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The One True Way to Defeat TPTB?

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posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 05:44 PM
reply to post by mav0360

ATS has rules about sharing other forums even if they are small, unnoticed, non commercial and put out there for awareness. So I'm not allowed to post it.

But basically I started a small local forum with alot of issues, and videos and even meditations, and need to polish it up more, then will try to make a few videos to get a few on board, then it can grow. With the overall layout and media, articles, I will encourage anyone in any area to just copy it and make whatever changes for their own boards tehy want. I have links on it for ATS, and many other forums as well, because its just for awareness, and if people do join, its really to encourage research. When people start researching things themselves they start to gain some pretty fast awareness.

The first step is for people to get some of this out in their own communities, it really needs to be a grassroots swell of information in our own towns, communities and areas. Thats when the real stuff can start to happen, self sufficiency, end our dependency on monopolies and oil, but start to all become back yard inventors, and start to help each other, really care about others, locally where it really counts, and also, keep in mind that the third world is in desperate shape and they have no abilty to take their lands and resources back from the mafia gangs and international banks who run their cruel systems, so we also need to partner up with other villages and areas, adopt an area and help get some energy devices, food, water technology, even if we can create prosperity away from their false corporate rule and banks, here, then we can pool up and donate for some land and eco farms for those in teh third world and encourage a system of returning the help with others in their area, so passing the baton onwards always, with each area that develops helping to establish another.

This wonderful project from a friend points the way:

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posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 06:37 PM

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posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 06:54 PM
reply to post by Murtzmaug

Yes, but you have to know, that there is no real movement locally in communities to wake people up,and that the thing is, we have to do it grass roots, locally. When and if such movements get off the ground, ie. your forum becomes groups of local seed banks, ufo watching with telescopes and local notices up so teenagers are included, workshops on the weekend to learn how to do mods on cars, or build generators or grow your own nutritious food, etc etc, there may be some backlash locally, but you have to make sure it stays active, is in many peoples hands. People don't usually get their opinions published by the papers when the write in, imagine a free paper delivered to door, paid for by advertisements where teh whole pull section in the middle was devoted to our opinons, or research. And the forum, once people are getting used to writing what they feel, they're not going to give it up easily.

Hard to stamp out a movement that is grassroots and spreading in all the communities at once.

Also, round table agreements. This means we pledge locally to pay attention and stand up for each other. We can switch to linux and dual boot , but they can still plant information in root kits on our computers and try to set up individuals. Say no way. If they come for one, all the round table people, stand up and say, we all support him, we will break him out of jail. Arrest us all you NAZI's. I mean it. This is me.

And this is the me that is starting my own local forum.

Grassroots and a strong belief that every single hair on our head is counted, for we all signed up for this school and every day is a test.

If you've read my posts at all you would realize I've had many experiences and there are strong reasons why the metaphsyics is more important to me than anyting they can throw at us, for we are not what we think we are at all.

And nothing can stop movements that grow from the bottom up.

edit to add: If a real backlash occurs I know where it would for sure. If communities start to replace the monopolies and we all start small businesses and only buy/trade etc from each ohter, they will notice. But we must never give up and keep those round table agreements strong and never let them single out a single one of us and get away with it.

What we need to be heading for ultimately with replacing the businesses is akin to my post in this thread:
"Problems With A Moneyless Society..." where there is no problems they're all just us being accustomed to slavery.

If I won a big lottery I would start eco vllages in a few areas, and businesses that were spread out replacing the ones existing, and a real awareness campaign, locally in a variety of communities at once in a few countires at once, including third world. In addition to what I've written, the businesses would only bring in the money needed for the projects and taxes, and some collective pools for emergencies, and trips and educations, things for kids, but the whole emphasis would be on bypassing the banking systems and starting becoming self sufficient and group projects.

When enough people in each area become aware that they can get together and meet up regularly and problem solve better than the vested interest they have given their leaders who only represent the bankers and bloodlines, they will no longer have to worry about voting for them, they can start to operate their own form of governement under the other and stop supporting taxes and real estate in huge numbers. Then they're free.
Also, I just prior to dropping all money I would change the currency to some token that the people arranged so that the bankers and corporations would be cut off from their source and their money and the huge piles they've put away for themselves useless to bring them down to the poverty level themselves.

A new world would emerge driven and run by the people grass roots.

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posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 08:10 PM

Originally posted by mav0360
I think when it comes to devils like tptb (and all ptb's are devils), first of all, they would just love you to attack. That makes their day when a so-called terrorist attacks them. They write their press release and the kill order in one sitting.

You're right. If people attack them, they gain power. All the laws are in place for that.

A lot of people don't understand that things like that Missouri billboard are authorised for a reason.

posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 08:29 PM

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posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 08:47 PM
reply to post by Murtzmaug

Countering this is that the people that would be waking more and getting the seed banks and self reliance would be starting with, the poor, the natives and those who I really like, the real grass roots people, and they don't really like the leaders, their media and already see through this, they're just not organized and many are traumatized and dealing with "problems", that need some self love and care.

This is truly about people waking up, and learning to not trust the lies being fed to them, the NLP and even second guessing the steps TPTB will take to divide and conquer them, lie to them, even set some of them up and so they stand united, and each has all the data so they can re-establish data bases everywhere, nothing is owned. Its hard to take away knowledge.

Second of all, being metaphysically oriented, an experiencer who's contacts have told me to that doing anything has to be done locally, grass roots, and that Africa is the symbol for this planet, naturally you will understand that no threats, no intimidation, nothing comprimisinig with these mass murderers will ever work for me, I DENOUNCE THEM EMPHATICALLY TO INFINITY AND BEYOND! And I would be encouraging this awareness in everyone, what they have done.

Meditation groups, from children on, hemisync, dolphin and whale songs, sungazing, remote viewing, psi development, asking, who am I? why am I here? reporting for duty how do I help? Every day, makes it very very hard to control waking up people who hold world peace, and success, growing numbers joining together strongly in their minds, for we are creating this reality with our minds and consciousness.

In addition, aside from this, and also promoting that they write in and denounce all leaders all the time, and for the more outgoing ones, phone calls every week, this would certainly bug them enough I'm sure, but it also ends all karma, all co-conspiracy. Their crimes arent put onto us, and they don't get the negative harvest they're pushing for.

This is something I want to start as well on my site is a letter/phone call campaign. Denouncing them. Calling for a world of equaltiy, peace, and end to banks and realtors, and an end to poisons in our water, air, soil and food.

Basically, I have a thread that is talking directly to TPTB and the black ops, as well, for they too need to be reached, and if when we do swell this movement up, they will be invitied to join, to make up for their karma, to understand who they really are and who we really are, for we're all equal, and the family of light, and this truly is a school, so some of us would be doing some NLP, messages of our own, and a campaign to convert and redeem them as well.

But one thing those who are truly waking up and see the world for what it is, will never lose our site, will never lose our understanding, or compromise our goals. The greatest we have, is the ability to help others in our communities, to help educate and even do workshops with teenagers and those out of work, growing food, and energy devices. I have a few plans for zero point energy that I intend to look into when we move as well, with no intention to patent, no intention to follow their rules, just spread anything that works like wildfire, especiallly to the third world.

I'd say, good luck with your plans for world domination, they won't even begin to take effect as planned, if you were working for them. Just envisioning and holding light over people's awareness alone is worth its weight in gold, in fact the greatest thing a person can do to change the world is to wake up and remember who they are.

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posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 11:15 AM

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posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 01:23 PM
reply to post by Murtzmaug

Actually, didnt really take it as an insult, was really amused by it actually.
Love & Light to you, and you can pass that on in your world dominations meetings.

PS, that was written in the spirit of, if you were one of them.

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 02:22 PM

Originally posted by mav0360

So what would the American Ghandi be like? Is it possible?

Absolutely not.

The new Ghandi's are just assassinated or brushed aside as being "crazies". The only thing we have is the vote to keep TPTB in line but on course we know that is a useless cause nowadays.

I've thought about this for years and we are way past the days of Ghandi's and MLK's. I'm going to be very careful about what I say here so I don't get my doors kicked in and get rushed off to never never land.

In this age that we live in, in order for the people to take back control of our government and keep the PTB in check, individuals are going to have to sacrifice themselves in order to achieve this. Now you might ask, what do you mean by sacrifice? Suicide bomber? Absolutely not!!! But it does involve getting back to the basic instincts of man and that is survival. It's going to have to take individuals that are well off financially, independent thinking, educated about the realities of this world that we live in, understands the game of chess, extremely smart and has the willingness to die for true freedom for self and all. You basically have to became a ghost, a very smart ghost.

I hate to say this but the only way I can describe what I'm saying without getting into trouble is that individuals have to become, cough, cough, "Batman". LoL. But seriously that's closest fictional character I can think of that fits into what I'm trying to get across. No one in history that I know has ever tried what I think needs to happen in order to enact real change and shaft the power back to the "little" people.

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 07:05 PM

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posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 08:07 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Wow what a great post Unity_99! Your vision of the future and how to get there is very inspiring and uplifting.

posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 02:15 AM

Originally posted by NuclearPaul
A lot of people don't understand that things like that Missouri billboard are authorised for a reason.

yeah it sure seems liked a clever ploy. i'd say they put that up to test the waters and fish for targets and call idiots out. thanks for this link, it shows all of us how strategically devious they are.

murtzmaug - they could too easily deny, villify, and suppress us. youre right. but i think they arent able to do it if someones too strong. mlkjr for example. they tried everything even saying he was a womanizer. it couldnt work, he was too strong.

they can tarnish you in the media easily, cnn with fush, fox with amabo. but even when they yell the loudest they cant change the opinions of people mlkjr met or affected. or the opinions of people who met or were affected by those people.

all the ways you spoke of and more, but they cant take the light from true men (or women). thats why false flags and sleight of hand are how they do the news today. hoping to kill their idea before it gets to us. that no one even hears about them. theres a lotta news happening, but when i watch the news its all oil spill. its rediculous and so blatant.

but they sure can shut anything down at any time. ghandi saw it happen, and the famine and destitution theyre able to unleash. alls fair in war. thats why he had to preach self reliance. theyre cruel adversaries indeed.

unity_99 - i really wanna say we should welcome them as equals, because thats what ghandi intended for the british. this is the only part of this i have trouble with. to not be a hypocrite, i would say yeah. but when you think of their almost inhuman qualities, i mean, the enslavement of nearly all mankind since the beginning. thats more than enough to make me doubt recovery would be possible.

of course, in a free world, there would simply be no place for them as they were, so it really wouldnt even be a risk. with the history of the overthrowing being taught to children, it would be hard for them to regain a foothold. but then again, a thousand or so years later there could be a resurgence.

alas, speculation of the future would hardly be our place, our only responsibility is to fight. with peace.

independence is only gained through independence. so of all things, self reliance is our best weapon. theyve made us weak, scared, and cold. we the people. they tell us its a scary world and life is pain. they break us down and tell us we need fixed. then bill us and kill us. throw pills at us. they fooled us into thinking we need them, but they need us. girls who have abusive boyfriends often think they need them. we got hoodwinked

so we gotta get up. buy less from corporations. grow food. go solar or wind. somehow we gotta get off oil. wish we could grow textiles hemp (not the kind you smoke), but thats why weeds illegal right there, so... and i plan on becoming a sovereign. look into that and tell me what you guys think. but an important thing is, everyone you meet you must treat as your equal, listen and dont always talk. every child must be taught the importance of life and freedom. and how strong they are. the children have to be reintroduced into reality.

truthtothemasses - yeah i like batman too

posted on Nov, 1 2010 @ 03:58 AM
This is near and dear to my heart. In my home we refer to the sheeple as following the "Baaah and Mooo Syndrome" Most everyone here has an intelligent viewpoint and this is quite refreshing.
I want to support your desire for reform and wresting back control from the ptb. It is just that you would need to do what they do and you would become the new ptb if you succeed. Are you willing to "become the devil" to defeat the devil? Are you willing to treat the cattle as cattle and to manipulate the masses of people who mindlessly go through life. Its easy to do, just follow the lessons from history regarding propaganda and other ways to change the focus of the cattle to do what you want them to focus on doing.
We live in a unique time with the internet allowing even small groups to "broadcast" their ideas. But, tptb monitor and can act on a direct attack against their power base. So a revolution would need to be started round-a-bout and would need to gather followers in such a way as to not be a direct threat. Then, through carefull use of propaganda and other tools, turn the followers to your desired path.
Large public demonstrations are not recommended due to the infiltration of violence as has been mentioned here already.
Also, the original core of the group would have to never change as tptb will infiltrate the group after its power grows to be seen as a possible threat to them.
Good luck. I don't think it's possible, because the only thing the people in power have to do is to maintain their hold on power. As we can see, it is very easy to do. On the other hand, creating a change in who has power is much much harder.
And ultimately... will you and your group do any better a job or just become the next group to be hated? Who says that good intentions will win the day, stay pure and true to your ideals, and be better for the cattle than the current ruthless greedy control?

posted on Nov, 1 2010 @ 11:27 AM
reply to post by Spirit777

The only way to defeat TBTB in my opinion is by not letting them acquire control of the web, which is arguably the last true vestige of democracy and freedom we have left. If they get control of the web it's essentially game-set-and-match. If they get the ability to shape what we know there is not much we can do. For me personally the web has been a great consciousness-raiser and it's incrementally deprogrammed the years of media-indoctrination to unquestionably accept everything I was told. If TBTB ever gained total control of the web our knowledge and reality would undoubtedly be shaped to what they seek fit and our power would undergo massive emasculation, and portentously, I can already see them start to take pre-emptive measures to control the web through various schemes, like kill-switches that can be activated at the drop of a hat. China's web is draconically controlled and the citizens are only shown what the establishment permits them to see, the web here will probably soon go the same way. No doubt they will say it is for our own protection and try to achieve their goals surreptitiously. Over the years the web has essentially made the mainstream media redundant. That must surely scare TBTB, because without the ability to control the flow of information, their role will shift from dominators to dominated.

The battle is not with TPTB the battle is one of self.

I could not agree with this more. Many people I know are too afraid to "wake-up" (excuse the phrase), because reality is so terrifying and ugly. They would rather continue lying to themselves, consciously on unconsciously, and pretend everything is fine than conjure up the testicular-fortitude to face reality.

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