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Skolkovo: the brain attraction

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posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 05:27 PM

Russia intends to “import brains” from abroad to its Skolkovo innovation center, to be built near Moscow, Vladislav Surkov, the Presidential Executive Office’s First Deputy Chief of Staff has said.

”We should make it a habit [for foreigners] that it is normal to come and work in Russia,” Surkov, who also heads the working group on creating the modern scientific centre in Skolkovo. According to the official, despite all the clichés about Russia outside the country, everything can be overcome.

"As soon as the first window is broken through, dozens and hundreds of people will start arriving, and later it will be happening naturally,” he said as quoted be Interfax agency.

The deputy head of the Medvedev administration underlined that Skolkovo should be internationalized. Best specialists should be working in the center – no matter where they come from. Therefore, the “import of brains, import of specialists, not only local ones,” is crucial. He recalled that the government allocated grants to attract foreign scientists to work in Russia, while companies inviting specialists from abroad allow them get financial support from the state.

I havent heard anything about this yet. Im all into sciences and this project sounds pretty awesome to me.

I wonder how many scientist's Skolkovo will attract? With the economy how it is, $65,000 does seem like good money. Well, 65,000 would be good enough for me.

Meanwhile, on July 1, a new law came into force which makes it simpler for highly-qualified specialists – those who earn over 2 million rubles (about $65,000) a year – to get a work permit in Russia.

Hopefully the project will start pumping out all new tech that the world has never seen before. Im kind of glad this is in Russia, and not the US. I could see big pharma and mega-corps getting their hands on the tech easier here in the US than in Russia.

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 05:55 PM
This is the death knoll of any hope for Russia. If the government at highest levels decides that the country needs an "innovation center", the country is doomed. Innovation cannot be decreed, but it can be used as pretext to siphon money from the government coffers.

I had the same feeling many years ago, when the Soviet govt decided to introduce state quality control commission ("Gospriemka"). If enterprises don't show any interest in quality control, it seems like the economy is a lost cause... And it was.

And now it's happening again, in a new turn of stagnation spiral.


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