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NEW! Pentagon Acknowledges Halliburton Bias

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posted on Jun, 14 2004 @ 07:25 PM
Pentagon officials have briefed a House Representative on the Government Reform Commitee, who later issued a letter demanding full disclosure of Halliburton contract process. The letter asked for all information regarding contact between Cheney's office and the DoD regarding Halliburton. Cheney's staff states that they merely received a courtesy call regarding the pending contract, but Cheney denies knowledge of the contract.

Pentagon officials have acknowledged that Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff and other Bush administration political appointees were involved in a controversial decision to pay Halliburton Inc. to plan for the postwar recovery of Iraq's oil sector, a Democratic lawmaker said yesterday.

The revelations follow a series of political attacks by Democrats against the Bush administration on the Halliburton issue.

Cheney's staff stood by that statement yesterday. /nationworld/nation/ny-ushall143849790jun14,0,3217157.story?coll=ny-nationalnews-headlines

Do you think there is any thing Cheney could have done different or is this another ploy by Democrats to smear the Bush administration? WHy would Cheney state he had no knowledge of the contract a year ago and then suddenly documents arrise showing he had knowledge of the pending contract? WHat about the usual competitive bidding process?

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