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American politicians need to do something like this.

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posted on Jun, 14 2004 @ 06:49 PM
Why don't more American Politicians do something fun like make a rap video?

Canadian politician Ed Broadbent in a rap video.

Imagine Kerry or Bush rapping in a video? I think that'd be great.
It's things like this that make me love Canadian politics.
Things like this, or when they get pied, milk thrown on them, arrive at a press conferance in a wetsuit, defend themself by putting the guy in a choke hold, when their wife beats up a intruder with a statue. . . But I guess G.W.Bush chokeing on a pretzil was kinda funny. . .

Edited to fix the horrible spelling mistake in the subject.

[edit on 14-6-2004 by zero_snaz]

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