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Some significant UK UFO cases plotted on Google Earth

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posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 06:53 AM
Google Earth is an excellent tool so I have plotted the locations of a few famous (and maybe not so famous) UK UFO cases. Links have been provided for more information on the cases. Viewing the actual sites and surrounding topography can help research or just provide added interest. It’s just a matter of copying and pasting the coordinates into Google Earth to fly to the specific location and have a nosey around. Other close-by points of interest have been included. These may, or may, not have any relevance to the cases.

Welsh “Triangle” Incidents
Case details

Broad Haven School Sighting
Friday February 4th 1977. School children (and later teachers) report the sighting of a landed UFO and occupant.
51°46'35.73"N 5° 5'56.89"W

Stack Rocks Incident
October 30, 1977.
Pauline Coombes and her family claim to have witnessed a flying disc enter Stack Rocks and also saw two humanoids moving about on the rocks. Source Flying Saucer Review Vol. 23 No.6
51°46'29.84"N 5°10'25.74"W

Ripperston Farm Encounter
Residence of Pauline Coombes and family in 1970s subjected to UFO activity and humanoid visitations. Full story published in The Uninvited (1979) by Clive Harold.
51°45'33.53"N 5°10'4.66"W
Abandoned(?) Airbase
51°43'2.27"N 5°11'40.80"W
Abandoned(?) Airbase
51°53'10.70"N 5°12'49.28"W

The Livingston Forest Assault
November 9, 1979.
Robert Taylor witnesses a spherical craft and two sea-mine like devices. He claims he came into physical contact with the sea-mines. The case was investigated by the police.
Case details and possible explanation
55°54'57.49"N 3°32'41.11"W

Rendlesham Forest Incident
December 1980
Military personnel witness a landed craft close to American airbase. (Landing site yet to be pinpointed)
52° 5'20.63"N 1°26'36.83"E
Woodbridge Airbase
52° 5'17.56"N 1°25'5.64"E
Bentwaters Airbase
52° 7'34.06"N 1°25'59.12"E
Former Cobra Mist over-the-horizon radar base
52° 6'5.08"N 1°34'28.35"E
Orford Ness Lighthouse
52° 5'1.91"N 1°34'27.34"E

Basingstoke Canal, Aldershot "Abduction"
August 12, 1983.
Alfred Burtoo claimed to have witnessed a landed craft with occupants. He also claimed to have been taken aboard the craft. (Landing site yet to be pinpointed)
Case details
51°15'34.40"N 0°44'23.91"W
Farnborough Airbase
51°16'44.78"N 0°46'8.34"W

posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 07:05 AM
Nice post many thanks.


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