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For all those with siginificnt others, that dont understand.

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posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 06:37 PM
reply to post by Aeons

Never mind. I don't want to debate or argue with you, friend. You do have a point and people should develop a sense of proper judgment to people, but I think only as a last resort when people have proven their selves to be untrustworthy. Up until that point, I think that perception does just fine. Ultimately, it comes down to the way we're wired and have been brought up for the most part. Judging people on a regular basis simply seems quite unproductive for the way I am.

btw, I like your avatar. Her character definitely proves the point that proper judgment of people on a regular basis is necessary in certain roles. I guess there's a reason why we're all the way we are, and we all have our roles to play in the grand scheme.


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posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 07:16 PM
reply to post by dreamwalker74

I love my husband in many ways he is absolutely wonderful.

But he believes:

Everything reported on"the evening news" CNN is accurately reported.
Princess Diana died in a car accident because her driver simply drank too much and drove too fast.
Maryln Monroe committed suicide.
Lee Harvey Oswald shot John F. Kennedy and Oswald acted all on his own, no conspiracy.
There is no alien presence what so ever on earth.
Anyone saying they were abducted is not "reality based".
It was a weather balloon that crashed at Roswell.
The twin towers were blown up by Al Qaeda - Osama bin Laden and that is why we went to war with Iraq.
Our government works for the people in their best interest.
President Barack Obama is a good honest president.
Our votes count and are counted honestly.
America is still a free country.
Any major conspiracy would be impossible to carry out and concealed.
One cannot go faster than the speed of light because that is what our scientist have said.
It would be impossible for any beings to exist outside our three dimensions or for a different dimension to be breached.
The Philidelphia Experiment never happened.
HAARP is a simple government facility that is exactly what it's website says it is.
There is no such thing as mind control.
Stargates do not exist in real life, it's impossible.
David Ike is nuts.
The BP Oil Gusher will be repaired and this won't affect us because we are in the Midwest, safe and sound.
The movies, They Live and The Matrix could never happen in a million years - totally fictional.
Our human history, such as is taught in our schools is mostly accurate.
He has never visited the ATS Site because, "it's foolish".

While I am not saying I believe the opposite of the above statements, I am open to possiblities.

I feel that something is a miss, there is a glitch in the Matrix but some just can't or won't see it because once you take the red pill there is no going back.

Once people age, MOST lose site of possibilities - but that is part of most people aging.

Some of us question TPTB until we take our dying breath and that what ATS is all about.


"I think we're property.

I should say we belong to something:

That once upon a time, this earth was No-man's Land, that other worlds explored and colonized here, and fought among themselves for possession, but that now it's owned by something:

That something owns this earth -- all others warned off." Charles Hoy Forts / Book of the Damned.

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posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 07:54 PM
reply to post by dreamwalker74

Ok personal lifestyle thread. I am 33 yr. old hetro. male and I have been with this lady friend for many years. Yes like all regular lol relationships there are up and downs. Over the years as I grew more with her I noticed something spiritually that began to guide me towards different interest and thoughts as well as ways I had behaved in life different interest that the general public it seemed had no concern with.

Her being a GOD loving creature as she is didnt really have any issues at first with my spiritual development over the years which began to grow more and more over the years. In the recent years I would say about the last 3 yrs I have been noticing or becomming more alert to things that dont seem to be of interest to the general public (things it seems are clearly written within 1 of the many great books the BIBLE) atleast thats until these things began to manifest as many see them manifesting and become fearfull of these things for appearing suddenly out of nowehre.

Oh and these things I speak of that I felt or visualized were/are things like the many deceptive things going on upon earth. Before any say oh he is speakin like some psycic crazy or something dont. I spoke of these things to her which were written within the book of revelations to better prepare her soul and will. For there are mentions of times when the earth will be going thru so many down times when many inhabitants upon it will frown upon the ALPHA and say its his fault and why this or that, why at the same time not acknowledging their/our own sins and negative free will activities. I am in no position to influence her will for it was given to her so I do my best to deliver the intelligence to her as peaceful as possible because it is much to actually consider going on especially when 1 has to consider themselves living during these harsh times....

So my current approach to the woman who drives me wild
is I basically calmed down the amount of non general populace related materials we discuss some conspiracy related some GOD RELATED, as to ease her of certain stresses that may acompany the heavy topics for some, REALITY TOPICS FOR OTHERS..

I meen we are discussing topics TRUE or not to our spouses, that genetically are closed to the thought of many of these topics even being real. Atleast I know if some of the spiritual growing helps in the END LOL then ITS ALL GOOD

posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 07:55 PM
Love should take precedence over your thoughts and emotions.

I have run into this roadblock before.

Most of the time, the conspiracy isn't irrelevant to the point.
And the point is you are trying to get someone to think outside the box.
Most of the time when I have a conversation about something, it's about keeping my loved ones safe.

It's not that someone doesn't love you enough to see your point of view, it's that they have their own that they want respected too.

One must remember that you cannot put your head on someone else's shoulders.
If anything, when you talk (AT) some one instead of talking (TO) them, the point will be lost.
Encourage thought by asking questions.
Questions make someone part of the conversation.
No one wants to be lectured.
Believe me, my wife can tell you that.

Use examples that they can relate to.
You can't force a conspiracy down anyone's throat, regardless of their intelligence or lack there of.

For example.
Lets say I was trying to convince someone that aliens exist, how would I go about it?
First be subtle.
Talk about some movie or something like that which deals with the subject at hand.
Enjoy that interaction and let them tell you all the best parts, or what they didn't like.
Not so fast now, don't just jump into (Aliens exist) just yet.
Ask a question.
"Hey, do you think that aliens might ever come here?"
Play with it.
If they say no, or react to the question, encourage them to explain.
Make it their point that you want to hear.
Don't try to beat it out of them.
Go along with what they're saying.
Try to understand their point of view, even though you may not agree with it. Try to see that they may not see things like you do.
Which is fine.
People are people, and they're going to believe whatever they want.
As the conversation progresses, suggest your point of view, and allow rebuttal.
Don't stick to your guns, even though that's what you want to do most.
Being hard lined about anything is a sure way to get someone frustrated with you.
Now before you go spewing all your knowledge about the "Drake equation" which can be daunting to try to understand, simplify it.
Ask, don't tell, what they think about trillions upon trillions of star and galaxies out there.
Let them say whatever they like about it.
Imply that since life evolved here, then it might be possible that it did elsewhere too.
Ask what they think about that.
That perhaps someone who had a few billion years head start may have come to say hello, or might be on their way.
Like before, allow them to form their own thoughts and tell you what they think, but most of all, don't try to shoot them down.
Again, losing battle.
At least on the outside, you must seem willing to accept their point of view, or at least agree to disagree.
The point of all that was just an example.
The information was disseminated, and like it or not it's part of their consciousness now.
The hardest part about any of this is waiting things out.
At some point down the road, there may be something that stirs up that very interaction with you that might reinforce what you tried to convey.
Then again, that might never happen.
All in all, the conversation should be as much informative to you as it was to them.
Remember, you love these people, and hopefully they love you too.
Do you really want to hurt their feelings by making them feel stupid?
Must one be the epitome of truth just to prove a point.
Sometimes it's what you (DON'T) say that speaks volumes.


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posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 08:12 PM
reply to post by dreamwalker74

Wide Awake Female here!
I know way too many men that have no clue. My ex husband being one of them. His line to me was always, "our gov. would never" All I could do was look at him and giggle in disbelief of the absolute absence of logic this man actually had.

posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 09:10 PM
reply to post by dreamwalker74

My wife either feels like complaining or she doesn't. When she wants to complain, she will look for something to complain about. If she can't find something, she creates something. When my wife agreed to marry me, she told me that all she expected from me is that I feed her, shelter her, and that I would never try to raid her trust fund. I've followed those 3 rules for nearly 15 years now. When I need a break from her nagging, I just remind her of that, and I get some silence. Well, not always. I have children.

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 03:30 PM
me and my "old lady" (she'd shoot me if she seen that) have been together for 15yrs, and i enjoy our conversations:

her-"How can i be with someone so anti-government?"
me- "I'm not anti gov, but dedicating 4yrs of my life to them, did cause me to ask questions of what i've think?"

her-"I mean think everything is a conspiracy...9/11, gulf disaster, bailout, you think those are all by design...."

me-"No i dont, but only a fool will take things at face value without asking their own questions. so i ask questions."

her- "Ugh....wipe that silly smirk of your face! i cant wait for you to realize that your totally wrong in your views...."

me- "And i cant wait for you to realize that FOX isnt news....but i dont rant about it to you do i? i watch history channel/you watch NCIS, and giggle about Gibbs/Denozo...i dont complain, but lol at how you will watch a dramatization, of possible events, but not the documentaries of the same. lol!"

her-"i hate you!"
me- "i love you too!"
her- "ugh!! love you too..."
me- "i know, you cant help it!"
her- "UGH!!!!!!"

my lovely has always disbelieved the possibility of events i've experienced in my life, until they happened to her, and each time, she's looked to me for advise on how to cope with them.

we dont live an "i told you so!" lifestyle. so her beliefs are hers, mine are mine. the moment my beliefs happen to her, i'm there to coach her through. that's what its about.

if she really hated me that much for questioning the crap we're spoon fed, we would've split a long time ago. if i hated the fact that she's so "IKEA, STARBUCKS, TMZ and guns are so EVIL, they kill people",i wouldve left along time ago. but i love her, she loves me and i go to IKEA with her, so long as i get to drag her to the gun range. lol! she bought a gun after the first time shooting with me...even named it too lol! slowly but surely ......

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 08:45 PM
reply to post by General.Lee

short and sweet, very wise post.

I do think there is mind control involved.

And while this off the top sounds crazy, just research this one issue.

Really research.

Our brains are organic computers and can be manipulated.

We're not always the commanders of our own thought processes.

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posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 04:52 PM
I have a very similar issue.
My wife is very intelligent but her interests are below her potential and I don't really understand why she can't quite see it. She watched A LOT of celebrety related stuff and adopts MSM related topics/issues which is sad for me to see her do.

The most agrivating feeling is when I feel like my discussion of important issues is getting in the way of her E! TV. It's very very difficult and as we have our first child on the way I can't only see raising that child will be even more difficult. I refuse to let my child grow up with blinders on like I did most of my life and like my wife is still battleing with.

I don't really know how to better the situtation then in stride. Eventually there will be no conspiracy anymore. Eventually there will be only the truth and she and everyone else will see that for which it is. You can only tell a lie for so long before you flub up, this is what im hoping will be her and many other's "saving grace".

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 04:55 PM

Originally posted by dreamwalker74
I know there are many of us, if not most, who have significant others who "don't understand". For years I have needed a true outlet to explain my thoughts with other people. Thoughts that I have felt were not only important, but could in-fact change or influence the apathetic mind-set of our population as a whole. When I try to discuss these topics with my significant other, she immediately shuts down. So this is my primary outlet. I work 70 hours a week, I seriously need an intelligent outlet. For me ATS is a cure for the soul. My significant other thinks that half the s$$t I talk about is BS, and the other half is just the basic consipracies in my mind. I know that many of you are going through this, and I wanted to know if any long term veterans have come up with a solution that works. Or if you have made a choice. How many of you have lost a person in your life for what you believe? I thank you in advance for your stories.

Id say if she cant respect your beliefs and opinions and at least take them into consideration, then....its not worth it. just my 2 cents.

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 05:28 PM
reply to post by dreamwalker74

Honestly, I don't keep very many people close to me. I'm married, and I'm very close with my wife, and I have a few close friends. That's it. I work too much for there to be much more, and I'm an innately untrusting person.

I'm a skeptic, but I like to debate. Sometimes I'll go off on long diatribes to my wife and most of the time she just lets me say whatever is on my mind, regardless of how nutty it might be. I don't think she really puts much thought into any of it, but she lets me vent, so that's great.

Honestly, if someone threatened to remove themselves from my life simply because of my beliefs, I would think "good riddance". Life's too short for fair-weather friends and spouses.

I don't mean to trivialize those that have lost a loved one because of their beliefs. This is just how I am, personally.

posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 08:15 PM
People in this thread who say that they're doing great with their partner even though they have complete separate beliefs will only last so long. I used to get along with my ex great and we agreed on many things but after awhile, he changed and i changed. we loved eachother but our differences is what set us apart. congrats to all the people who have lasted, but if you're not open minded, it will screw you over one day. Anyways, you should have other conversations with your partner. not all conspiracy theories, but all sorts of conversations. Its hard for me because in my generation, all the kids want to do is get high, drunk, have sex or just gossip. im a 16 year old girl who is not like the others. Most people would assume im a prep because im pretty and dress well, but i think differently in alot of aspects. i could care less about what guy they think is hot. Give me world view topics. thats the kinda thing i want to talk about. So keep your conversations diverse, like i do, and im sure you'll be fine.

posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 08:23 PM
The people in my life always say "Well, even if that is true, there is nothing you or I can do about it. We only have one day to live. There is no use worrying about things you can't control. Worry about today today."

But I do worry about the future. Maybe I can do nothing to change it, but maybe I can, if I an enough people together are aware of something. Maybe as a collective we can be aware of the problem.

I know I can't change the world, but I am part of a larger whole that can. Maybe someone in the group has some money or some political clout or some power to change things.

OR maybe just by being aware, the powers that be will not attempt to do something because we are awake and can not be easily fooled.

Anyway, most people I know just care about celebrity gossip, sitcoms, sports, work, money, music, and stuff like that.

I was the only one in my civics class who knew who the speaker of the house was.

Most people don't really know what is going on in the goverment, which laws or bills are being passed under our noses. They don't know and don't care.

They don't care about the enviroment, starving people, animals going extinct, and stuff like that because they actually feel powerless. So instead of admitting they are powerless, they just shift their attention elsewhere.

I know I am powerless, but I do realize I am part of a greater whole. I have people in my life who say "Oh not this stuff again," when I talk about it. They think it is very depressing. It is depressing sometimes. But I still want to talk about it, because I can't pretend that it isn't happening at all.

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 12:58 AM
reply to post by dreamwalker74

Well What about the first principle of respect. Do you respect your partner's decision not to discuss certain topics? Does she respect your right to have certain interests. Can you not compartmenalise your life a bit more and have your ATS type conversations with those who will give you intellegent debate?

I am not attacking you in any way but some times a partner that just does not share all our views can still be a great person to be in a relationship with. However there are those who may stray over that line and get into disrespect.

What does your gut tell you?

Just a thought.

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posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 01:39 AM
Raises her hand.

Yup- my husband is aware and awake but still considers ATS a waste of time. It infuriates me. He called my "armagedden box" a box of groceries and water and supplies- a waste of money that I bought 2 years ago due to the ATS flooding of Nuclear attack (3 of them) within a 4 month time span- so I thought it was at the time a good investment.

We got in the BIGGEST fight a few months ago when I said "WW2 was fake" or something along the lines of - it was orchestrated. And then his was like- ok tell me about it. Thats like telling someone who has no concept of 911 about 911 in 100 words of less. So I said- look it up on the internet- and he refused too if I couldnt sum it up. Then I said- "well why cant you just take my word for it- im your wife- ive spent years of my life looking into this kind of thing- why dont you just trust me" oh my...Screaming insued- etc etc.

He thinks Im gullible. Id rather be paranoid than be caught unaware.

He's asking me lately- "what do you want to do for a vacation in the fall", and Im thinking- ok we need to stock food and supplies again if the dollar falls like its being predicted - everywhere. He thinks im being paranoid again.

So yea- I get it.

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posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 02:12 AM
people can vote for different parties, believe in different gods, come from different backgrounds and still love one another. none of that really matters.

it's either there or it isn't.

posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 08:24 PM
reply to post by dizziedame

You sound like a sweet and interesting couple.

Ebay has some good & hard to find Conspiracy / UFO books at reasonable prices.

You can find almost anything on Ebay and I love their real estate section.

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posted on Jul, 29 2010 @ 09:15 PM
reply to post by LuckyMe777

I respectfully disagree.

We've been happily married 36 years.

In our youth, he was much more open to new ideas, with age, he is 66 - he is closing off. But, that is okay, he has a kind and good heart.

He is my rock and I am his balloon.

He is Gemini and I am Aquarius (that says it all)

As you get older, you learn to live and let live, to mellow out.

Believing in conspiracies and "fringe stuff" is just a small part of one's life.

What is important to me is that when he was nine, his brothers and sisters were playing leap frog in the yard and someone accidently kicked a baby bunny. My husband brought it into the house and showed it to his dad (who occassionally hunted

His father said to take a rock and put the poor thing out of it's misery.

My husband told his father alright, but and this is the important thing to me, he couldn't do it, he couldn't kill that bunny. He hid the bunny in some bushes.

Next summer they were all sitting out at the picnic table having a summer dinner when across the yard rolled this same bunny.

I married my husband because he is kind, gentle, very intellegent (thought I would up my gene pool :@@

Basically we like the same things and feel the same way about many things.

But, he just doesn't believe in conspiracies............I do.

He is a optimist Pollyanna, and like Anne Frank thinks people are basically good.

While I don't think all people are bad, I am not as trusting as he is.

Life is too short to quibble over what you disagree about.

ps: The bunny rolled around their back yard for many additional summers.

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posted on Jul, 30 2010 @ 12:31 PM
For some of us (like myself) the kind of stuff we read and learn about on ATS isn't just conspiracy stuff - there's a whole heap of excellent research on here relating to secret societies, ancient civilizations, religious history etc etc. Then you have a load of topics I prefer to call UNEXPLAINED rather than conspiracty - the UFO topic for example. And also for some of us we are BIG TIME into researching all these things, as well as reading the conspiracy stuff. I myself for example am concluding 2 years research covering myriad topics for a non fiction book I've got planned. My book case has books about all sorts- Ufo's and aliens, Atlantis, New World Order, Apocrypha, Astral Travel, Life After Death, Weather warfare, HAARP, Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Astronauts, interest in all this stuff is integral to who I am. I am lucky to be with someone who likes to sometimes talk about what I research , though we don't always agree. I could NEVER be with someone who was completely shut down to any of this as to me, the world my mind lives in with all this research is a massive part of who I am. I would feel totally alone in the relationship and there would just not be any depth to the union for me.
My partner doesn't always want to hear about it but he IS open to it all. The other night we were watching an Egypt documentary and when the obelisk was shown we both said the same thing at the same time - *rocket ship* …he then says BENBEN and I say DIN. GIR and we both knew what the other was referring to. I had to smile as knew how lucky I was to be with someone who hears my soul, even if he doesn't always see things my way.

I guess it depends on how interested you are in it all, how much time you spend on it all and how much it affects your life and soul. I wasn't always so intense about these things so in the past it didn't matter so much if the other person wasn't interested much. But after all I've read and discovered it means EVERYTHING to me that whomever I am with GETS ME.

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posted on Jul, 30 2010 @ 12:46 PM
I'm 38 and my wife is 42. She pretty much thinks I'm a conspiracy theorist or likes to label me as such. She shuts down when I start talking about life on other planets. She can't even fathom the thought. Her saying is that God only put life on earth and no where else. HUH?? Her mindset will not let other ideas or the possiblity that things are not what they seem enter into her psyche. Anyways, she is pretty much stuck in that mainstream thought pattern and not much can penetrate it. As a result I try to influence my kids to be more open minded about things. My 12 year old son is quite astute and he and I have regular discussions about life and things other than Lindsey Lohan.

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