sa vie, ses basses oeuvres [Voltaire] Page 2 of 11 7/4/2010
scandals or telephone false FBI investigation .
In addition to defame political rival of his clients, he intimidated
the media by threatening to deliver on the supposed sexual
secrets and even went so far as to verbally .
He also made use of marketing campaigns, using the media hype
to create the illusion that society as a whole "request" the
triumph of a character the likes of Bush .
Given Bush 's verbal clumsiness , Rove has kept away from the
media, while using other figures such as Rudolph Giuliani [2] , so
they appear in favor of his client.
During the presidential campaign for Bush in 2000 , Rove boasted
that people do not retain details of the route of Bush policies ,
but rather they would vote by focusing on its image as a
defender of U.S. values [3] .
In November 2002 Karl Rove organized the reelection campaign
of Governors as well as a large part of the Congress taking
advantage of the war and the attacks of September 11 . The
Democrats were unwilling to criticize the government for fear that
one doubts their patriotism , thereby allowing you to put aside
the arguments of an economic and social. This strategy enabled
Bush to win by using the lie of weapons of mass destruction that
Saddam Hussein was supposed to hold .
Two suicides
Although Rove ale had used the strategy of terrorizing his
political opponents by threatening to reveal their inner lives , or
invent lies about it , the personal history of Rove is quite dark
and contains details about which reflection is needed .
His father left home when he was 19 and his mother, alone,
committed suicide in Reno, Nevada in 1981.
Twenty years later , in July 2001, another suicide occurs in the
life of Rove , that of James H. Hatfield , biographer of Bush in his
book : The Bush cartel or the route of a privileged son[4] ,
revealed that Bush had been arrested in 1972 for coc aine
possession , and that his powerful father had then used his
Karl Rove, sa vie, ses basses oeuvres [Voltaire] Page 3 of 11 7/4/2010
influence to remove this blot his
record . Since the publication of the
book, a campaign of vilification of the
author was launched by the Daily
Texan Daily Morning News, Close to
Bush. Under pressure, the publisher ,
St. Martin Press , retired from the
bookstores and cremation 70,000
copies available . In his defense ,
Hatfield revealed the name of his
informant : Karl Rove , Bush's close
adviser . Anyway , the biographer lost
two publishing contracts and was
literally ruined. Finally , shortly after he
received death threats and witnessed by two Bush advisers ,
Hatfield was found dead in a hotel room in Springdale , ingestion
of toxic substances. Beside him , a note explaining that his ruin
and his alcohol problems were behind his decision. It is well
known that many well-planned assassinations often falsify these
letters testamentary supposed suicide . Nobody has been able to
prove credibly that Hatfield had committed suicide .
Education immoral
The previous facts are hardly surprising , given the values of
education and that Rove has received, he was initiated , among
others, political shenanigans by Lee Atwater , who in 1973 was to
lead a Republican presidential scholars .
That same year, Karl Rove introduced Bush to his friend Lee ,
who after the 1984 elections has joined the firm of Black
Manafort and Stone , which worked for the Bush- Quayle
campaign four years later.
Among employees of the firm is also Dwight Chapin, who was
jailed in 1972 for having lied in denying that he hired Donald
Segreti to sabotage the campaign of Sen. Muskie Edgar .
Activities Segreti , master Rove, are recounted by Woodward and
Bernstein in their book Wacky President[5] in the following quote
we see how Segreti tried to recruit a collaborator cons Muskie
"Would you like to work in an operation with a bit of political
espionage ? ... Suppose we go to a political meeting Kennedy and
we are a strong advocate for his campaign . You tell him you're
James H. Hatfield
Karl Rove, sa vie, ses basses oeuvres [Voltaire] Page 4 of 11 7/4/2010
also in favor of Kennedy , but you need his help . You then send
the work with Muskie , to carry envelopes of electioneering or any
other similar thing , and you use it to transmit information .
People approached believe they are doing something for Muskie,
Kennedy and cons , but in reality you will use the information for
other purposes.
According to this testimony, "the main goal ... was that
Democrats could not present a united front after the discovery of
a series of tricks in the campaign for the election of their
candidate ... what we had to do was to cause them damage as
they can not rely.
Black, Manafort and Stone, clients included the Prime Minister of
the Bahamas , Oscar Pindling , involved in drug trafficking , Jonas
Savimbi , leader of UNITA , the Angolan movement supported by
the CIA and the Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos.
Savimbi and Marcos have paid for the lobbying work of Rove , as
well as tobacco magnate , Philip Morris , who recruited him to
provide "Political Intelligence. From 1991 to 1996 , Rove has
received more than three thousand dollars monthly from tobacco
company where he worked for Jack Dillard . At the same time ,
Rove worked for the then-governor George Bush, but falsely
stated : "My job as adviser to Philip Morris has nothing to do with
my work for the governor. The fact is that the cigarette
manufacturer took the opportunity to avoid paying hundreds of
millions of dollars resulting from charges for damage to health.
At the end of January 2001 , that is to say the arrival of George
Bush as president , Bernd McConnell , assistant for African affairs
secretary of defense , met with Jardo Muekalia movement Angola
Right UNITA , despite the ban imposed by the UN to establish this
type of contact [6] . journalistic sources , Muekalia was also
received by Karl Rove.
Theft, lies and terrorism
Already in 1970 , in Illinois, Rove broke into the office of
Democrat Alan Dixon . He stole campaign materials and printed
false invitations Dixon in which he promised his followers "free
beer , girls and good times. They were distributed to the
homeless . It was a calculated maneuver to undermine the
Democrat .
In September 2003, the Washington Post revealed that there was
Karl Rove, sa vie, ses basses oeuvres [Voltaire] Page 5 of 11 7/4/2010
an ongoing investigation against Rove for violating federal laws
that prohibit revealing the identity of CIA agents . Rove and the
CIA director , George Tenet , briefed a half - dozen reporters that
the wife of Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV was an agent . As
such , it was discovered that Bush's accusations , saying that
Saddam Hussein wanted to procure uranium from Niger were
false. That's why Rove had launched against him one of his usual
campaign of discredit and political revenge and personal.
A recent campaign Rove was based on the dissemination of false
witness who cast doubt on Kerry 's activities in Vietnam. They
were propagated by a group of Vietnam veterans that Bob Perry ,
a millionaire and friend of Rove , had given two hundred
thousand dollars.
As usual , Rove then lied about his relationship with Perry , as he
had lied to avoid military service in Vietnam as an excuse to
further his studies , he never completed.
On August 20, 2004 , the New York Times revealed that Rove
had said through a spokesman that he and Perry were longtime
friends , but they had not spoken for over a year. Five days
later , Rove told Fox News : "I do not want to leave a false
impression . But , you know , Perry is not someone with whom I
spoke at length for years ..." , implying that in reality he had
spoken with Perry, but not "long" very relative term , if any.
Among the money that Bush gave Rove to reward his expertise in
" dirty tricks " there are 340,579 dollars in 1994 and 220,228
dollars from January to March 1999 for his consulting firm , he
will sell quickly to focus exclusively to the Bush campaign . [7] .
In January 2002 , it was revealed that among the largest
shareholders of Enron were featured Karl Rove , as well as
Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld, Deputy Director of the
Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA), Linda Fischer, Deputy
Treasury Secretary Peter Fischer and Foreign Trade
Representative Robert Zoellick. Just as the Navy Secretary
Thomas White was vice chairman of Enron before assuming his
post at the Pentagon , and this time he held shares in the
company valued at between 50 and 100 million dollars [8] .
Previously , June 1, 2001 , the Associated Press revealed that
Rove had 1.3 to 3.3 million in stock that included a one -quarter
Karl Rove, sa vie, ses basses oeuvres [Voltaire] Page 6 of 11 7/4/2010
million dollars in each of the following companies : General
Electric , Enron Intel, Boeing , Johnson & Johnson
pharmaceutical , Cisco Systems and American Express.
Previous data have interesting ramifications , especially regarding
the actions of Rove in the pharmaceutical industry .
It is common knowledge that the National Endowment for
Democracy ( NED ) [9] Is a means of financing state - Americans
of right-wing groups in many countries and in particular, he
strongly supported the anti -Chavez opposition who wanted to
end the mandate of the statesman by dismissing Venezuelan by
referendum .
In the style of Rove , the firm Penn , Schoen & Berland
Associates has lied about the forecast and actual results of the
referendum , arguing the opposite of what happened , that
Chavez would lose the consultation with the same gap that one
with which he has actually won [10] . Penn , Schoen & Berland
had members in Súmate , who had received more than fifty
thousand dollars from the NED. Moreover , as noted by New York
Times of 24 April 2002 , the director of the NED was the former
Republican congressman Vin Weber, a well-known figure on the
far right who was simultaneously lobbying of pharmaceutical
companies which , as has been said , Rove held shares for
amounting to one quarter of a million dollars .
In late 2001, in his book Cuba Confidential : Love and Vengeance
in Miami and Havana[11] Ann Louise Bardach has revealed Rove
's support for militarist sectors of the Cuban exile . According to
Bardach , Rove "asked the president to please the advocates of "
hard line " as retribution for his election victory and that of his
In March 2004 , Karl Rove went to Miami and promised Cuban-
American series of measures against the Castro regime , which
would include stiffer penalties for those who trade with Cuba ,
strong measures against countries allied U.S. who sympathize
with Havana , and the reduction of flights to the island [12] .
In late June of last year , Rove , who despite not having finished
his studies , is a professor at the University of Texas , has
corrected a student who challenged him to explain how the U.S.
government justified the war against Iraq when we did not find
weapons of mass destruction. He corrected "Above all, the battle
Karl Rove, sa vie, ses basses oeuvres [Voltaire] Page 7 of 11 7/4/2010
of Iraq, not war. Explaining that "war" is a progressive war
against terrorism that has no end , Rove has confirmed the
government's commitment to terrorism to Bush [13] .
In July 2004 , Wayne Madsen reported that September 15,
2001 , Rove used the authorization given to policies issued after
the assassination attacks against the Twin Towers , to eliminate
the Lebanese politician Elie Hobeika . It plans to show
incontrovertible evidence available to it to show that Prime
Minister Ariel Sharon had authorized the massacre of hundreds of
men , women and children Palestinian camps Sabra and ShatilaIn
1982 . At that time, Elie Hobeika was intelligence chief of
Lebanese Christian forces fought the Muslims [14] .
In March 2002 , at a gas station in Sao Paulo , Brazil , and her
husband Michael Nasar was murdered , a maneuver Rove for
additional help Sharon because Nassar also held information on
the killings. Among other things , the murders planned by Rove
obeyed the strategy for increasing support of U.S. Zionists in the
Bush administration.
Enron version of Christianity
As stated by the Protestant theologian Juan B. Stam , when Bush
and Rove worked together for the presidential reelection
campaign of Bush Sr. , they have established ties with the
evangelical sector .
"Both were handled to perfection the semantics of this
subculture . While other candidates were considering
controversial subjects , Rove advised Bush to speak simply of his
faith . Bush's son presented himself as " a man with Jesus in his
heart . When a reporter asked who his favorite philosopher socio
- political , Bush replied: " Jesus , because he changed my life . "
It matched perfectly to the extreme individualism of
fundamentalism and what is in the metalanguage of subcodes
Gospel is called " personal witness ."
Stam continued: "In the semantic battle of religious language ,
Bush and Rove have won easily , because they had no rivals.
Bush dominated the fundamentalist language ( and, to some
extent , the language has begun to dominate ).
From a pragmatic point of view only after the 2000 presidential
Karl Rove, sa vie, ses basses oeuvres [Voltaire] Page 8 of 11 7/4/2010
election , Karl Rove lamented that the only reason why Bush had
not won a majority of votes was that he could not raise a quarter
of voters sector fundamentalist Christian . He therefore attached
great importance to developing a strategy for securing the vote
of religious fanaticism , although his personal life can be reduced
to a daily violation of virtually all the commandments of the
Christian faith . To this end , Rove has woven a complex web of
alliances and had several characters , including Ralph Reed ,
former leader of the ultra- conservative Christian Coalition ,
which has a vast experience as a televangelist . Rove has
recommended to the infamous Enron , who was recruited as a
consultant for a salary of between ten thousand and twenty
thousand dollars monthly.
In 1999 , when Bush 's presidential campaign has been officially
announced, Reed has joined the list of Republican without
breaking its ties with Enron. According to Reed, Bush would win
the election with the help he received from God. And as if this
were not enough, Reed 's activities at Enron included the
mobilization of religious sectors to support the claims of the
company for "deregulation "of electric utilities in Pennsylvania
and , from there , in other States.
One of Rove 's allies in this mission was a Catholic Deal Hudson
in August 2004 had to publicly renounce its participation in the
Bush campaign after it was discovered he had been involved in
past case of sexual harassment against one of his students .
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Edgar Gonzalez Ruiz
Philosopher and investigative journalist specializing in the
study of the political right in particular in Mexico and Latin
America in general . He has published several books including
La Última Cruzada (2001 ); Los Abascal ( 2002 ); Cruces y
Sombras (2006); El clero in armas ( 2007). In 2005 he was
awarded the José Martí , and in 2006 , the National Prize of
Journalism in Mexico . He works weekly Contralínea.
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Karl Rove, sa vie, ses basses oeuvres [Voltaire] Page 9 of 11 7/4/2010
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Karl Rove, sa vie, ses basses oeuvres [Voltaire] Page 10 of 11 7/4/2010
USA: Bush administration
Karl Rove, sa vie, ses basses oeuvres [Voltaire] Page 11 of 11 7/4/2010

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 01:00 PM
reply to post by watcher357

What? No Anti-Christ?

This is a second line.

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 01:01 PM
I read the OP and couldn't agree more.

It is reminiscent of McCain and Palin's pathetic attempt at trying beat Obama to the finish line. The cards are always played before they are seen by the public eye. I struggle to understand why more people don't notice this.

Round and round the wheel goes, where does it stop? Nobody knows... Yeah right... It is all pre-planned long before the public cast their 'vote'.

The art of manipulation is second nature to the people at the top.

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 01:15 PM
Nuttin' personal but I do not buy the idiot routine. The guy is the only President with a MBA. If GW had a problem, it was knowing too much of the "actual" history and the involvement of the Bush Crime Family,

Prescott Bush, of Brown Brothers Harriman spent pre-WWII assisting Fritz Thyssen financial empire in Germany (UBC). Ole Pres had much of his assets seized by the US Govt. for his actions with Thyssen during WWII.

At the end of WWII, Prescott became a very hot commodity because of his German connections and became deeply involved in Operation Paperclip, and eventually the formation of the C.I.A.

In 1952, he has elected Senator from the State of Connecticut. Quite fitting, eh? He's also responsible for the Eisenhower/Nixon connection.

I know George HW was C.I.A. in November 1963, which means his involvement must have started earlier. Under Nixon, he was appointed Ambassador to China (Good position for a C.I.A. man) and appointed Director of the C.I.A. by a co-conspirator, Gerald R. Ford.

I believe the family was at one time the "backbone" of the C.I.A. Prescott and his son George 41 ran "Operation Zapata" and believed they were betrayed by JFK.

When TPTB had had enough of JFK and wanted him "removed", our man Prescott stepped up (as usual) and took care of business. There is a photo that resembles GHWB standing in front of the Texas School Book Depository just after JFK was shot. Member of "Operation Zapata" were in Dealey Plaza to witness the take down. They knew the when and where so they had to have prior knowledge.

To sum up, as I said before, I believe the Bush family was deeply involved in all aspects of the C.I.A. since its inception. The action taken by Prescott, in 1963, indebted TPTB to the Bush family and this is the reason why we have had 2 Bush's (so far) as President. Any shenanigans during the 2 election victories by GWB was done by TPTB to honor a commitment made some 45 years ago. This knowledge may have been what George 43 had to deal with. He knew the truths, but couldn't let them slip. That's the reason for Cheney, et al.

And finally, it is my humble belief that the Bush's were the driving force behind our foreign policy and since the days of JFK, the C.I.A. has been in charge. TPTB will not relinquish their hold on the Presidency and though I can't prove it, Barack Obama with his rise from nowhere and a lack of knowledge about his past, PLUS the way he has handled his Presidency, he smells like C.I.A., all the way. The guy looks like a Bush baby. How's that for a dose of reality?

It wasn't what George W didn't know, it was what he did know that presented the problem.

[edit on 4-7-2010 by Oldnslo]

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 01:35 PM
GWB Jr and Snr are representatives of the tyranny of a government that is
of the money, by the money and for the money.

The original plan of the first republic was a small, limited government
of the people, by the people and for the people.

Read The Tribes and the States by William James Sidis LINK

[edit on 4-7-2010 by seataka]

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 02:10 PM
reply to post by whatwasthat

thanks man for the translation ! Bush is just a manipulated man, manipulated by his father and by the neocons and their theorists that are only driven by $$$$ and more $$$$$ ( like Cheney and Halliburton also )
it is a whole system, a bunch of neocons that want all the power for the big corporations like Enron and BP etc etc .... no power to the State, they prefer to KILL your STATE because they fear the power of the people.
Just no better than a stalinist society or a zionist one or a dictatorship : only difference is you THINK you are free because you have $$$$ in your eyes and donuts in your hand and lol, so much lol in your free world with your gun on your belt. Yeah : a gun on your belt but also a gun on your head if you try to change your petrol stinking society and the manipulators in the background !!
jesus, how do I hate this world becoming more and more inhuman, it is too late, they have too much power - how can we change this ??? Does Michael Moore have an answer ?

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by seataka

you are totally right - this is no longer a democratic society, this is just a bunch of dangerous gangsters wanting to make just a huge amount of $$$$ with no respect for the rest of the world, with no respect at all for Mother Earth or the animals around, I even don't speak about the humans around .... only driven by greed of $$$$ vomitting all moral laws .... it is like a mafia, try to get rid of it ..... good luck !!!

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