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Another day in the field

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posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 06:12 PM
Deep recesses of Omega Command
0700 zulu

The darkened room was permeated by cigar smoke. Omega Command was assembled and very unhappy.

"They stabbed us in the back!"

The director had a worried look on his face. The recent battles had gone against his agenda. The drug lords had support from someone on the council. Behind his back they had provided support and critical information. Right now he was one vote away from a failing vote of no confidence.

"The recent attacks on American soil has shone a weakness," the Young Army General spoke snidely. "Without any victories in sight and no back up plans in place we need to restructure OUR efforts and drive the enemy off US soil."

The Director noticed close to half of the members nodding there heads. One of his aides, walked up behind him and whispered in his ear.

The young army General continued, " My projections indicate that if their is no change immediately in c and c methods we can expect..."

The Young General Noticed the smile on Directors face. He watched as the whispered back into his aides ear.

"Director? May I ask about the interruption?" His voiced cracked as he sensed something was wrong.

The director held up his hand to motion for silence. He whispered to his aide as they all watched.

"Director, have you found a solution?" One of the directors allies on the command spoke.

After he finished whispering, the aide looked the young general up and down with an evil grin.

"One of my back up plans has taken effect." He motioned and the screen on the wall in front of the The omega Command council came on.

"We have now confirmed reports, that a battle for control of the Alamo has taken place. Although sketchy it appears part of an Independent American command has retaken the Alamo and cut off a major supply route of the Mexican Cartels supply line."

on the split screen the anchor smiled, "Can you get a an interview with the anyone in the command staff."

"I can do you one better John the CO has invited me in." The camera man followed him. As he entered the center of the command operations, the world noticed blackened screens.

"If it aint bob with CNNC. Thanks for coming. At this point I am authorized a release of the following detail. One as part of Operation: Apache this is the first of many multi vectored assaults. As I speak American spec ops command is silently moving in and out of various key Mexican facilities. Myself and my command are merely the lighten rod. If they enemy can not handle us we will keep moving once this area is completely secured."

"Right about now," Bob looked at the CO with a question.

"Lt. McNiac, USN. I am a former enlisted Sailor who received his commission at start of hostilities. This is all part of a daring long term operation by upper echelons of the DOD."

"Right about now, Lt.McNiac I have a feeling that they are about to make you a hero."

"I am not a hero. I am sailor doing the job that my chief's and senior enlisted taught me to do while I was in the navy."

"Well Lt. Mc. Niac, why the Alamo?"

"Bob, I am not privy to commands methods or reasoning. All I know Is I received the go ahead three days ago. What I do know is that with a small mobile force one is able to penetrate enemy lines and wreck havoc. At this point bob I have to cut the interview short. I have preparations to make for the arrival of supplies and reinforcements. I leave you the american public with a single thought from Patton. Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser."

With that the Young Army General turned off the Screen. "This is crazy. I know of no operation Apache."

The directors aide walked back in with a file. As the Director laughed, The Command council looked at him. He motioned for the file to be given to his strongest supporter. His ally laughed as he read the message.

The Young Army General began to lose his cool.

"Young Man their is now."

The Young General read the report on top of the file.

"I humbly apologize for impersonating an officer. I did what I was taught and took command of my post and all government property in view."


He kept reading, "If you wish to relieve me I accept your decision. With reinforcement though totaling only three hundred men you can hold the Alamo and use it as a spec ops forward position. When reinforcements arrive and take over and my men are rested in two days we begin out to our incursion into Juarez, Unless otherwise ordered."

"PS, I was taught tis better to ask for forgiveness then it is for permission."

As his face turned red, he caught himself quickly. He noticed the supporters of the director where agreeing with what was about to happen.

"I ask for this councils input with an idea I have. We turn this situation around. I intend to use the LT. As the lightening rod he spoke of." The director looked at the Admiral who was among his supporters.

"Director, Ill clean up the paperwork and make his promotion official."

The Director looked the young Army General directly in the face. He realized he better go with this flow. "I ll have reinforcements sent tomorrow."

One of the directors other supporters spoke, "Perhaps, General today would be a better day. The public will have much more confidence if they can see the reinforcement coming now."

"Or perhaps I need to send my marines General." The director spoke.

"No director my men will be moving in the hour." With that a very mad General walked out.

As they left the Admiral stopped and spoke to the director. As he whispered, "I believe it is time the General was retired from the field one way or another."

The director took a deep breathe, "Go ahead, his actions nearly cost us dearly. Id like to know more about this sailor of yours. He has given me a few Ideas..."

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posted on Jul, 14 2010 @ 08:21 PM
Alamo- 13 hours later

Seven men where lined up against the wall. They where gaged and bound.

"Fire," Sargent Jerries yelled.

Seven ak-47's went off, emptying there clips into the prisoners.

As their bodies hit the ground, The seven men reloaded. "Single shot," Sargent Jerries yelled. The seven men advanced and each put an extra bullet in bullet ridden corpses.

At this point, overhead fourteen Chinooks landed and began unloading army personnel.

"Spike detail." Sargent Jerries yelled. Three more prisoners began the process of dragging the bodies over to earthworks. As the shooters switched their rifles back to auto.

The Young General stepped off the first helicopter. He saw the earth works and just about gagged. He saw the hispanic prisoners dragging the dead mexican troops to the spiked earthworks about half a mile away.

"What do you think your doing?" The young general yelled.

Some of the men at the alamo frooze. "I didnt tell you to stop," Sarge yelled.

He walked up to the General, "You been cleared by doc for action in this theater General?"

"Excuse me Sargent?"

"Stars or no stars. No one reports for duty to a new command station without going through doc." The sarge loaded a round in the chamber to make a point.

"Sargent what in hell do you think your doing? Ill have your hide."

"Not until you pass doc and he clears you for duty. Otherwise your not competent for command and stand relieved. Savy?"

The young General stared st the sargent as his men took a step back. They also locked and loaded in response. He considered the situation, "Allright Ill play Sargent wheres doc?"

"Backside of the alamo. He has a tent set up for processing fitness. He's waiting on your men." The sargent is smiling because he knows he has the General.

Grumbling the general orders his men to follow him.

Ten minutes later...

"What do you mean we all have to take the Physical fitness test?"

The old doctor smiles, "Part of your signing in General. Very basic military protocol."

"I am done here with this garbage." He stands up, "Where is the LT?"

The old doctor looks at the young general, "You do not give orders here general. I have not cleared you for duty."

The general started to look around, he realised something. None of his men in here where armed. He looked at the old doctor. "You SOB's"

"Some great general you are it took you till now o realise that."

"You want to play rules so be it. Per UMCJ, I have the right to see CO right now for disagreements."

"That wont happen."

"Scuse me?"

"I had to put LT. Mc Niac to bed. He is under my orders to sleep for eight hours. Otherwise I told him Id relieve him of command."

"What? I still dont see how he was even cleared for command.Well, wake him up."

"First, general, He has not slept since Waco. That was four days ago." Taking a very long pause, "As for his bi-polar, I received my orders this morning and I say he sleeps."


"And I quote, "By orders of the joint chief of staff undersigned by the secdef, undersigned by POTUS, Doctor Riely is hereby ordered to maintain all appropriate medication and treatment of LT.McNiac in order to maintain him on active duty at all cost. Also ordered is the classification of these orders as secret. " It ends with a personal request from POTUS to please insure the mental stability of the LT and that only I have the authority as granted by POTUS to relieve him."

The Young General was grumbling, "Fine whos the XO?"

"Eight hour nap as well."

Very angerly, "Then who is running the sham of an operation right now."

"I believe you met him outside, Right now Sargent Jerries is acting CO."

The young General looked like he swallowed a pile.

"Now general outside is a PFC recruit from the militia's. His job is to see to it that all the men you brought pass the PFT. Then I clear you for duty. Is that understood."

"Ill have all your hides you know that right?"

"Just remember you have to be cleared for duty first. Accidents can happen before then. Is that understood?"

The General walked out unarmed.

Omega Command

The Directors Allies where having a good laugh.

The admiral in the middle of his laughter asked." Could you say that again? I want to make sure I heard you right."

"Sirs, General Johnson was relieved of command one hour ago. It appears that the Young General Failed his physical fitness test and Doctor Riley relived him of command."

The director through his laughter, "Brilliant I knew I liked that boy for some reason. Admiral tell me that is legal."

"Director completely legal. He cant resume any command until he passes the PFT. I never saw it coming, but it works."

"Sirs thats not all good news." They paused and looked at the assisstant, " two fourths of the command was denied assualt combat status. One forth failed completely like the general."

The admiral looked at the director and the director responded. "So what I have is one forth of actual Army ready for assualts. Two forths able to defend and one forth worthless. On top of that I have about an extra thousand militia personel who did pass the same test." Pausing, "You said they are completely loyal to McNiac."

"Sir from ground reports, yes."

"Admiral I need fresh upfront personal information. You want to go see your sailor? See if he can figure out what we want and if we can trust him."

"I'll do it for you director, but it might cost us."

"Dont let him take the whole hog just a little part."

posted on Sep, 28 2010 @ 07:47 PM
The Admiral had been walking around the Alamo for the past three hours. He was observing the various action of the night watches. Following him was Sargent Jerries, closely.

The Seal Team he brought with him had spread and were aiding in various endeavors. Defenses were being shored up, homemade artillery being jury rigged, discipline being administered, news crews doing interviews, during which the admiral noticed some slight difference that caught his attention...

"Sargent, all these men are going the same direction. I see nothing but men preparing for grim work. yet I also see high moral. What do You see as the reason ."

"Permission to speak freely Admiral."

"I have a feeling sargent you will anyway,"

Smiling a toothless smile, "Admiral its respect. I noticed you flinched at first. All these men are not clean shaven and poster boys of the military."

"That is without saying."

"You werent at Waco admiral. It was a slaughter at first. We were losing and badly. Then well... I do not know how to put it. The Lt. was a man possessed. He ordered a direct assault with everything we had left into the enemy's command."

"He led it him self?"

"He ran out of bullets about half way. We followed because, well. It wouldnt look good for a navy officer to die while the army and the marines just stood there."

Laughing, "You know dont you."

"Ive know since before we retook our town from the cartel's men. He acted like someone the men would follow se we did."

Shaking his head, "You do know its official right."

"Like he said, american love a winner."

"So how did you pass you PFT, if you dont mine me asking?"

"Easy I was in charge of it. I worked those wannabies into shape. I have to ask something."

"Sargent You and your men have earned it ask."

"what did yall do to him? Aint no way a noncombat trained sailor can do the things he did in waco. Hell half the men in nam couldnt do it and they were."

"What exactly did he do?"

"He was a killing machine. Pure killing machine. When he ran out of bullets he was killing with his bayonet and when it broke he was swing for the fence with the empty ak. He reacquired weapons and kept going right through the enemy. When we reached the command, he took five of us and we slaughtered every single person there."

"Sargent I would love to answer your question and I will." after pausing, "Lets just say you picked the thoroughbred. Officially he was never trained in combat."

A scream broke through the night. Men were rushing to the CO's tent the admiral ordered them to stand down and return to their duties. The sarge nodded at them..The Seals had only let the doctor through, As the Admiral approached the LT.'s tent.

They both heard the voices from the tent, and the doctor walked out.

"Well doc how is your patient?"

"Rude, mean, and generally suffers from bad manners. he might live if I dont off him first."

The two gaurds, the Admiral, and the Sarge laughed.

"He fit for duty doc? I have to rotate to sack time here soon.." The Sargent looked the doc in the eye and nodded, "I need to get my men in the sack now if possible."

From the Tent," Quit bellyaching and do it jerries. I can assume command. Your relieved, hit the sack." He walked out in fatigues with the black insignia.

As jerries turned and shouted, "Sack rotation NOW."

It woke up the Admiral who winced.

"Morning Admiral, Care to join me for breakfast. We eat now or we dont."

"Actually we need to discuss a few things Lt. I would like to see your command center. Do you mind a walk and talk." He turned to the two seal, "Cheif go grab me and the Lt. breakfast sandwiches and two coffees."

All the seal chief did was "Aye, Admiral." The other one fell in line as they walked.He weapon was pointed to the ground but still ready.

Four Hour Later
an unmarked black helicopter

"Well chief speak. We have served together long enough That i know when something is on your mind."

"Admiral at first I thought you and command were insane and had lost all your damn sense. He is by all accounts mentally unstable."

"Go on," with a stern look.

"Sir what did we do to him. I looked at his file. Nothing indicates the ability to command at the level he is commanding at. Then I had my men look around as you asked. Sir, I can tell you this. I actually feel sorry for the Cartel soldiers."

"You really want to know chief?"

The comment drew a scowl from the Seal Captain.

"Admirals privilege Captain."

"Aye Admiral." He looked at the Chief, "Your not going to like the answer chief." The captain looked out over the ground they flew over."

"Great now you have my undying attention. What did we do to that sailor?"

"When I was a much younger officer, the DOD had noticed a lack of ability in most of the commands. LT. McNiac was what captain, 14 when this was done."

"15 Admiral."

"15, yes still so young." He looked the chief straight in the eye, "Have you heard of the MK ultra programs."

"Your kidding me." The chief noticed the Admiral was looking over the ground.

"The difference was that in this program we changed the inputs slightly."

With a very unhappy look on his face,"Sir fifteen."

The captain took over, "We were towards the end of the cold war and some members realized that with us winning the whole field was unstable as it was. We needed great commanders and leaders on the battlefield. Those able to lead other mk ultra troops on the battlefield. The program would only work if we had leaders."

The Admiral looked the chief straight in the face and took over the conversation. "The program was a complete failure. Most of the kids ended up in an institution. The rest washed out and where returned to their private lives."

Taking all this in the chief turned to the window and say an eagle as they passed it.

"Chief, his file was buried so deep only those who worked on the project knew who they where. All this is today is a result of the programs actions."

Looking both men in the eye, "Its kinda #y of you. I read the rest of his file. Do you know what would have happened if he had snapped during bootcamp. You got lucky as hell he chose a noncombat related specialty."

"I know, but the fruits of our efforts may have been enough to save this country. Chief he was out of the military before It even raised a flag." The Admiral couldnt meet the look of the chief, "Hes in good hands

"Wait a minute. " The chief was processing something, "Let me guess the good old Doc..."

"One of the doctors in the program. He is giving sugar pills mixed once and while. He lets him think hes letting him skip doses and not reporting him."

"So he is not bipolar?"

The Admiral nodded yes, "A side effect of the program. The manic high enables heightened command for sustain periods. He washed out originally because he was the only ones whose personality seemed to weave and take over the programming. the control measures were not working at all."

"You want my verdict Admiral." The Admiral and the Captain both nodded," Pray to god he never gets his real file. From what I saw he has to suspect something himself."

The admiral last words on the subject were, "I pray to." He turned to the Captian, " I think chief is right, he acted like he knew. If he does lets be thankful he is on our side."


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