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The Mystery of the Dropa Stones

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posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 12:11 PM

- The Mystery of the Dropa Stones -

*I was advised by a moderator prior to posting that this forum (At the time of posting was the Ancient & Lost Civilizations Forum) was the best place for this thread so thats why Ive posted it here opposed to the Aliens & UFO forum for example (of course I was advised that unless I tried to maintain an alien theme thread which is not what Ive tried to do here)

Also I have tried to post as much information here as possible and much of it is indeed alien themed which was unavoidable really especially once you have a basic understanding of this story so If another moderator feels that this thread belongs in a different forum then my apologies.

Now the Dropa Stones are something I've only really come across relatively recently to be honest and they're also something I've decided to try to look into further as well as I personally find them quite fascinating to say the least but that being so I'm sure there will be others here (many of them in fact) that will know alot more about them than I so if that's the case then please do share your opinion as I'd love to hear what you have to say/contribute on the Dropa Stones' origin for example or if you wish the possibility on them being nothing more than a complete hoax in the first place. (Which I'm of course open to being a possibility)

Now I think it's also quite necessary that I mention here particularly in this early stage of this thread that after searching ATS I have found quite a few threads on this topic as well but none of them seem to be well, exactly new to be perfectly honest and in this thread I've tried to add as much information as I possibly can as well as explain the story as best as I could with all the necessary details etc. so I hope this thread is still ok to be posted as I'm not really trying to create a duplicate thread or anything like that here, just an interesting discussion on a story that hasn’t been discussed in a while and something that I'm interested by.

Ok, so If that's cleared up (I hope so anyway) then from my time researching the Dropa stones I must stress that this thread is just the story that some believe to be true as well as my own added conclusions, opinions and of course as much necessary information on the various aspects of this fascinating 'story' as is possible/needed.

I hope you find this to be as fascinating a read as I find this a fascinating story



The Sections Of This Thread You Will Hopefully Be Reading:

How did we find the Dropa Stones?

A closer look at the Dropa Stones

An Alien Code broken?

The Caves Skeletons revisited


Dropa Stones Documentary:

*These are NOT Hyperlinks*


First off.....

How did we find the Dropa Stones?

In the year 1938 a quite fascinating discovery was supposedly made by a Chinese man named Chi Pu Tei (also a professor of archaeology at Beijing University) and his student team after embarking on an archaeological expedition located at the pathless Baian-Kara-Ula mountains on the border that divides China and Tibet.
Now from my own understanding he was leading some his students on an expedition to survey a series of interlinking caves in the Himalayan Mountains but of course found much much more..... otherwise you'd not be reading this thread.

It's claimed that through this peculiar expedition that one of the fascinating discoveries that was made was the actual caves themselves that the team was exploring as they MAY have been artificially carved somehow It's said, It's also worth mentioning at this point these caves are said to be around 10 - 12,000 years old as well, they also say the caves were more like a complex system of tunnels and underground store rooms than anything else.
The walls were even squared and glazed; they say it's as if it was actually cut into the mountain with a source of extreme heat!

Looking at the age of when this is supposed to have occurred and the technology that would be around at the time I have to ask the question of how could this have occurred, I'm assuming there would be a natural way but as of right now I'm not aware of it.

Now the caves themselves were a fascinating discovery admittedly (if this is all true of course) there's simply no denying it but it's what was inside the caves that really made this story come to life so to speak and become as popular and as interesting as it is today to many who believe in it.

I say this primarily as it's claimed that none other than and I Quote 'neat' burial sites were said to have been discovered, Many (716 to be exact) strange seemingly impossible disks and bizarrely actual "Alien Looking Skeletons" were also said to have been found here!

Of course it's relatively obvious that these were no ordinary skeletons as well, they was actually reported to have been described as measuring 'a little more than four feet tall', were seemingly very very 'frail and spindly with disproportionately large skulls' and to be perfectly honest if we was to find them today IMHO they would be described as extraterrestrials appearance wise It would seem.

Of course this wasn’t the only claim as at least one of the students maintained (it seemed) a steady head and didn’t jump to conclusion and shout 'ALIEN' at the first possible chance as it was suggested that it was possible that these skeletons could simply be the remains of an unknown species of mountain gorilla.
The professor Chi Pu Tei is reputed to have responded, 'Who ever heard of apes burying one another?' Yet, 'what kind of human was this'?
I'll come back to this area shortly. (See section: The Caves' Skeletons revisited)

A closer look at the Dropa Stones

On the walls were carved pictograms of the heavens: the sun, the moon, the stars, and the Earth with lines of dots connecting them. Then the team made the most incredible discovery of all. Half-buried in the dirt floor of the cave was an odd stone disk, obviously fashioned by the hand of an intelligent creature. The disk was approximately nine inches in diameter and three-quarters of an inch thick.

In the exact center was a perfectly round, 3/4" hole, and etched in its face was a fine groove spiraling out from the center to the rim, making the disk look for all the world like some kind of primitive phonograph record.

The disks (All in all 716 exact same disks from the description above were said to have been found) miraculously dated back to around 10,000 - 12,000 BC.
I mean as far as I'm aware (I could very well be wrong of course) the age of when the disks were found would seriously raise questions about how the disks came about as the technology was just not sufficient to produce the type of disks made and from the materials they were made from. Surely? (more about that later)

I mean please excuse my ignorance but how could it be possible to create 716 (I'm assuming more would have been made if possible tbh) disks each with a center which was a perfectly round, had a 3/4" hole, and etched in its face was a fine groove spiraling out from the center to the rim and from a metallic substance.

Also not forgetting what ELSE was said to have been found inside the seemingly impossible carved caves which of course were pictograms of the heavens: the sun, the moon, the stars, and the Earth with lines of dots connecting them.

Now please don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying it is 100% extraterrestrials that are the culprits or anything like that here, believe me, as it very well could be something much more local but it's quite interesting and unlikely to me anyway especially since it wasn’t just the moon and stars etc. but also lines connecting them. That's the key for me as it shows a slightly more advanced knowledge of the cosmos rather than simply recognizing other worlds.

Anyway yes, this is an interesting discovery indeed from my point of view but what else is interesting was a small discovery in nature with these disks as I’ve already mentioned they were filled with very small grooves and upon further inspection in 1958 after being examined by Dr Tsum Um Nui (I found this: Gordon Creighton: `As it stands, this name is corrupt and quite unidentifiable. Neither –Tsum-, -Um-, nor –Nui- are monosyllables used in the transliteration of standard Chinese (Mandarin) of Peking, though they might perhaps be understandable in one of the more outlandish minor dialects.', See Hoax?!?! Section of this thread) it was concluded that the grooves were not just grooves at all!

Please do continue reading into the next post.

Thank You…

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posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 12:12 PM
The so called 'grooves' consisted of literally hundreds of thousands of hieroglyphic symbols of what was at the time a completely unknown origin!

Well, It was unknown until 1965 when supposedly a Dr under the name of ‘Tsum Um Nui’ then claimed that he and his small team had actually managed to break some of the I quotealien code’! (See the next section for the discussion about the deciphering of the hieroglyphs
) after tirelessly working and trying to make sense of what they meant.

Breaking an Alien Code

Dr. Tsum Um Nui felt the smooth face of the disk with the palm of his hand. "What could this disk possibly be?" he wondered. He knew of its recent history; how it was discovered in 1938 by a Chinese archaeologist in a cave high in the Himalayans, along with 715 similar disks; how buried nearby were skeletons of a strange tribe of people averaging only a little over four feet high; how it was found that each disk was inscribed with a tiny groove that spiraled around its face, and that the groove turned out to be an unknown hieroglyphic. He also knew how the disks, as remarkable as they were, had been simply labelled along with other finds of the expedition and stored away at Beijing University for 20 years. During that time, others had attempted to decipher the strange inscriptions, but without success. Perhaps now, in 1962, he could.

Sadly and frustratingly though the weather had already taken it’s tole on the disks as it had already started to erode some parts of it and by the time closer inspections were needed (remember, the fact that to even see what was wrote a magnifying glass was in fact needed ) but after a long struggle it seems as though (well according to the man who had achieved it anyway) that the impossible task of breaking the 'alien code' was partially achieved, but achieved nonetheless.

Dr. Tsum Um Nui painstakingly transcribed some (Not all) of the characters from the disk to paper by making sense of them as eventually a word emerged. Then another. Then phrases became understandable, then an entire sentence. The code was seemingly broken and his discovery or what is believed to be what the hieroglyphs mean were to be if true an astonishing discovery, maybe the greatest in history!

What was particularly odd though from my point of view at least is that allegedly and of course very strangely indeed if that the professor was forbidden to publish his findings when word got out of his 'discovery', he wasn't even allowed to speak of it any further.

In fact It would be another two years before publishing his paper was to be finally achieved after the university finally relented slightly publishing under the title, "The Grooved Script Concerning Spaceships Which, as Recorded on the Discs, Landed on Earth 12,000 Years Ago." Although some claimed he managed to publish the paper while still under a ban but to be perfectly honest I don’t really feel that hold's much relevance anymore as the fact it was published is what really counts here surely?

Of course now though the question would be why was there a ban in the first place?

Were they afraid of ridicule or something slightly more sinister? (the conspiracy Theorist in me prefers the latter.

Anyway sadly and of course expectedly after publishing the paper he was met with his fair share of ridicule by the entire archaeology establishment and was branded a laughing stock.
It seems to me anyway that anything outside of the norm will always be met with ridicule sadly and it'll never be accepted, at least straight away especially to some who will NEVER believe in anything under the definition of 'paranormal' (not that I'm saying this was the case here but it's just a modern day observation from my POV).

Now the code that was encased in these small disks was fascinating if true, because from my understanding it tells the story of how an actual space probe from a distant planet actually crash landed on Earth around 12,000 years ago.....

The Dropa disks tell the story of a space probe from a distant planet that crash-landed in the Baian-Kara-Ula mountains of the Himalayas. The occupants of the spacecraft -- the Dropa -- found refuge in the caves of the mountains. Despite their peaceful intentions, the Dropa were misunderstood by members of the Han tribe who were occupying neighboring caves and who hunted down the aliens and even killed some of them.

A translation of one of the passages says: "The Dropa came down from the clouds in their aircraft. Our men, women, and children hid in the caves ten times before sunrise. When at last they understood the sign language of the Dropa, they realized that the newcomers had peaceful intentions...."

The stones then go on to explain how the Dropa were then un-able to repair their disabled spacecraft after the crash landing and how/why they could not return to their home, and were subsequently stranded on Earth.

Being stranded it carries on to explain how they attempted to adapt to life here but unfortunately most of them were hunted and then killed by the local tribes (as was mentioned in the external link above) that lived in the same area at the time.

Because of this though others were then forced to live in the local caves which I would assume would be the caves originally found by Chi Pu Tei and his student team obviously.

Bizarrely though it's believed by some that the descendents of this 'alien race' could have actually survived and to this day still be living among us!

In fact this interesting article may enlighten on that slightly...

In 1995 China released the following news report: "In the province of Sichuan, which lies on the eastern border of the Baian-Kara-Ula mountains, 120 people of a previously ethnologically unclassified tribe have been discovered.

The most important aspect of this new tribe is the size of its people: No taller than 3 ft. 10 in. (\116 cm)., the smallest adult measuring only 2 ft. 1 in. (63.5 cm). This discovery might be the first hard evidence on the existence of the Dropa-(Sometimes known as ‘Dzopa’) - a people whose predecessors are said to have come from outer space."

Still today, the isolated area is inhabited by two tribes of people who, in fact, call themselves the Dropa and the Han. Anthropologists have been unable to categorize either tribe into any other known race; they are neither Chinese nor Tibetan. Both tribes are of pygmy stature, and body weights of 38 to 52 pounds (14-19 kg).
They are yellow-skinned with thin bodies and disproportionately large heads, corresponding to the skeletal remains found in the caves in 1938.

They have sparse hair on their bodies and have large eyes that are not
Asian in aspect, but have striking pale blue irises."

I also found this quite fascinating set of links that actually go on to explain that the stones were later sent to Russia after scientists there became interested in the stones after hearing of this story.

What they found was extremely fascinating and of course if true is an extremely odd and peculiar phenomenon indeed...

When Chi Pu Tei published these theories in 1965, they were met with derision. Several of the disks were later sent to Moscow to be studied by Soviet scientists, where they were discovered to contain large amounts of cobalt and other metallic substances and when placed on a special turntable were found to vibrate as if an electric current was passing through it. The scientists speculated that the disks could in fact be somewhat similar to modern computer hard disks.

So if they were discovered to contain 'large amounts of cobalt and other metallic substances' How is it possible with the technology of the age (Yes, I'm sounding like a broken record but it's true) that hieroglyphs as small as what was wrote could have actually been written?

When testing a disk with an oscillograph, a surprising oscillation rhythm was recorded as if, the scientists said, they had once been electrically charged or had functioned as electrical conductors.

Russian Research:

according to Dr. Vyatcheslav Saizev, who described the experiments in the Soviet magazine Sputnik, they vibrate or "hum" in an unusual rhythm as though an electric charge is passing through them. Or as one scientist suggested, "as if they formed some part of an electrical circuit." At some time, they have clearly been exposed to extraordinarily high voltages. "They seem like ancient hard disks, spinning like the hard disks we have now days. Perhaps if we could read these ancient hard disks, we would find more answers."

Please do continue reading into the next post.

Thank You…

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posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 12:12 PM

The Caves Skeletons revisited

Extract from my first post:

Of course it's relatively obvious that these were no ordinary skeletons as well, they was actually reported to have been described as measuring 'a little more than four feet tall', were seemingly very very 'frail and spindly with disproportionately large skulls'

Today though (or shall I say in more 'modern times') It was announced in a news report in China of all places (as has already been mentioned previously in this thread, See lower half of the section Breaking an 'alien code') that a new tribe had been discovered In the province of Sichuan, which lies on the eastern border of the Baian-Kara-Ula mountains, 120 people of a previously ethnologically unclassified tribe in fact.

The dropa that are claimed to be alive today in that exact same region are as adults measuring not much taller that around 4 foot and body weight of roughly 38 to 52 pounds on average.

They are also relatively yellow-skinned with thin bodies and disproportionately large heads, sparse hair on their bodies and have large eyes that are not Asian in aspect, but have pale blue irises and are relatively frail stunted people.

When they arrived here 12,000 years ago they was cast out (from what was wrote in the grooves) because of their 'ugliness' and of course because they were simply different to the locals at the time and the circumstances that they had arrived.

Not all of them were liquidated and some were said to have survived and then bred and of course as is mentioned already there graves were dug up so some would have survived to achieve these graves in the first place.

Many people incorrectly believe that the story of the Dropa tribe was first aired in a 1978 book titled Sungods in Exile, edited by David Agamon. This book details the 1947 expedition of the English scientist Dr Karyl Robin-Evans, who supposedly reached the Baian-Kara-Ula mountains and made contact with the Dropa. According to the book, the tribe comprised several hundred members, all dwarfish in appearance and four feet (1.22 metres) tall on average. Dr Robin-Evans stayed there for half a year, learned the Dropa’s language and was introduced to the history and traditions of the dwarfish beings, who told him that their ancestors had come from Sirius, of all places.

It is now known that the book was largely science fiction dressed up as non-fiction, but many people had already decided that the Dropa story was bogus—especially those who erroneously) argue that the book was the first to mention the “ridiculous” story.

It would seem that Sungods in Exile either was meant to cash in on stories about the Dropa that were in circulation for a few years before it was published, or—if you like a conspiratorial explanation—was meant to discredit the story. Why? Perhaps it was merely because China was a communist nation and any interest in things Chinese was officially discouraged at the time by western governments.

Furthermore, the story reported in Sungods in Exile of an expedition coming across dwarfish people in the Baian-Kara-Ula region has nonfictional counterparts. Dr Dendl found a 1933 clipping about a Chinese confrontation with dwarf like beings. Though some might argue that the location was in “Tibet”, at that time Baian-Kara-Ula was mistakenly labelled as being part of Tibet. The article relates how a woman, only 1 m 20 cm tall, was seen being escorted by Chinese soldiers and that she and her group were being held as slaves. There was also a statement that they were cannibals, but this might merely have been an excuse to cover for their inhumane treatment.

I thought that this link was particularly interesting and provides a different angle on the story, one I thought of myself in all honesty but also one I'm not sure about as it could very well be an attempt at discrediting this story or simply a case of refusing to believe the truth and finding any means possible to find truth in lies so to speak.

Also again as I have mentioned it's already been confirmed that these dwarf like people do indeed exist by the media, such as a news report claiming that the Associated Press (AP) stated that some 120 “dwarfish beings” had been discovered in Sichuan Province, in a so-called “Village of the Dwarfs”.

Some sceptics cast doubt on the AP account however, though it is easily verifiable.

In fact, on 9 November 1995, the German publication Bild ran a report titled “Das Dorf der Zwerge – Umweltgifte schuld?” ('The Village of the Dwarfs – environmental pollution to blame?') About the discovery.

Even with these bizarre claims as far as I'm aware the entire region that these people are said to be in is actually closed off to all foreigners by the Chinese Authorities.
It makes me wonder though if they're trying to hide something, even though they seem to be attracting, to me anyway, more attention to themselves and causing increased unnecessary mystery for this story.

According to a report in Bild on 27 January 1997, a Chinese ethnologist claimed that the tribe’s dwarfism was due to a high concentration of mercury in the soil, which had poisoned their drinking water for several generations. The claim did not go unchallenged, however. Dr Norbert Felgenhauer of the Munich Institute for Toxicology argued that this theory is nonsense. He stated that such poisoning would result in immediate death, not stunted growth, and introduced as evidence the case of the Japanese town of Minamata, where in the 1960s many inhabitants died from mercury poisoning.

He also noted that mercury was unable to change human DNA and hence could not be held responsible for causing a hereditary trait—one that was clearly apparent in this tribe.


Now as I’ve explained this for me is such a mysterious story, sadly though there is just soooo many claims of hoax but then again at the same time sooooooo many claims of truth upon a claim of hoax making this story simply a case of not knowing whether to believe one side or the other as they both put up good arguments for and against the credibility of.

I think it's only fair though that as I’ve explained the story (or at least tried to as best as I can anyway) and given as many details as I can/aware of that I at the very least however dedicate an entire section for the discussion of and to the many claims of Hoax that there is, After all denying ignorance is what we're all here to do isn’t it? much of a cliché as that may sound.

And Of course denying ignorance really can only be possible when you understand ALL of a story, not just some of it.


Below is a detailed rebuttal of most sensationalistic Extraterrestrial/Dropa claims:

1. The discovery. There are no mentions of 'Tsum Um Nui' anywhere; as he is supposed to have fled China and died in Japan in the 1960s this cannot be negated by Cultural Revolution, Communist cover-up theory. Also, there is no mention of the 1938 archaeological expedition to the Banyan Kara Ulla range. No "Peking Academy of Pre-History" ever existed.

2. Early Sources. The earliest mention of the story is in Erich von Damien¹s infamous 1968 book, Chariots of the Gods. The book has been widely criticized as unreliable; in fact, the vast majority of names and sources appearing in the book cannot be corroborated, and no existence of the following Soviet or Chinese scholars can be found anywhere outside this story: Cho Pu Tei, Tsum Um Nui, Ernst Wagener, Vyatcheslav Saizev, and Sergei Lolladoff. Most tellingly, Däniken gives his main source for the story as a Soviet science fiction writer Alexander Kazantsev; however Kazantsev himself disagrees with Däniken's account and says that it was Däniken who told him the story, not the other way around.

3. Later Sources. The 1978 book Sungods in Exile "edited" by David Agamon, appeared to lend support to the story of the Dropa, but Agamon admitted in the magazine Fortean Times in 1988 that the book was fiction and that its alleged author, a British researcher named Dr. Karyl Robin-Evans, was imaginary. Some websites claim to show a photo of Dr Robin-Evans with the Dalai Lama. A frail, old man assisted by the current Dalai Lama, the photograph is quite recent and cannot be Dr Robin-Evans -- he died in 1978, according to Hartwig Hausdorf.

4. Translation. There is absolutely no precedent for an unknown language being successfully deciphered. All lost ancient languages have been rediscovered only because they survived in forms familiar to scientists. Even in such cases, deciphering and understanding these older language forms and their scripts has usually taken decades for multiple teams of highly competent linguists, and their findings are constantly being debated and updated. Many ancient scripts (notably Linear A from the island of Crete and Rongorongo from Easter Island), have defied deciphering precisely because they cannot be linked to any known language. Given these facts, there would be even greater difficulties in translating a truly extraterrestrial language. It is therefore highly unlikely that a single Chinese scholar with no reported background in linguistics could single-handedly decipher an alien script or language in his spare time.

Please do continue reading into the next post.

Thank You…

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posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 12:12 PM

5. The Disks. All that exists of the supposed alien disks are several wide-angle photographs. The disks photographed, firstly, do not match the described "12-inch disks"; the disks photographed are very large. Secondly, the photos show none of the supposed deep grooves. Finally, absolutely no photos, descriptions, analyses or any other evidence of the actual 'alien script' appear anywhere at all.

6. The Evidence. The disks were supposed to be stored in several museums in China. None of these museums have any traces of these disks, nor can any be found of the ones supposedly sent to USSR for analysis.

7. The Dropa Tribe. While reported to be a tribe of feeble dwarfs, in actuality the Dropa’s are nomadic herders who inhabit most of the northern Tibetan Plateau. The Ham are also inhabitants of Tibet, and traditionally have supplied Tibet's warriors: many of the 13th Dalai Lama's bodyguards during his escape from the Chinese invasion were Ham Tibetans. The word "Dropa", according to Chrieghton, describes the nomadic residents of Tibetan highlands, and can be roughly translated as "solitude" or "isolated". Furthermore, Chreighton described the Dropa as not resembling "troglodytes", or as stunted; on the contrary, they tend to be rather large and sturdy, befitting their occupation as herders. (Richie, 95-96)

To be fair, and as far as I'm aware of course it doesn't say anywhere at all that the deciphering of the hieroglyphs ('Alien Code') is a Hoax at all, in fact the primary argument is it's simply 'unlikely' to be decoded.

I mean yes, it may be true that no one has ever achieved the deciphering of a 'stand-alone' language as such, But nowhere does the account say, and no one has ever argued, that this was exactly a “unique language” to be perfectly honest.

It's just known that we couldn't actually read the inscriptions right away, doesn’t mean it wasn't already based on a language in a way.

The translation of the discs might be precisely such an event: Professor Um Nui publishes his translation, the media pick it up and create a controversy; he decides to retire and return to Japan, while the media outside of China also report on it, ending up in the German magazine “The Vegetarian Universe”. If the story was invented, it means that it was invented (or misreported) in 1962.
The 1978 Sungods in Exile hoax is now clearly nothing more than a footnote in the story, largely responsible for popularising the entire saga but definitely not for creating or inventing it out of thin air.

The 1962 article also discusses some technical details of the discs, underlining the potential factual nature of the story. It notes that the discs were composed of cobalt, iron and nickel—the only metals to produce a magnetic field. Nickel is found largely in Canada and Central Africa, but in recent years it has been found in China, in the general area where the discs were located.

For Hausdorf, this is a further indication that the story is factual, for this find post-dates the discovery of the discs—and the 1962 article. In short, what in 1962 was unlikely and improbable has now been confirmed.

- The Hoax of the Lolladoff Plate

Here's a quick summary of the lolladoff plate that some may be interested in seeing.

It wasn't made clear in that particular video but the lolladoff plate is a subject that often pops up when discussing the Dropa stones as a whole and as I understand it, It's quite simply a complete Hoax (which of course is why it's posted in this section of this thread)

This link explains actually quite well and the subsequent link that follows why this is possibly a hoax.

The reason why the “Lolladoff Plate” has been welcomed in some alternative circles is that it appears to be independent verification of the so-called Dropa stones. The Bad Archaeology website deals with this alleged discovery in some detail; the basic story is that a 1938 expedition to a remote part of China located the graves of a mysterious short people known as the Dropa together with 716 stone discs which, after translation, recorded the arrival of these people when their space-ship crashed.

Although there are still those who maintain that it first appeared in the German magazine Das Vegetärische Universum in July 1962, the story can be traced back to a magazine called Новое Русское Слово (Russian Digest) published in 1960; it was called “Were Alien Visitors on Earth?” and was written by V Ritch and M Chernenko. None of the people it mentions ever existed and the story was clearly a hoax. The “Lolladoff Plate” has been the only apparently confirmatory discovery; both stories turn out, with little research, to be fictional. And the picture? David A Gamon told Patrick Gross that “he probably made a rough sketch of the plate for one of his friends who had a forgery talent and who made a black and white painting of the plate and photographed it just enough out of focus so that it appears real”.

The “Lolladoff Plate” is testimony to the laziness of some “researchers” and their willingness to accept wild tales that happen to confirm their beliefs, nothing more.

Please do continue reading into the next post.

Thank You…

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posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 12:13 PM

Dropa Stones Documentary:

I’m sure some here can take a lot away from this interesting documentary as well so for those of you who decide to watch I hope you enjoy!

The Asian Extraterrestrial Mystery - The Dropa Stones - Part 1

The Asian Extraterrestrial Mystery - The Dropa Stones - Part 2

The Asian Extraterrestrial Mystery - The Dropa Stones - Part 3

The Asian Extraterrestrial Mystery - The Dropa Stones - Part 4

The Asian Extraterrestrial Mystery - The Dropa Stones - Part 5

Quite a fascinating documentary and I'm sure it can help alot here understand this story better.


Also here are some links that I used when making this thread as well as some more that some may find interesting and/or enlightening.

Crystallinks - Dropa Stone Discs

SkepticWiki - Dropa Stones - The Dropa Stones Part 1

- - The Dropa Stones Part 2

- - The Dropa Stones Part 3

The Dropa tribe and their stone discs revisited

Dropa Stones

Sci.Archaology - Information on the Dropas


Now I'm fairly confident that the Lolladoff Plate for example is a complete hoax, could be wrong, In fact I’d love to be, but I'm still to be perfectly honest not completely convinced about this entire story, In regards to it being a complete hoax I mean, Like for example why is the government seemingly covering up the entire area from outside view? Why have these people supposedly been spotted before? why was there a news report about this in 1995? Why was it allegedly stopped from being published as soon as was attempted so?

So many questions and I'm sure the answers are obvious for hardened sceptics but this story for me is something that I’m looking at from a completely neutral view, I don’t want to just ignore it and call Hoax straight away, It’s just too much of a fascinating story for me to just ignore.

Anyway I'd really enjoy hearing any input from the fantastic members here, many of whom will no doubt know a great deal about this particular story, probably more than me by far in fact.

Anyway so Thank You for reading, I hope you enjoyed this thread and I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 12:35 PM
reply to post by Rising Against
Hiya RA. This is a remarkably good OP and one of the most honest I've read around here for a while. Why 'honest?!' I say honest because you've presented all sides of the argument and still expressed your opinions and questions

As far as they are presented in the fringe websites, I believe the Dropa Stones are hoaxed. Although the evidence and lack of evidence have led to my opinion, there are a couple of other indicators...

To me, the background story illustrates the same template used in many forbidden archaeology, conspiracies and UFO tales. We've got distant countries, scientists, cover-ups and a little mysticism. Indiana Jones, Montauk and Egyptian treasure in the Grand Canyon. These kind of stories usually follow the same three-act story arc as fiction.

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 12:37 PM
I find it fascinating that so much ancient lore revolves around 'stones'. From stories of the Lapis Exilis to the Chintimani Stone to Rosetta and the perfectly carved stones in the arid deserts of South America.

All of these myths, legends and stories seem to have developed across many diverse and disconnected cultures, along with the similar stories of the great flood and an almost disconcerting convergence of end-time prophecies.

This is fascinating! Thank you!

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 12:48 PM
Very nice post, thank you!

The Dropa stone story has always fascinated me and personally, I believe the story of the "small, yellowish beings" and I believe it is a story that has been discredited and ridiculed because of it's truth, imo.

I connected the anomalies in this vid as Dropa type ufos, and am unsure if these things are crafts or some type of space organism. The way all the anomalies appear around the tether is liken to dropping a light in the water and numerous sea creature/organisms respond to the stimuli. Check the one at :53 into the vid, looks like a "Dropa" anomaly.

The Tether Incident & Space Station UFOs:


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posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 01:04 PM
reply to post by Kandinsky

Well thank you very much Kandinsky!

I'm glad I came off as ‘Honest’ as my intention is never to be anything else and also because to be perfectly honest there Will no doubt be members here who will know more about this topic than I do.
In fact I’m more than happy to admit I’m not the most knowledgeable person in this thread here but I find this story just too interesting to ignore which is why I tried to bring as much info as I possibly could together and why I may have used a little bit of extra effort to keep a neutral position.

Hopefully at the same time gain a better understanding of this story and 'provoke' a great discussion at the same time of course.

Also there is a lot of speculation about whether these disks are real or not, it’s been a heated debate for a seemingly long time indeed, I mean there have even been news reports about this very case as recent as 1995 and as far as I’m aware a new expedition is set to be made in the future a well (something I am looking into still) so hopefully this story isn't simply going to die out as well.

In fact we very well could be hearing a lot about it in the future for all we know.
I think I’ve made it aware what position I’d prefer to be on here but on the other hand however I’m open to this being a hoax, in fact I’m sort of leaning towards it being a hoax in all honesty
The matter of the fact is I simply don’t know whether it is or not, Hopefully the great minds here can sway my opinion slightly!

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posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 01:38 PM
I would love for this story to have some truth to it, but as you have stated there is a lot of absent evidence.

I would love to go to the area myself and see these caves and the people who are supposedly the descendants, in order to come to my own conclusion, unfortunately I have neither the time nor money for such an expedition, so I am left to ponder other peoples work on such things that both support and contradict these stories.

So I am left just to ponder, the stories and because of lack of evidence discovered thus far to support the story, I will have to side with it being a story of fiction.


posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 01:42 PM
reply to post by speculativeoptimist

Yeah, the Dropa disks are something I'm relatively new to in all honesty, It’s something definitely worth looking into further though of course.

It’s just it would be a lot nicer if it was a little clearer though (in other words less mysterious) and a little more evidence was available etc. which I think is the main reason why I'm leaning towards Hoax more than truth tbh.

Anyway thanks for posting that video as well!!

It was fascinating to watch!


posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 01:52 PM
reply to post by Rising Against

An excellent thread on a subject that needs to be looked at very closely. Many immediately scream hoax, but others (like me) would like further research into the possibility of the Dropa Stones being a reality. I did see a program in which the producers were at a Chinese museum trying to get a good look at an alleged Dropa Stone, only to be turned down. It was on the History Channel, and I cannot remember the name of it.

Many questions still need to be answered, but I will be more skeptical about this story until something major appears to support it.

Thank you for posting this.

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 01:57 PM
The is also a disc know as the phoistos (dont know how to spell it) disk..Which is also ancient and tells a similar story of alien landing and human capture..but this was in Greece.

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 02:04 PM
Great posting!!

I was glued to my seat as I read it all. That doesn't happen often.

I admit, I was all for the idea of them being alien etc but now... thanks to your posting... I am not so sure.

I hope some of the experts can chime in. I want it all to be true but I doubt it is. Why? IF it was, the Chinese Gov't would be all over it. Those mountains would be a huge command center etc.

Anyway, good-no great-work. F&S

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 02:06 PM
See below...and to think I read the whole thread.

Either way - great OP RA.

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posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 02:08 PM
reply to post by facelift

That image (the lolladoff image) is as far as I'm aware a confirmed Hoax.

That's why I posted it in the Hoax section of my thread.

EDIT IN REPLY TO THE EDITED POST ABOVE: Everyone makes mistakes, Anyway glad you enjoyed it!!

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posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 02:18 PM
Are there pictures of the stones, specifically the ones that purportedly showing these stories of the alien ship crashing on earth, and the survivors being hunted to the point of extinction by the native residents?

What is it about stones, and megalithic structures in general that seems to draw some areas of study to draw the Alien (other worldly as opposed to foreigner or invader) contact conclusion?

Seeing as there is no settled debate on the construction methods of the pyramids that have been found on every continent, except Antarctica to our knowledge thus far; is there really any definitive proof that there isn't perhaps some lost artisan, or manufacturing methodologies that could be responsible for the construction of these stones? Providing the dating of them is accurate

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 02:19 PM
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Oh, I so agree there as well man, In fact If money was no problem I'd be there in a flash as well lol

Just one minor problem though.....

The whole area is said to be closed off to foreigners for some strange reason, Maybe they have something to hide or maybe just China being busy, who knows.

I mentioned it just above the 'Hoax?!?!' Section of this thread.

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posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 02:27 PM

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posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 02:30 PM

Originally posted by pajoly
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I am sorry, but I can't read your post and you are not to be taken seriously. Your first three paragraphs have over 300 words and exactly three end of sentence at the end of each paragraph. I have never in my life read such long runon sentences.

Mods, you should dump posts like this or ask the poster to re-write it in at least moderately functional English. This sort of thing dumbs down ATS and the English language in general when tolerated.


You counted the words but didn't read them?

Then you took the time to make a grammatically-incorrect post about your lack of reading and comprehension?

Why even bother to post?

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