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Sexy Spy May Have Confirmed Quantum Computing Breakthrough!

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posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 06:17 PM
Sexy Spy May Have Confirmed Quantum Computing Breakthrough!

As you can see by the link provided below, THIS IS A SPY !!!!!!!!!


She's one hot cookie that would definitely make my spyfest day

but to get on with the headline story......

Based upon documents leaked from the case, a news commentator
from NBC may have inadvertently indicated a MAJOR breakthrough
made by U.S. intelligence agencies regarding the methods used to
decode the encrypted communications between the much storied
recently-arrested U.S.-based Russian spies.

NBC News Investigator Bob Windrum stated in the video below,
that U.S. intelligence authorities were able to read the
encrypted communiques (i.e. reports) between the Russian agents
and their handlers. He indicated these encryption codes were some
of their most SECRET ones and that such code-breaking abilities
by the United States intelligence apparatus would be causing
great consternation back in various Russian spy headquarters.

See Video:

Now for a background in Cryptography, MOST encryption systems
(such as AES - Advanced Encryption Standard) use 128-bit, 256-bit
or longer-length encryption keys to scramble text or image data
stored on computer disks or when sent over the Internet via email
or file transfer (i.e. FTP).

The number of POSSIBLE permutations to find a high security key
such as 256-bit AES is 2 to the 256th POWER which is one GIGANTIC
NUMBER of possible lock combinations that essentially makes such
an encryption system unbreakable even using techniques such as
differential analysis or comparing key-sequences to final output
curve-fitting techniques.

To illustrate how SOME keys may be broken (even high security AES!)
certain strings of encryption keys that scramble specified types of text
or image inputs will output scrambled data that contains certain
sequences of character types or byte values that almost ALWAYS
place themselves near or away from certain other output by a specific
percentage value byte amount or character count.

The DIFFERENTIAL analysis of the PLACEMENT (i.e. the distance away
from or near to other data) of such calculated output can be compared
to pre-computed input text to create a MOST-LIKELY text or IMAGE match.
And that analysis becomes a LOT EASIER if you know even a FEW of the
words that would be LIKELY to occur in the original text.

The problem is that doing such analysis takes TIME and even a
BRUTE FORCE attack of checking EACH and every one of the 2^256
combinations of encryption keys would take so long that it's impractical!

NOW THAT BIG BANG COMMENT that was made in the video by the analyst,
indicates to me that it is HIGHLY LIKELY that the Russians used advanced
encryption such as their own version of AES and that I say it is UNLIKELY
that there is a true really high-up MOLE in the GRU/FSB(aka KGB)/SVR
intelligence services who would give the USA the actual decryption keys,
and I also say that it is UNLIKELY that the CIA/NCS successfully used
social engineering to pry the key codes out of other agents and that it
was ALSO UNLIKELY that the encryption/decryption keys themselves
were intercepted by the NSA (National Security Agency at Ft. Meade)
or by the DIA (Defence Intelligence Agency)!

I thus construe, however far-fetched it may seem that a

And the ONLY Technology that could break a 256-bit encryption
key-encoded output is a Quantum Computer that uses multiple
Q-Bits which are spinning bits of matter that have indeterminate
quantum spin states that can coalesce into multiple states
at the same time and thus compute normally insurmountable
grand computing challenges such as super-fast factoring of
integer numbers which is a necessary task in order
to BREAK a 256 bit encryption key.

See these websites on Quantum Computing and Quantum Encryption:

What technology is available now?:

What is Quantum Cryptography?:

The BIG KAHUNA of how to EASILY break a key using factoring:

Quantum Decryption Resistant Algorithms:

And to tell you how much horsepower is needed,
for a 256 Q-bit (which IS POSSIBLE TODAY!) quantum
supercomputer to break a 256 bit key..... about less than a second!

This type of discovery ALSO has implications in the the creation and
design of multi-state logic (i.e. compute all All bit-states at once)
based A.I. systems...which means that somewhere in "The Dungeon"
at the NSA (And elsewhere in the U.S. Military Industrial Complex)
there are PROBABLY more than a few friendly A.I.'s busy at work
doing code breaking AND probably PURE and APPLIED
research & development tasks.

THIS IS BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!

And the American Public NEEDS to know about such abilities
which could solve technical problems that today would be futile
to attack using today's "von Neumann-type" computers.

So to all of you types at the NSA, where is my home quantum computer?
I will guess this system has been running for at least 5 to 7 years
so this isn't really NEW tech which really gets my goat!

I would start writing your Congressman to implore them to
dig deaper into the possibility of Quantum Computing breakthroughs
probably made at the NSA or at DARPA (Defence Advanced Research
Projects Agency). Get a petition to get "The Powers That Be" to
RELEASE such breakthrough technology to the consumer and the
corporate world...for me, It would be REALLY NICE to be able to
render a 200 hour multimedia content job in less than a second!


posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 06:35 PM
Interesting, I have been keeping up on this spy case for the past few days and here I was amused with the spies embedding data on websites for their handlers to pick up. This whole thing has been one big wtf. Who would have thought that we would have Russian spies plying their trade in the US today. It seems that the tech level of the spy game has greatly improved. Although in context to your conjecture, I would not be surprised if such a breakthrough was made and kept silent. If a quantum computer was commercially available it would further complicate the ability of intelligence agencies to work against the computer geek sitting in his basement.[Who is more skilled w/ a computer than our professionals]

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 06:41 PM
reply to post by StargateSG7

An NSA geek dropped the bomb on us out at Redstone back in the '90s that they had a mathematical attack on prime factored encryption that reduced the level of complexity to something do-able.

He didn't elaborate, just said "it's no longer a concern", his exact words IIRC.

We didn't see him again after that.

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 07:25 PM
I think some of the passwords were found during searches written down on pieces of paper (at least one was according to this

I didn't see the NBC report you describe, but almost all the methods of interception of communications were mundane - telephone and email taps. There's no mention anywhere I can see of the specific encryption used in the emails (if any), and the telephone codes seemed like something out of a low budget film. See the above link for some examples. : )

It'd be cool if we did have super-secret quantum computers, but I don't think this particular case is the smoking gun.

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 10:39 PM
It seems odd they would use such an interceptable method of communication. I was reading again recently about "Numbers stations", there are threads on ATS about it.

All that's needed for that method is a shortwave radio, something that's very simple to buy, and the nature of it means it's not like mail/internet that can be intercepted in the same way. The problem with it is it's one-way, but it's great for sending messages to spies in the field, and handlers can do the work of getting messages back via embassies and suchlike.

They are typically believed to use one-time pads, which are not subject to the same problems of decryption by quantum computing.

On the actual topic of quantum computing, it would not suprise me to find that there has been a big breakthrough, especially behind closed doors.

It's been quite a few years now that open academic research has had actual working quantum computers, albeit quite limited.

Another one I saw was computation on molecules, here's a link:

If that's what we have out in the open, and the normal ideas of "The military is 30 years ahead of the public" are true, I can only imagine what they have and drool!


Just read the telegraph link above, this section is most likely what I'm talking about with Numbers Stations and One-Time Pads:

RADIOGRAMS: Short-wave radio transmissions of coded data – always referred to as RGs. One FBI raid uncovered a spiral notebook filled with random columns of numbers that was used to decipher incoming messages.

[edit on 30/6/2010 by harpsounds]

posted on Jul, 1 2010 @ 07:07 AM
Pretty amazing if true. I've often thought that there could be a very simple solution to the current economic disaster, sitting in a DARPA lab. And most likely the rest of the government has no idea what kind of hidden technology we have. Maybe we'll reach the point where the economy becomes the biggest threat to our existence and this kind of stuff will be released, changing the world. Or not.

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