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The energies of the cosmos, on your birth-

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posted on Mar, 3 2011 @ 04:17 PM
Hi LeoVirgo. What you are doing on here is fantastic!

First off thanks for the program link. I dowloaded it but it is going to take me a while to figure it out. It is fantastic justfo stargazing!

Would it be possible for you to post mine? Dec. 18 1980 1:20pm. Mobile, AL

I really appreciate it. I believe it is always helpful to use the available information to make informed choices and it would be helpful to have the accurate information!

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 11:25 AM
reply to post by trekwebmaster

Hi trekwebmaster! Thank you for your feedback, its always appreciated. Ide like to note that either way I figure your b-day be it the 24th or 25th everything stays the same, even the place of the moon.

Something else that I have noticed that observing the cosmos can be of use a healthy refilling of energy.

Humans are always swapping energy and we often dont realize it. Even when someone is aloof with us, they stir a certain reaction from us, causing a certain energy from us. By the end of the day, after we have reacted to many other energies from people, sometimes we are often drained and need refilled. We may do this with food, we also may do this in a unhealthy way by drawing negative energy from another person like by picking a fight and forcing them to give us their energy (or vice versa, other people will do that to us). Often when someone is acting in a way that stirs anger, frustration, aggravation ect from us, they dont realize they are doing this to 'gain energy' for themselves. Often, we give into their 'drama' and try to explain our stance or our reasons, wasting breath and thoughts in place or event that really isnt going to change anything but only give away our energy.

Learning how to approach people straight forward and call them out on their dramas is not always easy but it is something the 'Leo' in me is working on. One of the dramas that I have found that I dont have to give into anymore for others is their 'pity me mode' that often supplies them with excuses and cop outs in life. Though part of me wants to baby them because life is hard (and I know this and feel for others that it is hard) it is not going to help them any for me to cushion life for them. It only, drains me, to do so.

Where am I going with this?? Mother nature and the Universe offers us ways to 'refill' on energy. Food is a physical way....but observing and intaking energy through site, sound, another. The stars....offer this to us and we have lost this knowledge of how to connect and refill energy through 'being connected/one' with what we are.

All this time, I often wondered why I was so energized after I would observe cycles and orders of the cosmos. I have recently understood that such a practice can refill ones energy levels. Listening to music, can do the same thing. Anything that gives us our natural sense of 'harmonics', connectedness...can do this. The reason other people often drain our energy more then supply it these days is because so many people are low on natural energy and therefor dont know any other way to gain energy but through their own drama discourse by bringing another into their own drama. Literally, being disconnected from the natural energy source of nature....has caused humans to be 'addicted' to other peoples negative energy. It might be negative...but all they know, is its energy and it makes them feel 'alive' so to say. It may be a negative connection, but still its a connection and our inner being seeks being connected.

Im sure you have heard the saying that children that get little attention....will act out. Why do they do this? For they from others. They dont know how else to 'refill' on being connected with the source that they are of....which is the Universe..and all they know is that people can give them energy, even if its negative, its still energy.

I might of rambled on too much...but I feel the point is something you will find of interests. We dont even have to know what the stars and moon and signs connect and and refill in a healthy way. The more we are aware of this connection of our being to all that surrounds us, the more open we will be to trying to be of a positive use to others around us, the more we will try to be more harmonic in our own being of this world, the more we will be of use then a others (as well as forgive and understand of those that are stuck in that burden mode of living or that drama mode that pulls others in).

Does that make any sense?lol

My best

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 12:05 PM
reply to post by amarenell

Hi there!

You are very welcome....Im glad to be able to offer this for others. I surely would not spend all the time I have doing it if I didnt find something of deep use in it myself.

Your Sun is 1 day in Sagittarius. The day before you were born, it sat on the cusp of Ophiuchus and Sagittarius. On the 18th it enters Sagittarius. The cups of Ophiuchus and Sagittarius is a general direction towards the center of our galaxy. The 1 degree into Sagittarius is even close to this 'mark' of the center. If you were to face the direction that the Sun was in at your birth, you would literally be facing the 'gateway' to the direction of the center of our galaxy. The Egyptians called this 'gate of the gods'.

On this day, Saturn and Jupiter rose first into the Eastern sky, side by side in Virgo. This would of been a wonderful site to see for Saturn and Jupiter are both noticeable in the sky and them being side by side with eachother would of been a site (even though it would of not been seen during the day, it would of been seen that evening of your birth). Pluto then rises, also in Virgo.

Venus and Uranus rise in Libra.

Mercury and Neptune rise in Ophiuchus.

Then the Sun rises in the direction of the center of the galaxy, in Sagittarius. I call Sagittarius the guardian for he points the way to the center. Mars rises after the Sun, also in Sagittarius.

Your moon is technically in Aries.

Here is an image of the Sun at your birth. I took the daylight out of the image so it would be more clear but the image is a daytime image being you were born in the afternoon.

Also here is an image of Saturn and Jupiter side by side in Virgo...

Think about what Virgo means to you...for you have 2 of the strongest planets there and they led the way of the 'rising' of the orders of spheres this day). It may mean seed, harvest, nurturer, virgin, within you on a deeper level of what it personally resonates to you.

My best to you!

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 12:38 PM
LeoVirgo, may I ask a BIG favour? A few months ago, you did my birthday, on my cellphone it's around page 18, I think.Lol Could/would you please explain what it means?

My subscribed post dissapeared for a while and just saw your thread on there again.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 01:23 PM

Originally posted by madleo
LeoVirgo, may I ask a BIG favour? A few months ago, you did my birthday, on my cellphone it's around page 18, I think.Lol Could/would you please explain what it means?

My subscribed post dissapeared for a while and just saw your thread on there again.

Hello madleo! You were the first person I replied to so you started this whole thread off, in a way

Here was my reply to you on page 2

The Sun rose in Leo....and was in conjunction with the heart of the Lion, Regulus. There is only 1 day out of each year the Sun conjuncts the heart of the Lion. Mercury passes on the cusp of Leo and Virgo this very day. Virgo would of been your sign if you were born 2000 years ago, so I call this your 'old' sign, meaning you can still have traits of a Virgo. Interesting mercury sits on the cusp of your old and new sign (your astrological and astronomical sings). In the early morning, Mercury is in the end of the day, it is in Virgo. Uranus and Jupiter are in Virgo. Mars is in Scorpio. The moon passes through Ophiuchus on this day (the sign that astrology leaves out of the wheel, we really have 13 signs in the wheel). By the end of the day, the moon is in Sagittarius. The direction between Ophiuchus and Sagittarius is the direction towards the center of our galaxy. Even more interesting, it is a full moon this day. Saturn in Aries. Venus in Gemini. Pluto sits outside of the wheel in the sign of Coma Berenice.

The meaning? I know this sounds a bit put offish....but you are the only one that can really discover that. I can only offer suggestions for you to start with.

To me, looking at the wheel of cycles....Virgo is about learning that we are of a divine seed. Leo is the life where we learn to embrace that right. I see you being in that process of learning that you can embrace your right as a spiritual being. All the more so do the stars tell you this with the Sun conjuncting with the heart of the Lion (Regulus). Often in past times Regulus was noted as the little king or even savior or messiah. The only savior you 'being' of a spiritual birth right. Awareness...that you are a part of a ''divine true self" which is of all life around you and of you.

You may battle with your past traits of the controlling Virgo, like a mother lion who wishes only to protect her cubs and will do what she has to do to keep them safe. In a more humble manner, we humans can control what is a part of our lives but also allow others the right to be themselves and walk their own path.

What does Virgo mean to you. What does a Lion mean to you.

This really, is beyond traits. Its about...what things resonate with you with meaning to your personally. Looking back on lifes experiences then and seeing how these resonations have displayed themselves in your life. Looking into mankinds past and what Virgo or Leo meant to mankind. Leo may trigger a image of a sphinx for you...Virgo may trigger an image of a woman (a more gental feminine nature) for you. Quieting the mind and seeking the most tuned personification you feel within you when you think of a 'sign' is where you and only you can start to walk the path. You may notice that the personification changes with time after you feel led to study something of mans past or your own past.

Imagine, the divine self that fills your being, knew of all the signs man has figured in the sky and of all the planets and what they meant to mankind in the past. Imagine that the divine self knew it could use these to awaken a part of you one day, helping you discover a deeper self or to face things that you find hard to work on in this life. Imagine...that when the divine spirit incarnates into your 'being' as a babe....that it knew it could use the Sun conjuncting with Regulus as a 'sign' for you....or that the Moons movement through Ophiuchus and crossing the direction of the center of the galaxy from earths perspective on the day you were born as a sign to you. Imagine that the whole cosmic print you are of can be learned and then observe and help you realign to your 'inner true nature' as a divine being aside from the distractions of this world and experience.

Saturn in Aries...may suggest that you need to learn about the value of offering of self. Again though, what I find in the stars and what you find in them, may ring two different tunes. Aries is the ram and was used as offerings a long time ago.

Venus in Gemini...suggests maybe that you will find much wisdom when you learn that truly you are a 'two in 1' right now...spirit and flesh in 'one' experience. There are different natures to what is of spirit and what is of flesh. This life may have offered you many opportunities to see this and learn this.

There are reasons why I dont believe in 'reading' other peoples cosmic energies. For I think it can limit them.

Just as I cant tell you what God is as well as you would understand what God is through your own experiences of Spirit....I cant explain to you why your life has given you the experiences it has or the opportunities it has (be them good and bad)....for in that 'seeking' you will discover a much deeper reassurance of your being and purpose.

Leo is found easily in the sky right now, in the eastern sky around 9-10pm. Step out and face this direction and know, the Sun was in this direction at your birth. Ponder your life, your experiences, think of the heart of the Lion and what it means to you personally. The answer may not come in one moment or one day. Its a life journey of observing and being more aware that happenstance. When you believe nothing is happenstance, then you will look within you for your own seeking of meaning. Know there is a divine spirit that is the life of you and its eternal and infinite....and allow it to show you things.

It may not be as much about it is about connecting.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 04:36 PM

Thank you very much. On another thread I had printed the words NO NO NO I am not going to become a capricorn -
so how your words made me smile.

I had always taken the view of Capricorn as a representation of people who take responsibility in public life, officialdom
run corporations and work the time-tested way. However the goat that protects the mountain 'where the Gods lived' links to the sacred which was not a connection I had made. You seem to have zeroed in on things that are giving me much food for thought and I will reply further. I can see where without self-discipline I would never have coped with life's challenges

I know nothing about Cetus but am looking forward to what I will find when I research this.

Blessed Be

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 05:48 PM
reply to post by Lynda101

*smiles* I appreciate your feedback for I did notice on that other thread you 'no no no ' to Capricorn

From the idea I use of a cycles of the ages...I would also tell you to embrace your Aquarius for it could be ( I dont claim this as a fact but use this theory since so many past signs do resonate with people) a past sign for you and that you carry within you a some very important things in which the Aquarius life taught you.

My 'theory' is as each of us as being a 'phase' of the divine spirit...we incarnate through the ages and each 'part' of the cycle (each sign) helps us along our sifting through flesh and back out of flesh.

When looking at gains the 'spirit flow' (hence mankinds past understanding of the flow of water). Capricorn teaches us to become protective of what we find of importance (and this can be misunderstood and we may misunderstand and become protective over other things less important like money, material items, and even partners and friends). Sagittarius, the sign after Capricorn, one has learned what its like to be a protector...and becomes more of a guardian...a knowing of being entrusted with something of value and they will take life more seriously leading them to the abilities of Ophiuchus, a life of much acceptance, forgiveness, and healing (controlling the impulsive side that comes along with our experience of being of flesh and individuals). I tell people, dont ever stop at one sign...for the great thing about life is we can take leaps as long as we are honest and ready for such.

And I have said many times...its way beyond traits that another pins on us. Its about a deeper meaning between the individual and the divine spirit which was 'all knowing' before it became entwined in each body of flesh.

A note about cetus (again, what I say is just starting suggestions, not any matter of facts for people to accept). When I looked into my own personal understanding of Cetus one time...I gathered that it is a meaning of 'completing a unfinished project...finish whats been started'. It may be of use to you and it may not.
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posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 06:50 AM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

Thank you so much! I am in a stage of learning and discovering.

You see, if people starts talking about this planet and that planet in conjunction, it just flies over my head.Lol I've always realized that Astrology is for inteligent and or people with a bloody good memory!

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 01:01 PM

Originally posted by madleo
reply to post by LeoVirgo

Thank you so much! I am in a stage of learning and discovering.

You see, if people starts talking about this planet and that planet in conjunction, it just flies over my head.Lol I've always realized that Astrology is for inteligent and or people with a bloody good memory!

Hi madleo

Just to note on the conjunction.

At your birth, if one could of looked up and seen the Sun....they would of seen it pass in front of the heart of the Lion at your birth.

It only does this for about 1 day of every year. You just happened to be born on that day (so is my dad).

posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 03:39 AM
I realize this is old, but it's interesting, so I will jump in late, sorry if it's TOO late

10:13 pm.
United States
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posted on Apr, 26 2011 @ 09:59 AM
Hi LV,

Darn!! Just found this thread!!!
Hope I'm not too late!! (Like squeezing in the train as the doors are closing!

Would love to be a part of it!
All born in Victoria Australia
04/12/66 8pm
21/05/92 7am
11/05/93 11am
29/07/00 4.15pm
Just a query-are you are interested in/practise numerology also, as all mine & my childrens numbers are '2'/'11' 's & wondered what you thought of this if you are
(cheeky ain't I?)
Also, does this also affect chinese astology?
Thanks for the fascinating thread!

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posted on Apr, 28 2011 @ 12:31 AM
I downloaded the program but I dont know what to look for to tell what position the cosmos were in when I was born

posted on Apr, 28 2011 @ 01:24 AM

Originally posted by LeoVirgo
Hello ATS...

I have found a new passion in the last couple years and I would like to share it with others as well as offer to anyone that is interested, the positions of the cosmos on your birthday.

Once upon a time
Astrology and Astronomy went hand in hand.

A couple thousand years ago...some men found it to be wise (convenient) to 'fix' the zodiac wheel....for the use of astrology.

This caused Astrology and Astronomy to no longer walk together side by side.

Astrology once used the 'observations' of the stars to tell people about their cosmic energy or their 'cosmic print' that they were born with.

There are many blunders of 'fixing' something that is forever changing. If the zodiac wheel always remained the same....we would never have a 'changing of ages'.

Every 72 years, due to the wobble of Earth, the Sun seems to move through the sky, changing slowly its positions within a year.

When I discovered that this was so, that the suns positions change due to Earths wobble over time...I discovered that I was not a Virgo like Astrology had told me all of my life...but the sun was really in Leo on my birth, through true observation of the sky (astronomy). The day I found this out...I walked outside that night to find Leo....and I later looked the positions up again to find that the day I discovered this, Saturn was conjuncting the heart of the Lion, Regulus, the heart of Leo (my real sign). I had to ask myself, is this just happenstance? The things that followed in my life after this are a number of experiences that religion nor science can seem to explain. I also again, had to ask myself, is this happenstance that such great things followed after this discovery.

I use a software called Stellarium to find out the TRUE positions of the cosmos, anyone can download the software themselves but I would like to offer to anyone interested the TRUE positions of the cosmos, on their birth. Or you can look it up for yourself and posts it here to share with all of us.

I do warn though, it may not agree with the sign you were raised thinking you are. It may bring catalysts to you, showing you what you need to work on in your life.

I dont really offer readings...because just like anything in life....we are to look within of what things mean for us. I can make suggestions if asked to do so and I know there are other great lights here that can offer great suggestions of what something may mean...but ultimately, this is YOUR cosmic path.

If you think this thread is a good idea...for there is no other thread like it....please keep it bumped or flagged. I dont care about the flags...I care about people discovering their true cosmic print they came into the world with. I really want to share this with others and think it can bring great things to people.

Got to go for now...but will come back soon and posts my own astronomical 'print' to start it off. I really hope people will be open and be willing to give this a try, if anything, just for kicks.

Just need your birthday....a time is best...but not totally needed. The only real difference a time can make is the moon moves fast, where it is in the morning will be different from where it is in the even just a general 'morning, afternoon, or evening' is good.

Can also give several dates if you wish to find out children's and other family and friends as well.

All my best

Edit to add...I will not sit in this thread and debate about astrology...Im only here to join the astrology with astronomy once again as it once was.

Spelling in Title Edited

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Reading over your thread...where is the part regarding the longitude latitude? You asked for date and time...time where? The time zones and additionally your print needs to caclulate the planets above and below the horizons...very differnt effects if the said planet is influencing with direct light/energy or earth absourbed light/energy.....

I am sorry if this seems rude of me...perhaps I am misinterpreting what you are trying to achieve...

posted on May, 1 2011 @ 09:07 AM
reply to post by Drala

Reading over your thread...where is the part regarding the longitude latitude? You asked for date and time...time where? The time zones and additionally your print needs to caclulate the planets above and below the horizons...very differnt effects if the said planet is influencing with direct light/energy or earth absourbed light/energy..... I am sorry if this seems rude of me...perhaps I am misinterpreting what you are trying to achieve...

I know there are many that can not let go of the modern day way astrology is working and that is totally fine. All of this is more of a theory of ideas from my own exploration after I had some strange experiences from observing the sky deeply and synchronicity that came from my discoveries.

I did not go into ascendents and descendents like modern astrology does. I tried to not do any readings for people. Location is good though because it helps bring the 'oneness' picture together of a 'screen shot' in ones mind of what was going on with the cosmos at ones birth as well as the order the planets rose in the sky on the day of their birth.

This whole idea is totally based on the concept of oneness....that there is a 'one spirit' that incarnates/fills fattens...everything we see and cant see. The Universe tells us this all the time....literally, we are made from the stars. Literally, everything of earth depends on life itself to live. Its a perpetual motion that we are a part of and there is something very centering when we consciously and willfully connect to this awareness of how everything is entangled and we are a part of a much larger whole unit.

The 'signs' in the skys, are totally man made. The stars and planets in the sky are a part of the natural design. So what one can gain from the 'cosmic print' is 2 fold-a connection of the 'individual path' and a connection of their 'spiritual path which is a knowing that they are nothing without everything else that surrounds them.

Everything in nature cycles. We are as much a part of that cycling as anything else.

This is not so much about traits or predictions. Its about inner seeking and finding your personal path here so then you can become a part of the united path here. Some will be in need of the personal, individual works. Some are ready for the united, and already are showing that. I believe, your 'print' within the cosmos, reflects both of those paths (personal and being a part of 'all').

I believe that we have a inner compass to all of nature and her cycles. I believe that when you can realign yourself to where the planets, sun, and moon all were at your birth-step our and start to observe where they would of been-then maybe even get to catch and observe the spheres in the same positions that they were at your birth-all while showing much inner openness and awareness that you are a part of the nature.....I feel there is a realigning and one can be able to be more honest about what they are in need of in their personal path and how if they work on that, they can then become more a benefit to the 'united/one' path of nature and being a part of that.

When you are ready for the united will see we are of all the signs, all the planets, all the stars, all the moon...and just one sign will matter no more but they all will unite to show a beautiful cycle of man and nature together finding the way.

Its a very personal reconneccting of where the spheres were all at in the sky at ones birth. Also, knowing the order of the rising in the east is something I try to keep in this thread as well.

Open to any feedback or comments.

*note* will get to the last few comments in the thread here soon (sometime today).

posted on May, 1 2011 @ 01:16 PM
Just want to note it may be a couple days before I get to the last few posters. Im in northern Alabama and we just got electricity on (been out for 4 days) so kinda busy with catching up with things around the house and town area.

Prayers with all of those affected by the storms that came through.

posted on May, 1 2011 @ 07:46 PM
Hey, good looking thread. Astrology is very intersting to me, and I just read about the "wobble" factor a few weeks ago.

November 28th 1992 .... 8:00 P.M. .... Vancouver, BC, Canada

And I like how you warned people that they might learn something about themselves that they need to improve... as if that's a bad thing

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posted on May, 3 2011 @ 10:59 AM
reply to post by McKey

9/25/90 10:13 pm. United States

Hello McKey!

Sorry for the delay of my response.

Tropical astrology says you are a Libra. If you were born a couple thousand of years ago the Sun would of really been in Libra at your birth from Earths perspective.

But, on your day of birth, if one could of looked below the western horizon at the Suns position, it would been seen to be sitting in Virgo.

Before the Sun rose on this day, in the Eastern sky rose Jupiter with Cancer. Then Mercury rose in the East with Leo. Venus then rises in the East on the cusp of Virgo/Leo. Then rises the Sun with Virgo.

Pluto follows the Suns rising while sitting on the cusp of Libra (your past sign) and Serpens (a sign that sits outside the wheel, outside the path of the Sun).

Moon then follows with Ophiuchus (the signs tropical astrology ignores).

Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune then follow while in Sagittarius.

Mars in Taurus sitting on the forehead of the Bull.

You can go to the following link and see what moon phase is for your birth, enter the month and year.

Looks like a 6 day old moon and you can use this same calendar to look up present time and begin to step out and observe moon phases. It looks like May 9th we will have a 6 day old moon.

You may find it of interests that on the day you came into the world...we discovered our first asteroid through software and automation....

Here is a image of the Suns position below the western horizon, at your birth time.

There is a site called '' that allows you to see daily the positions of the spheres. Click on Sun, Moon, or planetary data and it will show you where each sphere is with the signs. This can help you observe the spheres when they realign to any of the positions that they were at on your birth. For the Sun and can click on a 'next' button and look ahead of when the Sun or Moon will change signs as well.

I was curious if you have a interests in math or technology?

My best to you

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 11:26 AM
reply to post by jewells

Hi jewells!

Sorry for the delay of response. I will make a individual posts for each of your dates and may not get to them all right at this moment but will try to finish them all by the end of the day.

For December 4, 1966

Since traditional tropical astrology has not ever recognized that the Sun rises in Ophiuchus, looking at 'past signs' is a bit tricky. Tropical astrology says you would be Sagittarius. Normally, I would then say that Sagittarius is your 'past sign'. If we look at the Sun and where it could of been seen from Earths perspective on this day...we would see the Sun in Ophiuchus. This would make Scorpio your 'past sign' and Ophiuchus your present.

Before the Sun rose on this day, Leo rose in the East bringing the waning moon. Then Pluto rises, also in Leo. Virgo then rises bringing Uranus, then Mars. Libra then rises bringing Mercury and Neptune while they are in conjunctions with eachother. Then Ophiuchus rises, bringing first the Sun and then Venus.

Saturn is in Aquarius (our coming age).

Jupiter in Cancer.

Sometimes I do a search by typing in ones birth day and then typing in 'cosmic'. I did this for you and a poem came up. Not sure if it has any thing for you...but it may show you are a dreamer or offer a link to you and poetry (or for whom ever this birth date is for).

Search the depths of your soul where reality is lost to illusion Explore the meandering labyrinth of your consciousness Open the doors to reveal the hidden treasures of your heart Believe in your dreams and the wonders of life shall live Journey the limitless realm that lives within your fantasies Where horizons are chased and illusions caught A magical land where kings triumph over tyrants And mermaids dance in pools of shimmering crystal Where the dragon rides the winds of the seven skies And rainbow waterfalls light up the landscape of invention For only when we journey to this wonderous land Built upon the magic of dreams by the child within Shall our tomorrows know not sadness and sorrow...

So below you can figure your moon phase with a month and year.

Here is an image of the Suns position on December 4 1966

Will figure your other dates in coming posts.

All my best
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posted on May, 3 2011 @ 11:45 AM
reply to post by jewells

Here we go for May 21, 1992

Tropical astrology says this date is a Taurus and as well, astronomy shows the Sun in Taurus on this date. Only 20% of peoples signs are the same in tropical astrology and today's astronomy. I call this a 'true Taurus'. Taurus being their past sign as well as present sign.

Before the Sun rose on this day, Pisces was in the East with Mars (Pisces is our current age). Then Aries rises with Mercury. Then Taurus rises bringing first Venus and then the Sun.

Jupiter is in Leo.

Pluto on cusp of Libra and Serpens ( a sign that is outside the wheel, outside the path of the Sun).

Uranus, Neptune, and the Moon in Sagittarius.

Saturn in Capricorn.

The moon is a waning moon and you can figure the moon phase with the link, enter the month and year.

Here are 2 images below. Being that the birth is at 7am, the Sun just rose above the horizon. So I have one image with the horizon at 7 am and then one without the horizon so you can see the 'sign' the sun is in.

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posted on May, 4 2011 @ 08:14 AM
Thats fantastic! Thankyou for all your trouble! Ill enjoy looking into it more & exploring the links.
Thank you again!

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