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And they wonder why people are breaking windows.

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posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 11:58 AM
My friends, we are all aware of the recent events at the G20.
What many of you may not know, and I believe deserves its own thread.
The shenanigans that are politicians and officials play.
I have been participating in ats' coverage of the event. There was a law passed on the eve of the G20 summit.
One that expanded police powers in the event.
It would give our police the right to arrest ANY ONE AROUND THE BARRIER.
And was not to be used on peaceful protesters.
This law was passed while no one was watching and last minute with not a whisper.
Our Premier won't even talk about it!!!!!
As we have all seen in the videos by now this was not the case.
Do you see a police barrier?
Yesterday police chief Bill Blaire pulled quite a controversial move when he displayed all the weapons confiscated from the protesters.
In the middle displayed was a chain saw and a crossbow.
Turns out these are things that were confiscated on thursday and they were from a man who was not related to the G20 police said originally.
The media then inquired again to the events that unfolded on sunday night.
When more than 200 people were corralled at queen and spadina and were taken one by one to what the locals now call.. "Toronomo Bay"
He also included in this message...
They blocked them and gave them no choice but to be detained.
Many of which were locals out for dinner or walking the dogs..
Yesterday we learn from police chief Bill Blair.
There was no five-meter rule...He was just trying to keep the criminals out.
ARE YOU SERIOUS...??? Really? My jaw dropped instantly when I heard this on the radio. THIS IS CANADA PEOPLE.
My comrades. I have feared the arrival of this human condition and I knew that it would arrive here as much as I want to resist.
The media have successfully made the citizens for get about the 1.4 billion.
I hear much criticism of the protesters across the GTA, not to say that there isn't any on the police.
People around here are worried about windows...
You know what I wonder about????

It's not the first time they've plunged 1billion down the toilet.

Seems like old Dalton to me

And lets not forget about what everyone's talking about.

New tax yay!

Oh yes our govt cares soooo much about us.
They spent 1.4 billion protecting FOREIGNERS.
And what did the municipality of Toronto get in exchange for holding this 72 hour billion dollar photo op you may ask?

A bunch of broken windows. Scared citizens. And a big wave of the middle finger.

Who is the criminal?
Do we really need all these police?
Do we really need all the leaders in one place?
We need more than windows.
We need more than cop cars.

A message brought to you from a disappointed resident of the GTA.

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posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 06:17 PM

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 11:14 PM
Thank you ghostsoldier.
You have pointed out what many people are missing.
The cops let this happen!
To retard the freedom movement.
Essentially its a false flag that works in reverse.
There is one video that displays one of these "bloc" picking up a newspaper box, and chucking it through the bank window...
mean while two cops just let him run off.
The police have claimed it was for their safety.
These are the same people that called the Black Bloc cowards because they would come out by one do their damage and blend back in the ground...
Last time I checked they use sort of the same tactic?
Do they not grab people One by one and bring them behind lines?
How can you call these people cowards when you your self use the same tactics...
Its not cowardly, It's smart and it's a tactic.
They say the our boys were in blue...but im pretty sure I saw a sea of Black


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