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My friend's paranormal experience

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posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 08:23 PM
Hello my fellow ATS'ers, because all new users must be required to have 20 non-spam posts to be able to create a thread, I promised my friend I would share his recent paranormal or what experiences, also he is Hungarian so obviously English isn't his native language so please forgive any grammar/typo errors.

So here goes:

Exactly 7 days ago i woke up at around 00:10 am. I had a bad dream and i could only open my eyes. when i opened my eyes i could see a person standing about 1.5 meters away from my bed. it wore a really long black cloth. as soon as i took a glace at him i froze in fear, i couldn't see it's head, just it's long black (coat). i couldnt even move my eyes to check it's head. I could only close my eyes and reopen them. The person then disappeared. I couldn't sleep that night. A few hours ago i had another experience at about 00:40, i felt someone is grabbing my knees and trying to pull me off my bed. I woke up slowly, i could see nobody and i was in my original position on the bed. Although my chair was at the end of my bed turning straight to my bed and it seemed someone sit there. I am kinda disappointed now. I believe in supernatural, although i am not christian. I only believe in freedom. In real life i am a really negative person, i am always nervous and i feel so much hate towards humankind. I am in the best 5 students at the University and i am not happy about it, at all since i am not the best. Would someone help me ? Did i go nuts or something?

So is my friend suffering from a psychotic episode or is he the victim of a malicious entity either paranormal or extraterrestrial?

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 08:42 PM
From experience it sounds to me like a Sleep Paralysis/partial Out of Body experience. Sleep paralysis would explain why he couldn't move his body. He may have woken up in a hypnagogic trance state, his mind conscious but his body asleep. Due to his fear and emotion, and the negativity in his life, his mind could have easily manifested this dark entity he saw near his bed. A side effect of a deep trance like this is the ability to see through your eyelids, so he probably had his eyes closed the whole time! My cousin was recently suffering from depression, and during this time he would often halucinate about dark entities in his room. Like your friend he was either attracting these beings (who feed on negative energy) or manifesting them whilst in a trance like state.

As for the part about being grabbed by the ankles and pulled out of bed, I too have experienced this during an out of body seperation. This is a likely explanation for this sensation as it followed so close to his episode of sleep paralysis.

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 08:45 PM
First, welcome to your friend

Your friend: It's really hard to say. If it was a supernatural thing, his negativity would be the cause. He really should find something to focus some kind of caring onto, could be animals, or plants, if he doesn't like people so much.

If it was a nightmare/sleep paralysis type thing, again negativity is going to make that worse, as is lack of sleep - vicious circle there.

Impossible to say really, I do wish him well, there are some very knowing people on this site that might be able to help once he adds up 20 posts. They can add up in a couple of days easily, so many different topics here.

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posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 08:52 PM
Yes, a big welcome to you. As said above, please avoid negativity and especially avoid fear. If the entity is dark, it will feed on fear, it will be a feast for it. Use your built in protection system, and confront it face to face. Might be trying to impart something to you, warn you of danger, etc.

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 09:04 PM
So hello,

I am the one who is suffering from this and thank you for the fast replies. I do have a cat but it's not helping at all. Really interesting stuff you wrote, one thing is really strange about this kinda "experiences". 4-5 years ago i had a "similar" experience, i was taking a nap and a really strong light source came from the window.I could barely move in the light. But as i slowly moved in my bed the light went away. I was scared and i still remember the case as it happened yesterday.

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 09:14 PM
Thanks for creating and replying to the thread mate, hopefully we're able to pinpoint the problem.

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 09:31 PM
I agree with Random, it sounds like it was sleep paralysis, it has happened to me many times, anxiety and panic may cause hallucinations when your mind is alert but your muscle contractions haven't been activated.

The first time it happened to me i had not heard anything paranormal related to it, no spirits, no shadows, no voices, so in turn, i saw nothing that night, i was frozen but i didn't see or hear anything, later when i spoke to my friends, some told me it was because a spirit was holding me, so after i heard that, the next time i had sleep paralysis i heard and felt someone in the room, but in reality it wasn't anything, it was just my mind playing tricks on me based on the stories that i heard and read.

It can be a frightening experience, but once you know why it happens and how to prevent the hallucinations, it's not that bad.

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