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Hold onto your hats Atlantis is rising, oh and a meteorite is crashing into the sea or is it?

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posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 07:30 PM
All right this is a great little conspiracy. It is on a blog and would requiring downloading a lot fo pictures so I am going to link to it.

The blog is from a Alternative news and conspiracy radio show host in the Caribbean. LINK TO CONSPIRACY

Basically it shows a possible link to a 1980's video which was just talked about on ATS. the guy said he was taken onto a ship and shown the future which was a meteor hitting the Caribbean/Atlantic as well as a floating city which ran the earth as there was only one government.

The conspiracy is that this is all fake and has been planned for year. Off the east coast of the USA their is an area that has been laid with explosives which will cause a mega tsunami which will wipe out the Caribbean making living space for the U.S.A/N.W.O and the city which the guy takes about sit in a dirty black sea - Anyone else thinking Gulf of Mexico?

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