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Highly suspicious Wikileaks bashing

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posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 12:34 PM
Ive already given Ryan Singel a piece of my mind.
He heard it to, and Im sure he felt it.

$h!T smearing at it's "finest".

F wired.

F Ryan S.

little group of retards.

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 12:24 PM
Only wikilinks decides what maybe wikilinks material, if the military thinks it maybe possible to remove any negative representation of it's behavior then it fails to persuade me with this propaganda.

All this talk about about civilized behavior on the part of Wired or other media outlets connected to the pentagon seems to imply "he has been hunted" or has "disappeared". All this says to me maybe that they want it to appear a certain way to try to demonize critics, imagine what a kill switch might allow for?

With a kill switch no need to bash, right? Just shut it down, or only the parts that are not politically correct, no partisan should have any access to any keys to the internet nor d oI think it maybe possible to shut anything down even for jsut 4 months. The chinese could never do it nor could the US, it would take so many groups to conspire it be absurd to think it possible, hence why someone like Obama should have never became president since he thinks something maybe possible which in actuality could never happen, they are grasping for straw men and also think they have more power than in truth they have, hey but everybody has delusions of grandeur, right?

Now over 50% of US oil consumtion goes to the military, take away the wars and our cost of living will frop, gas back down to $1 a gallon, abiotic theory seems correct to me, this gusher in the gulf shows it as such, more oil than can ever be imagined exists, which means it should cost far less than the manipulated falsity of scarcity implies, so they invented a green scare to try and create real scarcity via "peak oil" as a way to control us, they need infation to keep running up their bank accounts and to make more of us poor. No war no crap economy, no wall st casino, we are so distracted fighting and profiting from war and stocks we have wrecked our economy, I think this was on purpose to some extent just like the wars are meant to keep the price of oil at an artificial level, houses are worth more than they should be, mostly cause of this fake economy....Obama wants a piece of this pie, so yes he maybe no less crooked than Bush.

posted on Jul, 23 2010 @ 02:35 AM
In case anyone is interested -

Wau Holland Foundation sheds light on Wikileaks donations

Germany's Wau Holland Foundation has told newspaper Der Freitag Wikileaks receives no money for personnel costs, only for hardware, travelling and bandwidth. Hendrik Fulda, the foundation's second chairman, says around 30.000 euros have been handed out after receiving signed receipts. According to Fulda, most of the money has been mainly used to restore Wikileaks and keep the site up and running.

In the last few weeks, Wikileaks has come under fire from various sides. Wired's Threat Level blog stated the site had fallen into disrepair, some anonymous writer of emails labelling him- or herself as "an Wikileaks insider) has had emails posted on

Wired's Threat Level blog is maintained by Kevin Poulsen, who originally reported that Adrian Lamo, a self-proclaimed hacker and journalist, had turned a whistleblower and Wikileaks source in to the police. Poulsen and Lamo, who happen to be acquaintances, were blasted for their action on Wikileaks's Twitter account. founder John Young believes Wikileaks is not a group of activists, but some sort of shady spy outfit maintained by the CIA, or MI6, or phantom menaces from Mars. He has posted emails on his site from said "Wikileaks Insider" stating Wikileaks will be abandoned and that Wikileaks' speaker Julian Assange had funneled off 225,000 euro of donations and similar rants. Neither claim has proven to be true.

Anyone interested can email the Wau Holland Foundation for detailed statements regarding its government of European donations to Wikileaks, instead of following red herrings.

posted on Aug, 14 2010 @ 08:26 PM
I don't have much to add past thatI do support wikileaks. I can't say I know him, but I have met Assange once and spent an hour or so in a group talking with him - he's quite brilliant and very nice. I was very impressed by him. I think he'd know what side to take.

I saw a picture of him on a new article and his hair is now short and dark? The photo might have been old. It didn't look like his normal self.
(Saw the Fox news comments on his hair, thought I'd mention that. lol)

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