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So. Am I the only one who can do this?

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posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 08:42 PM
Hm. You're right. We need someone who's an expert on this stuff.

I'll see if I can round up CavemanDD.

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 08:44 PM
reply to post by TheLaughingGod

Like I said I don't know. I see these monks study their entire lives meditating to do such things and I can do it in a second. Why?

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 09:04 PM
Been trying to search this but I'll be damned if I can phrase this in a way that will provide results. When I use "chi" some things come up but as the op said this happens with no formal training, so I'm not leaning that way. Maybe a member in the medical field could shed some light.

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 09:13 PM
My guess is that you are in control of your reticular activating system. I use it to stay awake if flying as pilot, etc.

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 09:28 PM
reply to post by Jim Scott

Interesting. It would make sense. But it's not only making myself awake. It's more like a blissful adrenalin rush.

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 10:24 PM
Do your eyes begein to shift and your skin get a bit scaly?
Is there a tail involved

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 10:47 PM
reply to post by Torok

Nope. lol. I wish I were an alien. It would mean seeing the stars I so wish to visit.

It's just a very odd feeling of being powerful, happy, at peace, and simply at peace.

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 11:58 PM
you are special and unique!
your gift is incredible!

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 12:12 AM
I say we dissect Gorman, and find out what's to all this devil talk !!

Hooooooray !!!

Don't be alarmed though, the body is a fantastic machine capable of amazing feats, ... for instance, I can make one of my muscles grow several inches in under a minute .....

I know ....


posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 12:17 AM
reply to post by super genius

Well thank you. But as you can see, I am not alone. I am happy I am not alone. However, I am still curious as to just what this is still. Chi seems to be the winning candidate to what people have described to me.

Otherwise I'm just RL Paul Atreides. That/s.... good I guess?

Anywho, please do keep up the ideas. I and the rest of us would really enjoy knowing what this is I think.


LOL, so I read up on what a previous poster posted from Dune. One part mentions multiple consciousnesses. Ok. I will admit this. When I was young I associated each emotion I felt to a character. A fabricated personification of that emotion. Anger was locked into a cage, happiness was free. There were at least a dozen or so. At this age they are no longer characters, but rather more like a council in my head where I can hear almost a voice from each point of view. It allows myself, my conscious self, to observe and report which options are best. obviously anger should be ignored unless special conditions apply, for one example.

It was a mind game as a child. I saw it also used in the Simpsons once with lisa's brain. I was kind of inspired by it.

So yea. Apparently I am a RL Paul Atreides. Greeeaaat.

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posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 01:12 AM
Who knows? Just a thought: perhaps, you're possess with a energy parasite, a worm, a snake, going up and down your spinal column. It gives you `peace` as long as you keep it inside you.

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 04:29 AM
reply to post by Gorman91

What reading your description made me think of was Kundalini, especially the bit where you describe it as originating in your lower torso, moving up the back and finally up the head to just above the eyes.

I know that there are some members around with experience in Kundalini meditation and stuff, but unfortunately I'm not one of them. Still, you might be interested in checking out the Wikipedia link I gave and doing some more research if it rings a bell

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 09:45 AM
reply to post by americandingbat

Yea that might be it. All the symptoms I have. Interesting still. As I do feel closer to Jesus while doing such thing. I've tried meditating during prayer by means of this. Definably feels like I am... Praying louder?

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 09:58 AM
I'm not sure if it's the same experience but I also can do this from the bottom of my back to my head.

Does it feel like shivers going all the way up your back and then you feel very relaxed. Sometimes when I do this it's so intense that my eyes will water a bit.

Not sure if it's the same thing but I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in.


posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 10:06 AM
reply to post by Gorman91

I sounds like you are doing something to your muscles. An EMG would find out.

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 10:36 AM
yes, I can do this, too. I've done it since I was a kid and asked mom and everyone what it was, they had no idea what I was talking about. When I was young I started it calling it the "warm honey" sensation. I can initiate it from my stomach but I tend to let it start at my head and run down my back into all parts of my body, hence "warm honey".

It is simply the movement of energy as I have come to realize. Its like chi or opening the chakra system up and I feel it most in my head when I induce the "waves" of it. I usually do the waves until it feels so warm and relaxing that it blends into one giant orgasmic feeling and I shift into another state of awareness.

I am quite psychic and I learned about 10 years ago that if I did this technique and once the wave blended to one overall feeling, I closed my eyes and in the darkness I would see a distant pinpoint of white light that would come on and then fade away and I knew I was centered in "my place". From that point, I could be asked questions or concentrate on what I wanted to know and the imagery/sounds/feelings would come and that was when I realized how you could attune to universal consciousness for accessing information for guidance. The key to what I was doing was moving the energy to activate my pineal gland. It's a great feeling! Glad you posted about this, I always wondered if others felt it.

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 11:36 AM

I know exactly what you are talking about.

I feel the same sensation when I open up my crown chakra.
Opening them one by one I can get my whole body all tingling.

I could do that before I knew how to call it. Even the pulsating feeling in my front head.
It happens when you open up your third eye or pineal gland.

Try and find someone with experience, you will be surprised what it all is, can do and so on.
Meditation is also very easy and pleasant with it.

This feeling, can you also let it flow from your hands ?

The first time I did a session with some floaty guy, he told me about the chacra's and how to balance, and use them for your own personal mental and physical health.
We wrapped it up after he guided my very first meditation.

I walked around with a feeling of eternal bliss, walking on clouds and a big smile on my face... Absolutely unbelievably amazing experience for me back then.

I still can't fully grab the essence of that time.

Anyway here is a link to introduce yourself with it. : link.

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 02:26 PM
reply to post by Sinter Klaas

I don't really believe in this mystic stuff honestly. I've never done anything out of the ordinary with this. I've tried. Just for the hell of it to see if anything would happen. I've even done that cloud busting stuff. I can do that in a few seconds. But I am still not convinced I am doing it, or the wind.

Basically it comes down to this. I do what you said you did with that meditation guy any time I want. So I figure if I've gotten this far on my own, who knows.

I have had many odd dreams this way. Mainly hyper-realistic war dreams. I'm thinking about drawing the scenes and making a new topic perhaps. I've also attempted such things like dreaming while awake and basically used a dream to logically construct the future of things to come. If you've read my posts on warp drives and technology, they root directly from such experiences. I've constructed a timeline up to 2115. Then it gets blurry. Then all of the sudden It gets clearer many eons later, but mankind is in the stone age again.

Is that telling the future? Is that mystic? I don't think so. I think I've been pretty right because I simply used logical sense of current affairs and action reaction

In the end, I am happy to see I am not alone. But I am reluctant to believe anything mystical or extraordinary. I'll read up all this stuff sure. But I've not witnessed anything overtly abnormal. That's why I posted it in the medical forums and not the mystic ones.

Just wanted to know.

Thanks to all for answering my question. Just what it is yet, I am not sure.

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 03:40 PM
reply to post by Gorman91

Well. I did that stuff also before I saw the guy but I never did or have done it to practice or something. When that guy gave everything a name that was very pleasant.

I don't think that you have to do anything with it. If you do it will come to you anyway.
My experience is that stuff like this has a neck of showing up or cross your pad at moments you need it.

With me anyway.

Maybe those ascension guys and 2012 is real and were are just getting upgraded.

I really don't know.

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 04:12 PM
reply to post by Sinter Klaas

Yea. I mean after that "The secret" show, I tried it to see if what I wanted came to me. I don't know man. I just use it to wake up, pray, and and meditate.

It is the essence of mind over body. Just what its for is a mystery. Why evolve it? What's its benefit. How can it aid in nature? The answer is that evolution would have no use for it, and it has not benefit in nature, other than feeling more part of it in deep thought and prayer.

Sometimes I do get the urge to run into the woods at the darkest part of night and just pray alone. Just use it and feel the world.

Never done that. Might soon. Who knows.

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