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Masterspy Podcast~ "Regime Change Politics"

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posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 11:33 AM
Was going through my routine of checking the "news", as I like to call it, real news not the media televised regurgitation. You know, stuff that is new to me.

When this caught my eye, and though hmm may be worth sharing.
"Regime Change Politics", is going to get almost any one to go "what you say", and thus here we have it.

Magical thinking drives the Neocons' perpetual efforts to start a war with Iran. Politicians, by and large, fail to apprehend the danger. If it weren't for analysts like Dr. Thomas Fingar — and many others — who have held the line on explaining the real costs of war, we would by now be well and truly screwed. Here, Tom and I talk about Iran, North Korea, and the reorganization of the intelligence community. The latter seemingly esoteric except that in certain ways it's our first (and maybe best) line of defense. Total runtime an hour and seventeen minutes.
The Death and Life of Intelligence Analysis

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