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The energies of the cosmos, on your birth-

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posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 10:03 PM
reply to LeoVirgo
continuation of Part 5
THE CROSS ㊉ OF LIFE represents 4 angles and elements: FIREEARTHAIRWATER. 
[Houses at the four 'corners' -- birth month or ascendant, nadir, desecendant, midheaven]

* Birth Month and Ascendant is the spark/Fire or outward identity. Mars rules Aries and the 1st House influencing the way will look and act. The planet that rules the ascendant, the sign on the horizon at the moment of birth, is significant as the chart ruler. The rising sign is shown to every stranger you meet; and as you get to know them something else emerges. Know your rising sign. Knowledge is power.

* IC - Nadir is the Water of symbolizing intuition, emotions, home and family and 4th House. The sign and ruling planet determine emotional response and approach to family, even the spiritual ancestry of the eternal “Mother”.

* Descendant is the Air flowing to others through interpersonal relationships.  Venus rules Libra and the 7th House, thus Venus has a direct influence on relationships. The Sign/Venus describes the approach to relationships and intimacy, and is influenced by the planet that rules the descending sign and planets in the 7th House.

* MC - Midheaven is the Earth, 10th House, show the career path, the most exposed position, public demeanor. Sign indicates a general approach to the calling and its ruling planet modifies that meaning as well as planets in the 10th House.  MC is Medium Coeli, Latin for Mid-Heaven. The Mid-Heaven is the point where Sun reaches its highest point during the day.

Beginning of Season: Angular (Cardinal) cross - House 1 4 7 10 
Middle of Season: Suceedent (Fixed) cross - House 2 5 8 11 
End of Season: Cadent (Mutable) cross - House 3 6 9 12

Astropsychology, utilizes intuition and the objectivity of the old subtle spiritual meanings of the astrological symbols for each Sign of the Zodiac with attention given to the Earth month, Dragon’s Head/Tail, Ascendant, wandering stars and aspects created. The Birth month, Dragon’s Head/Tail, Moon and Ascendant in relation to another is significant. Birth is a significant moment representing who you are, your soul purpose. The Dragon Head/Tail and Moon reveal influences brought to bear upon you. The Ascendant conveys how you see yourself.
* Birth Month: Many are born in same year and month of 28-31 days. 
* Ascendant Sign: The Ascendant is the point rising in the East at the time of the first breath of life. The Ascendant changes every 2 hours, giving more color to the makeup of an individual, revealing the way energy is initiated to create the unique identity (personality). Once someone gets to know you, they will see more characteristics of the Sun month Sign; but until that happens opinions about you are formed based on the Ascendant (rising sign). 

* Moon Sign: The Moon transits a sign in 2-3 days, thus expressing more individuality apart from peers born in same month and year. 

* Dragon: The DRAGON’S HEAD and TAIL resides in one Sign of the Zodiac about 18 months before a change of guard to transit in another Sign. The Dragon has very specific uses that no planet provides by showing direction and recurring events that nothing else explains.

KNOW YOURSELF: The Sun, Moon and Planets were in some exact order when each of us was born, or for a moment in time. For a solid general understanding of yourself or anyone you need the month of birth. For a deeper understanding you need to know the day and year to locate planet positions. Planets affect the character of a generation as well as the particular area which the House rules and the positive or negative influence of the planets energy flow through the House. Dial in the month of birth and place the planet positions (at birth) in the Earth month Signs for a deeper understanding of the unique celestial identity - UCI (term provided by Dr. Turi). You can understand more about others with a birth, month, a date (mo.da.yr.) of birth, event, country, leader...

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 10:07 PM
reply to LeoVirgo
Part 6
The Moon

The stage (Sun) needs lighting to enhance the mood. The light to color events/scenes affecting moods is provided by the changing position of the Moon. 

“To everything under the Sun there is a season” (Ecclesiastes 3:1-10). 

“The Moon marks off the seasons, and the Sun knows when to set” (Psalms 104:19). 

The Moon is the faithful witness in the sky (Psalms 89:35-37). 

The Sun brings us the seasons of the year, but the Moon times and qualifies them, giving a precise timing to the seasonal changes on Earth. The Sun brings springtime, warmth and the fluxing of seasons, but the Moon, through the medium of water, times how and when seasonal changes develop. The time leaves and flowers come out or migrating birds arrive, is timed to the phases of the Moon. Where the rational Sun acts, the irrational Moon reacts.

The secrets of the MOON and HER effects on Earth color events and emotions by its changing position. The Moon’s passage through the 12 Zodiac Signs and the location of the Dragon’s Head/Tail impact everyone. Moon in Scorpio, Pluto’s influence, deepens the Moon and intensifies the emotions. Habitual behaviors and prejudices are ruled by the Moon that rules our spontaneous reactions and feelings. Prejudices may not be acted out, as our Sun may censor them. The Moon infuses the past into our lives through feelings, while the Sun reflects the present, the "here and now". "Acting out" our Moon, we can be imaginative, creative, intuitive, sentimental, adaptable, introspective, and protective; or negatively we can be moody, restless, and irrational. Regardless of birth, 3 water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) affect the housing system and the 3 will undoubtedly feel the moon’s pull and energy in a specific house during the waxing and waning periods more so than other zodiac signs.

Moon Cycle - The Universal Clock: The Moon passes through the 12 Zodiac Signs in 28 days, spending 2-3 days in a sign pouring energies (positive or negative) found in that specific Sign over our emotions. 
In one year there are 13 rapid and repeating lunation cycles with a pattern that underlie the changes and circumstances of your life (responses within you to them). Take note of the times when the Moon changes signs, for a distinct change of atmosphere can take place. A subtle energy is produced by the Moon’s mystical rhythm at it passes through the 12 Signs and Houses (areas of life). The Moon’s harmonious or discordant relationship to the Signs/Houses govern activity, vices and virtues.

The Moon conveys an order of two forces - positive and negative, that cannot exist separately; human emotions, actions and reactions are affected positively or negatively. The opposite is within everything. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. 

The PHYSICAL exists with its SPIRITUAL counterpart which we do not see, but feel. Fear and ignorance cause disparagement of the universal message of the Moon (spiritual rules written by the Creator in light). Very few are aware of the Moon’s impact on emotions (positive or negative) with the energies of a specific sign.

One year is divided to make two 6-month periods.
One month is divided to make two 2-week periods. 

1st half, after NEW Moon, the powerful Sun’s light waxes (positive) on the Moon. 

2nd half, after FULL Moon, the reflected light from the Sun wanes (negative) until NEW Moon. 

Halfway between New Moon and Full Moon light and darkness are equal. 
 Light is increasing at the 1st waxing quarter. 

Light is decreasing at the 3rd (last) waning quarter.

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 10:11 PM
reply to LeoVirgo
continuation of Part 6
POSITIVE PERIOD: The waxing time, two weeks New Moon to Full Moon, the light is green. Waxing time is filled with subtle forces you will not see or touch. Generally promote all you can during this period. Initiate ideas or projects. Plant seeds upon a waxing Moon to yield a bountiful harvest. Plant your seeds for life: meet new people, go out, socialize, become engaged, get married, take short trips, visit family and friends, go shopping, buy a car, sign contracts, travel to a another country (the first time you touch new ground you give to a section of your life)...

NEGATIVE PERIOD: The waning time, two weeks Full Moon to New Moon, the light is yellow. Listen and observe those around you for negative, moody and lunatic behavior. Slow down, reflect, and be cautious. Time to release and cleanse, clear up and get rid of the old. Use your will to fight depression, clean your house, prepare your next move, write letters but don’t send them just yet.

The monthly Moon cycle is divided into two halves consisting of a beginning, middle and end. The lunar cycle of eight phases is divided into four**** main phases:
1. New Moon ****
2. Waxing Crescent
3. First Quarter ****
4. Waxing Gibbous
5. Full Moon ****
6. Waning Gibbous
7. Last Quarter ****
8. Waning Crescent

An ultimate higher order has been established, and the essence of our emotional life is within. Just as the Moon circles the Sun, in a symbolically protective manner, and reflects the Sun's light, the Moon in our chart shows how we protect ourselves to feel secure, comfortable, and safe. The Moon’s power helps us to understand what it really means to be human. THE MOON’S PASSAGE THROUGHOUT EVERY SIGN OF THE ZODIAC, month after month, REVEALS HER DEEPEST SECRETS and HIDDEN POWERS. Watch reactions to life situations as they arise. Observe the Moon become New and Full, month after month through each sign of the Zodiac while listening to what goes on within you and around you (environment, road traffic, behavior of animals and children, friends, family, people in general, sleep patterns, events in the news); tune into the cycle to know what to expect. Our response to the fluctuations of the moon is nothing more than our subconscious reacting to the power of the moon upon human psyche, emotions and domesticity. Its subtle power can trigger changes in human behavior, the emotional response to life, hence the subconscious response to the word, LUNATIC, especially in times of a Full Moon. Police and emergency doctors will be unusually busy during periods of Full Moon. The aware farmer uses the Moon’s power to know the right time to sow and reap. Women respond physically (menses) and spiritually to the same monthly 28 day period of the Moon. The changing face of the Moon is linked with the feminine, revered as the Lady of the Night who rules over fertility and magic. Lunar consciousness leads to an understanding of our own strengths, with an ability to use the strengths to promote our life while minimizing weaknesses day by day. The random, chaotic effect resulting from a Full Moon or a Moon aligned with Plutonic, Uranic or Moonic energies is easily seen. The light of the Moon gives insight on accurate predictions (world events and why things occur when they do).

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 10:14 PM
reply to LeoVirgo
continuation of Part 6
The Moon becomes the mediator of our virtues and vices as she regulates emotional responses to life. It is an innate, unconscious, instinctive reaction and indicates what kind of experience is needed to feel emotionally satisfied.

Moon location by House/Sign indicates whether a woman or man was born to be domestic or not; and planets in relationship to this location can affect the feminine values.
=Females born with the Moon in a fire sign will be more competitive and
likely spend less time in the 
kitchen. If the Moon is located in the 4th
House, (naturally ruled by Cancer - domesticity, home, food...),
 or in a
water/earth sign, a woman will be more naturally inclined to be domestic.
= Males born with the Moon in a feminine Sign will more naturally predispose the male to cook and 
 clean. If a male is born with the Moon in Cancer (home, food) or in the 4th House will be more naturally 
 inclined to assist in the home and help in the kitchen.

The Moon represents the domestic scenery and how a mother, a teacher or someone else will react to a child. Unsupportive aspects to the child’s natal Moon bring possibility for conflict, stress or negative feelings. A teacher born with a practical, detail oriented and perfectionist Virgo Moon will be inclined to be concerned about the education and mental welfare (Virgo rules health) of a child “afflicted” with A.D.D. (gift or disorder?). Parents are contacted to have the child “investigated” by the school psychologist and then follow recommendations to prescribe A.D.D. prescription meds.

Until puberty, children are strongly affected by the Moon of one or both parents more so than other planets. A child is too young to suffer depression because of the burden of career (Saturn). Attitude and beliefs are affected by the parent’s Moons dictating certain conduct. A Moon in Scorpio mother may have an abrasive attitude that could “hurt” a soft Pisces Moon child; and this child could also be affected by a Moon in Aries father. Awareness of the strengths or weaknesses of the Moon location by House/Sign that Moon sign, or residing planet(s) can make a strong difference when raising your child.

When the child matures his/her natal Moon activates, and the child will begin to rule his/her own life or follow what has been established by his/her first teachers. Conflicts may occur later on with parent(s) if a parent is set by the Moon to be religious and the child is not. Or a child reinforced during upbringing and set to be religious due to a pious natal Moon could react negatively to perceived anti-religious conduct.

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 10:20 PM
reply to LeoVirgo
Part 7
The Dragon Head and Tail: North Node and South Node of the Moon

Eclipses and Dragon Head-Tail ... Nodes make it possible to forecast eclipses

Eclipses of the Sun and Moon are predictable using the Moon’s Nodes (North Node South Node). The Nodes, Dragon Head and Tail, are always exactly opposite each other and the symbol is two circles linked by a crescent shape. The circle is a symbol of the spirit and the crescent is the esoteric symbol of the soul, the emotional and desire nature. The Nodes move backward, clockwise, through the zodiac at about 1° every 19 days and show a relationship between the Moon, the Earth and the Sun. Lunar nodes are sensitive points on the ecliptic where the path of the Moon around the earth crosses the Sun’s path on the ecliptic. The nodes represent the “Dragon” as it weaves its web around the earth.

The powerful intersecting points [Dragon’s Head/Tail] on the ecliptic of the greater and lesser lights [SUN and MOON], tell us where we have been and where we are headed.
North Node of the Moon = Dragon’s Head = the FUTURE

Ascending node = Dragon Head = Moon’s North Node 

Point marks the Moon’s Northern latitude ascent crossing the Ecliptic

++South Node of the Moon = Dragon’s Tail = the PAST

Descending node = Dragon Tail = Moon’s South Node 

Point marks the Moon’s Southern latitude descent crossing the Ecliptic

Eclipses occur when a New Moon or Full Moon happens near the nodes and the light of either the Sun or Moon is dimmed. Eclipses usually come as a pair with one announcing the other about 14 days later.

Solar Eclipse: Moon’s passage coincides with a New Moon  (Moon is in same place as the Sun, blocking Sun’s rays from the Earth).

Lunar Eclipse: Moon’s passage coincides with a Full Moon  (Earth shadow blocks the Sun’s rays from the Moon; Full Moon is ALWAYS 180° from the Sun on an East-West axis, so if Full Moon is rising, the Sun is setting. Lunar Eclipses occur about every 6 months; and there are two types: Total and Partial. 
Total Eclipse: The Moon completely enters the darkest part of Earth’s shadow (umbra).
Partial Eclipse: Only a part of the Moon enters the darkest part of Earth’s shadow (umbra).

Significance of the Nodes - Dragon Head and Tail: The Dragon Head-Tail is a powerful karmic force that marks profound changes for individuals, countries and the world. The movement of the Dragon Head and Tail has a significant effect on earth and human life as seen in events and circumstances. Solar Eclipses can have significant disruptive effect on people and countries (economic, political or civil unrest, wars, transportation accidents, crashes, explosions, mass murders, etc.) as well as triggering natural events (severe weather, floods, fires, earthquakes, tidal waves, eruptions, etc). Disaster prone periods associated with a Solar Eclipse involving a New Moon, a major retrograde period and when the Sun forms a T-square to the nodal axis bring suppressed tensions to the surface, both in human beings and in nature with disastrous effects. With reality clouded, these periods are times to be aware, careful and prepared. The effect on individuals depends on where the aspect falls in their charts.

The Dragon Head and Tail is a very sensitive point so when the node is activated by transit or progression, significant karmic events can be expected. An Eclipse in a Fixed Signs implies that those born in a Fixed Sign or those with a Dragon in a Fixed Sign are more likely to be affected, and the same goes for Cardinal or Mutable Signs.

Astrologer Carl Payne Tobey (1902-1980), examined many serious and traumatic disasters involving fire, bad weather and loss of life and found the incidents occurred with eclipses involving the New Moon or when when the Sun formed a T-square to the nodal axis (0° - 90° - 180°; the Sun and Node are conjunct, in opposing signs, or in a square aspect to each other. The Sun forms a T-square with the nodal axis or the Sun and Moon are conjunct the Moon’s Nodes (Eclipse with a New Moon) about every 86.5 days give or take 2-3 days (or as much as 5 days) on either side of a precise date.

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 10:23 PM
reply to LeoVirgo
continuation of Part 7
Nodal Returns: Transiting Nodes conjunct natal nodes about every 18.6 years. Thus we experience Nodal Returns around age 19, 37, 56, 74, 93... An introspection of life will reveal significant moments of destiny are marked by these returns. At ½ of this 18.6 year period (9.3 years) we experience a Mutual Reception (an opposition of the Dragon Head and Tail) around age 9, 28, 46, 65, 83... when the transiting Dragon Head conjuncts the natal Dragon Tail and vice versa and the growth patterns indicated by the Dragon Head collide with the Dragon Tail. [The natal Head and Tail  receive the transit Head and Tail  in opposition of each other. i.e. If the natal Head & Tail  are in Scorpio/Taurus e_ and the transit Head & Tail  are in Taurus/Scorpio _e they are in opposition of each other.] The affairs involving the Dragon Head  house and Dragon Tail  house of a person, corporation, state, country… receive an impact and/or undergo a full restructure often generated by insecurities that lead to major transformations of the life-path. The 28th year marks the stressful transition from youth to maturity with the powerful energies of the first Saturn Return, the Lunar Return and the Mutual Reception of the Dragon Head-Tail.

The divine force of the POWER OF THE DRAGON affects the physical world. The Dragon in itself, holds as much, if not more power, information, wisdom and truth than the entire complexity of a whole astrological chart. The position of the nodes personally, and in the world at large through its effects on countries and their leaders indicate trends or events. The Moon rules the quality of “attention” or “coming into the light”, and nodes are the key to this shed light. The Dragon and Moon passage through certain signs births all dramatic happenings for both nature and mankind. Be vigilant and observe the Moon’s whereabouts and use the Dragon to grow steadfastly in prediction to forecast the fate of the world. Knowledge of the physical and spiritual bring a power of freedom with an option to establish emotional, financial and spiritual stability. Knowledge is power and ignorance is evil not acting in harmony with the divine will.

The Dragon Head and Tail affect all showing “direction” in life. Opposite signs of the Zodiac contain the shadow of the other. The Tail is always (180 degrees) opposite the Head. Know your Dragon, the Sign and House your natal Dragon Head/Tail resides in. Use your time wisely and fly high with the Dragon’s Head for the Tail is not a place to ride. The Dragon brings recognition, fame, success and opportunity as well as disgrace and public humiliation. The Dragon holds incredible power over our lives; and is usually an accurate indicator of life purpose. Node axis are always 180° apart or opposite each other, so the signs are affected in pairs: Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio, Gemini-Sagittarius, Cancer-Capricorn, Leo-Aquarius and Virgo-Pisces... The 12 node polarities are life purpose directions, and you will never go wrong growing in the Head direction. “Node” means “knot” or “complication” and awareness of your Dragon is needed to solve your complication or puzzle in order to harness its energy for success. The Dragon’s Head and Tail identify gifts and fate. Awareness of the Dragon contribute in understanding the psyche and associated patterns of relating, the way we connect with others. The Dragon Head and Tail can be both positive and/or negative as it interacts with other people and their personal Dragon. Relationship “knots and ties” take on the quality of the sign/planet the Node contacts. Power within increases dramatically once aware of the Dragon’s phenomenal impact.

The Sign position of your nodes shows the main battle you have to deal with. 

The House position shows which area of your life that struggle will take place.

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 10:27 PM
This is very interesting! I'd love to see what you make of mine... Pretty sure I'm a Capricorn but I know very little about astrology.

December 29th, 1983 at 11:57 AM in Aberdeen, Washington.

[edit on 14-7-2010 by Brentnauer]

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 10:30 PM
If yo have time, I'd like to know mine! Always thought I was a taurus.

May 20th, 1987 @ 11:57am

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 10:36 PM
reply to LeoVirgo
continuation Part 7
Potential Life Purpose Directions for Growth
independence; direct, self-expression, impulsive; aggressive; competitive; self-centered; leadership
relationship with others; yielding; diplomacy, peace; balance; harmony; justice
possessive, inner peace; inner control; self-sufficiency; financial self-sufficiency; stable; dominant, stubborn; lazy
intensity & inner conflict; outer control; passion; intimacy with others; financial dependency; change; transformation
a flexible approach to doing things; variety of experiences; duality; mind; logic; changeable; involvement with people; "lower" education
truth seeker; codification of thought; religion; law; intellectual; higher education; own way of doing-seeing; wide open spaces-country
private/home emphasis; yin; emotional response; intuition; feelings; sensitivity
public/work emphasis; yang; responsibility; career; higher purpose; public standing
center of attention [stage, performer]; like to be admired; fame; fortune; creativity; children; romance; love given/received; playfulness; game/sports; gambling/speculation
group emphasize; community; friends; intellectual; social networking; intellectual pleasures; being original; future oriented; inventive; humanitarian; individualistic
health, service and daily work; grounded; critical thinking; precise; details; organization; dedication; common sense; environment; focus; cleansing/healing
spacey; impractical; escapism/addictions; illusion; deception; selfless service to the public; creativity; imagination; dreams; sickness or freedom of spirit; subconscious; apathy; laziness

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 10:44 PM
reply to LeoVirgo
continuation of Part 7
North Node - Dragon Head - positive, luck  

The Moon’s Dragon's Head is like the Sun in Aries which makes nature sing. Conjunct planets help to further and accelerate personal matters in a beneficial way. The Dragon Head shows direction, where we can become internally united and empowered. It provides a positive energy, a form of protection, luck and growth. It is a point of opportunity for growth and development carrying the positive and beneficial tone of Jupiter, like a “wheel of fortune” for a new awareness, a new experience and happiness. It represents the future, the area of life to develop toward and empower yourself on a forward path.

Dragon Head bring opportunities to attract/connect with others who help to fulfill/represent North Node potential. 
Look to the house and sign position of the Dragon Head for new ways of being, potential friends and allies, talents yet unrealized, and heart and soul opening experiences.

Sign and ruling planet of the Dragon Head shows the psychological shift needed to achieve growth. 
House shows experiences needed to access this new awareness.

The North Node can feel strange, scary, difficult and uncomfortable because it represents the unknown, the unfamiliar. Joy comes from walking its path to realize new skills and strengths and to be one with the universe, at peace and whole. Recognize and realize the potential within yourself and avoid projecting your dreams upon others and failing to live up to your own potential by falling back into negative South Node habits.

When we get too lazy and comfortable on the Dragon Tail the universe usually whips us around to get us moving in the direction of the Dragon Head. Use the skills and strengths of the Dragon Tail to walk the path of the Dragon Head; draw strength from the weakest area (Dragon’s Tail) but do not dwell there. In every opposition and duality one side both balances and needs the other to maintain its own balance. 
Ironically, when we concentrate on our North Node sign we get what we want from our South Node placement. When you finally learn to express your North Node, the positive traits of the South Node Sign shine through. Use the energies of the Tail positively and growth and happiness is the reward for using the energies for good.

South Node - Dragon Tail - negative  
The Moon's the Dragon's Tail, relates to Libra where Saturn, planet of obstruction and suppression is exalted. If 
in conjunction with a planet it exerts a freezing influence, suppressing life and joy. The Dragon Tail restricts growth and expresses the repression, restrictions and obstacles of Saturn. The negative energy of the South Node draws us backward to the past, to rely on abilities, skills, strengths, habits, and tendencies we are already secure, comfortable, confident, familiar and competent with. The Tail is the place of unconscious behavior that is instinctive and automatic. Moving away from the Tail, the comfort zone, can take time, and staying on the Tail too long leads to regression and stagnation with no new vitality or opportunity for growth. There is little opportunity for growth taking the easy way out! Strengths and weaknesses [sins and virtues] hide on the sharp Tail. Past accomplishments, inner fears, and weaknesses is less helpful (been there, done that) and is the area of life to work away from because those lessons do not need to be learned. The South Node seldom makes one happy, and it can bring narrowness and sorrow. Trying to overcome continual challenges (i.e. losing money, traumatic events, non-connection in relationships...) are Tail related. The Tail even leads to death. The Dragon Tail can cause someone to lead others into their past residue, hurting trusting followers. Unexpected situations (accident, use of drugs/alcohol/prescriptions) can result in being drawn back into the past on the Tail. Staying on the Tail entails frustration, discouragement, pain, failure, drama, and a sense of life lacking meaningfulness while striving for financial or emotional security and missing out on promising opportunities on the Dragon’s Head. 
The Tail is a double-edged sword. There is nothing to gain in developing talents and gifts on the Tail without using them to move further into the Dragon’s Head. As a rare exception, the Dragon Tail can be a positive influence in extenuating circumstances where past work is used for the betterment and joy of others.

This ends my post friend. Thank you for reading. Heartsome.

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 10:50 PM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

I know you are busy, but could you do mine?

06MAR1966 0700 EST Hampden County, MA.

I know that I am a full moon baby (born on a Sunday no less). It would be interesting to know where the Sun and moon were at the time of my birth, as well as the other energies.

Thank you in advance


posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 10:53 PM
reply to post by heartsome

I feel you intent is true but I differ to many of the things you say.

I clearly have said that the cosmic path is a path of self...and another man should not tell you what things mean to you. With saying that, Im sure some my find interests in what you posted about the meanings of the signs, stars, planets and moon. I do not encourage the cosmos to rule over us and power us....I am a believer in following your heart.

You said astronomy stems from astrology, this is wrong. Astronomy came first, for it is our need that come first and the stars were used for keeping track of direction, planting, and harvesting. Astronomy came first.

If you want to follow the positions of the cosmos of 2000 years ago, be my guests. If you want to keep trying to tell people that there is good reason why they are told the Sun is in a sign that it is not in today, be my can make your own thread for that. If you want to bring the Bible into what I am trying to do, please, again....make your own thread.

I think the only thing we are in agreement on is that the energies of the cosmos and us, are connected, and that we are all are of all the signs.

I would appreciate it though if you leave the long rambles out of this thread....I state in my OP Im not here to debate astrology and Im not here to give readings.

I see no difference in signs and constellations...and I see no reason for man to of made a difference to them.

You tried to point out the reasons astrology follows the system it does, why they tell people that each sign takes up equal amounts of space and why the positions dont match the positions today....and I still see no purpose in it at all.

Please do not continue this in this thread....I stated I was not here to debate against astrology, I feel pretty strongly that astrology, tropical and sidereal....mislead many of their true paths.

Im not going to tell people the Sun is in Cancer....when IT IS NOT.

Im not going to tell people....Saturn is getting ready to leave Virgo....when IT IS NOT.

Im not going to tell people that each age lasts the same amount of time...when they DO NOT>

Im not going to use positions of 2000 years ago....when they dont match today's positions.

All my best to you

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 11:11 PM
reply to post by Boogley

I use a program called Stellarium and its a freed download. Its astronomical based on the true positions of the cosmos and can go back thousands of years and advance in thousands of years also.

I can give you some feedback on working Stellarium (let me know if you download it) or you can offer some dates.

Im pretty caught up on the thread...with the exception of a couple resent either way is find with me. And either would still love Stellarium....its very cool.

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 11:38 PM
reply to post by Brentnauer

Hello there!

Sun rises in Sagittarius on this day, sitting on his head. Mercury and Neptune also in Sagittarius.

Before the Sun rises, many energies herald in the Sun. Virgo rises in the East before the Sun bringing Mars and Pluto. Saturn, Moon, and Venus then rise in Libra. Then Ophiuchus(the sign ignored by astrology) rises bringing Uranus and Jupiter (Jupiter sits close to cusp of Ophiuchus and Sagittarius (general direction towards the center of our galaxy).
Then rises the Sagittarius with Neptune first, then the Sun, then Mercury.

All your energies are in one direction of the wheel/path of the Sun.

Moon phase...

My best

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 11:44 PM
reply to post by newBodyoldSoul

You are a true Taurus. If you were born 2000 years ago on the same month and day, you would of been a you are also still a Taurus. You are one of the 20% that have their signs still matching the Sun's position of 200 yeas ago.

Sun in Taurus, along with Mercury.

Before the Sun rises, Pisces comes in the East bringing Jupiter. Then Aries rises bringing Venus.

Mars on cusp of Taurus and Gemini (Mars is sitting over Orion).

Pluto in Virgo.

Saturn in Ophiuchus (sign ignores by astrology).

Uranus on cusp of Ophiuchus and Sagittarius (general direction towards the center of our galaxy).

Neptune in Sagittarius above his head.

Moon in Aquarius (coming age).

Moon phase...

My best to you

posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 11:50 PM
reply to post by ThreeSistersofLoveandLigh

06MAR1966 0700 EST

Hello there!

Sun in Aquarius (coming age) with Saturn also in Aquarius.

Before the Sun rises, Capricorn rises in the East bringing Venus.

Mars and Mercury in Pisces (our current age and your old/past sign).

Jupiter in Taurus inbetween the tips of the Bull's horns.

Moon in Leo under the belly of the Lion Uranus also in Leo under the back paws. Pluto in Leo, sitting on Lions' tail.

Neptune in Libra.

Moon phse....full moon...

My best to you

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 12:18 AM
Hi! I certainly appreciate your effort!! And thank you!

August 14, 1976 - 1:22 pm. Ottawa Ont. Canada

Can't wait!

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 12:23 AM
Wow 28 pages, so if you ignore my post I truly understand...hehe

May 1 1960 early morning Cornwall New York

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 12:28 AM
reply to LeoVirgo
I have no intention to go into debate any further when you can only find one thing we are in agreement on that we are not just one sign but all the signs but in different areas of our life.
Also please do some checking and you should be able to learn that ancient astrological clay tablets were stolen and used by the first astronomer scientists to accurately predict the time of an eclipse. That is why astronomy is viewed as a by-product of the much older science, astrology.
Only giving others the positions of the planets will still require them to do some research on their own to discern and apply the symbolic intuitive value of each Sign in each House.
In addition I will end my note by saying that I would never tell someone the Sun is in Cancer when IT IS NOT either!
My hope is that you can someday you can be more open-minded to truly investigate and learn how Astropsychology really works, because it is incredibly accurate.
Thanks for allowing me to post what I have. Bye. Heartsome.

posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 10:55 AM

Originally posted by heartsome
reply to LeoVirgo
I have no intention to go into debate any further when you can only find one thing we are in agreement on that we are not just one sign but all the signs but in different areas of our life.
Also please do some checking and you should be able to learn that ancient astrological clay tablets were stolen and used by the first astronomer scientists to accurately predict the time of an eclipse. That is why astronomy is viewed as a by-product of the much older science, astrology.
Only giving others the positions of the planets will still require them to do some research on their own to discern and apply the symbolic intuitive value of each Sign in each House.
In addition I will end my note by saying that I would never tell someone the Sun is in Cancer when IT IS NOT either!
My hope is that you can someday you can be more open-minded to truly investigate and learn how Astropsychology really works, because it is incredibly accurate.
Thanks for allowing me to post what I have. Bye. Heartsome.

Astrology doesnt just fall from the sky. Its just simple logic to see what came first. Observance comes first in everything...figuring...watching. Personifying the sky comes later. The tablets you speak of being stolen does not prove that astrology came first. Before those tablets....people had to observe over long periods of time to start to understand the orders and cycles. It just makes sense. Just because tablets were stolen by people that did not understand the sky's orders and cycles does not prove astrology came first. Before man could write...they were observing the sky and began using the sky for warnings of seasons.

How far back can you offer proof of the 'circle of animals'? A man made concept?

Im not arguing, please dont think I am....and I welcome your way of use to the cosmos. Im not one to try to tell others what everything means for I think it can be good for the self to stand on its own two feet and do a serious search on the path of self. I have found that what planets and signs may mean to me personally, does not fit a 'one way for all' I do encourage others to 'find their path'. I think it gives them courage to not lean on another person for what their deepest self has to offer them in this life.

If we go telling people....this means this...and that means that....we in a sense label them and this can be dangerous. When psychology labels someone with a disorder of any kind....that label in itself can cause them to 'think' they are a certain way....and they really may not be that way at all. So I do encourage people to seek out what things mean. If we tell them a limited meaning....they might not see past it and their deeper self might of had a deeper meaning for them to find that no other man could of told them of.

In using you include the sun, moon, and planets, in Ophiuchus. If not...and if its because you see the signs and constellations as different...then that is all you have to say....please dont make me read pages

Im a firm believer in the energies being connected to us in a literal way. I think when we step out and observe and know what we are looking at and where the sphere is at in relation to Earths tilt and wobble and true observations...I think it realigns a person to their true energy. This is beyond readings and telling people attributes and traits...its like taking a broken clock and fixing its gears to where they need to be so the clock starts working again. So I can only ask you be open minded.

Just as Im sure you have your reasons and experiences for using the system you use....I also have mine and they were life changes experiences. Ill never be the a very good way. Just like anyone....if they find something they feel has made them a better person or has helped them find a spiritual wisdom...if they are a person on the path for others...they are going to share we both are doing in our own way.
So please dont take my 'close mindedness' as a negative....Im only going with what I found to be what 'awoke' me and helped me find my path here.

If you say you wouldnt tell someone the Sun was somewhere that it wasnt...then what system do you use to tell where the Sun is? Even sidereal is off. (Not trying to debate...simple discussion?)

With all due respect, always....

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