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Kevin Costner Oil Seperator (O' Doom) and Ocean Therapy Solutions info thread

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posted on Jul, 2 2010 @ 05:24 PM
I made a thread on this a few minutes ago. Put in a good hour and 45 mins or so and then after trying to post it, I lost everything....

I know there are threads on this subject, but I created a new one because the ones I saw really didn't supply that much information and where kind of limited on the scope of this development.

Why is this such an important subject? Well for some reason oil companies cleaning these things up never used anything that actually separates the oil from the water...

Is this new technology? Nope. Should it have been used before? Definitely. Has it? Nope..

Before I begin I have to applaud Kevin for his efforts. Many people bash him simply because he is an Actor and not everyone is a fan of his movies. Even so, he is doing something now that no one else would. Yes he is going to make a profit but if these machines do the trick then he deserves every penny nickel and dime.


This whole thing started just recently and actually I didn't hear anything about it until about a week ago. The purpose of this thread is to compile all the information so far on these machines and the deployment thereof in order to have it all in one concise location.

I felt it was a good time to do this since BP has tested the machines now, like what they saw and are going forward with implementing them.

His testimony to the senate is rather interesting....

He has been working on this for a long long time. He has taken it to government agencies and oil companies time and time again just to be blatantly refused every time.

Ocean Therapy Solutions

Snippet from Ocean Therapy Solutions Website

Company Website -

Sadly, our company was born out of tragedy.

Millions of gallons of oil already threatened the Gulf Coast and Eastern Seaboard when New Orleans businessman John Houghtaling met actor and environmentalist Kevin Costner and his longtime friend and business partner, Patrick Smith. Houghtaling was looking for a solution and Costner had spent the past 15 years investing in a centrifuge technology that would make it possible for the petroleum industry to operate safely, without threatening the environment with oil spills. Having already been proven a successful tool for oil recovery on smaller scale oil clean-up operations, the marriage between this environmental technology and the drive and perseverance found in Kevin, John and Patrick marked a crucial turning point in finding a solution to this cataclysmic event.

The time to talk became the time to act.

From its inception, Ocean Therapy Solutions’ technology has been designed as a first line of defense for oil spills. Our devices are able to collect crude oil as soon as a spill occurs, helping to avoid the devastating and irreversible environmental damage that sadly has become all too common in recent years.

There is a section of the site under "Our Technology" where you can look at these machines by model number.

But then again the question that comes to mind is if we already knew about these things then why in God's name did it take an act of Kevin Costner to get these things put to use?!?!?!


"It's basically a centrifuge," Lowry says, a machine that spins rapidly to separate fluids using centrifugal (well, technically centripetal) force. Think about a washing machine in spin cycle. If you open it up, you'll see the wet clothes flung against the side of the washer. That's the same force Costner's machine employs. It spins the oily water, flinging the denser liquid, water, away from the lighter liquid, oil (which you know is lighter since you've seen the picture of it floating on top of the Gulf). It's the same technology beer companies use to spin the solid yeast particles of out their brew.

Oil-water separation devices exist, Lowry says, but many of them use holding ponds to drain the liquids. The centrifuge is the new part of this solution, but from what he can tell, "it's not exotic at all."

OTS describes the oil vacuum: "Two mixed liquid phases, such as water and oil, are drawn into the annulus between the contacter body and the rotar. Liquids gravitate downward in the annulus where rotational liquid motion is slowed by radial vanes in the bottom plate. After entering a hole at the base of the rotar, the liquid phases are then centrifugally separated into a duel vortex because of the density difference between the two fluids. In the case of water and oil, because of the density difference, heavier water exits the rotar from a hole at the top of the unit, while the lighter oil is recovered near the central shaft."


(((I'm Off Work, I will Finish This thread when I get home. Feel Free to Contribute actual information. Trolls stay under the bridge...)))

On a side note can anyone find any information and credentials on Dan Costner?!?! I can't find anything on him...

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posted on Jul, 2 2010 @ 07:38 PM
No comments? Is this not interesting? Is this not good news for the Gulf? Wth ATS?

I mean, I figured I'd get a few "this is a false flag set up by the Illuminati to destroy the world's canary population" or something. No suspicion of Kevin? No praise? No snide remarks? No thoughts on the company itself? No questions as to who else is involved with them? Cmon ats...

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posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 05:06 PM
I've noticed that every time there is a doom and gloom fear mongering thread re: the BP spill the result is hundreds of replies all gloomy and doomy.

Then you have threads that are to discussed implemented solutions and they only end up with a couple replies or none at all. What is up with that?

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