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Why we're fed lies: they're a lot less damaging than truths.

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posted on Jun, 29 2010 @ 11:38 PM
There has been a prevailing trend around the government to call all interventions by our governments as attempts to promote Democracy. When they fail to do the task they set out to do- they call it a mistake as in the case with Iraq and Vietnam- as if a mistake makes it somehow less bad of a war. I have been reading a little bit of history and I've been thinking that the US government has been intervening in other countries not to promote Democracy- but rather to interfere with it. I've gotten a little inspiration from Noam Chomsky, and, I think I agree with him from the facts that I've glanced upon. First, I'll start off with the Vietnam war.

Politicians around the world only seem to be willing to call the war on Vietnam a mistake- despite the fact that we deliberately set up a dictator in South Vietnam, and started helping the South Vietnam attack resistance targets in the North (, and then they made up a false-flag attack to start the war in Vietnam.

The whole Vietnam war was an imperial war. The North were rebelling against French rule ( The South had a dictator that the US happened to support because he was against communism. They thought that the Vietnam was completely under the control of the Soviets which they were mistaken- that there was some central command there. But, no Soviet troops came. Yet to this day- the only extent that our leaders seem to want to go- is to say that the war was an effort to contain communism, that it was a mistake, but they never say that it was a wrong war.

The government consistently says that it is for Democracy promotion. Yet at the same time it continues to interfere in the elections of other countries. It's interfered in several countries of Latin America like El Salvador (, the US has in the past interfered and probably still is continuing to interfere in Venezuela's elections (, and the US government has interfered with Latin America Democracy so much ( that it's basically been prevented from developing like most other nations.

Plus to make matters weirder- JFK tried to invade Cuba in 1961 ( and he is said to be a hero for the disaster that he created when he solved the Cuban missile crisis. A lot of these interventions were done under Cold War pretexts. We invaded Guatemala and Nicaragua because they thought that since the leaders of the governments were communist ( that they might be more friendly with the Soviets- despite the fact that there have been cases of countries that have independently chosen to be communist in nature- like China and we've dealt with them without a problem. The interference with Nicaragua was more based on their involvement with the drug trade- and the US government blamed them for the problem- rather than the people who consume the drugs in the first place.

It seems more and more that when we say that we are promoting Democratic elections- in the real world- we only mean that they're approved by the US. We have intervened in the elections of El Salvador, Nicaragua, Iraq, and Afghanistan ( In all of these elections- it seems that we have a US approved candidate. No one else can oppose him. If someone opposes him that we don't like- we can just not recognize the results in the case of Hammas. In 2006 Palestine had an election- and Hammas was the ruling party and won with the majority of the votes. The US quickly denounced the victory as you know, and, now they're considered a terrorist organization.

They never taught you any of this stuff in school. Nor did they teach you that how in the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s- Saddam Hussein was our ally ( even though the state department thought low of him. The Iraq-Iran war was considered more important.

These are the kinds of things that aren't written in text-books for various reasons. People don't like being held accountable for things they actually did. That's why you're left with the standard Cold War story in text-books, while, you're not told about what really happened. You're just told that the US government wanted to promote Democracy, and, spread peace throughout the world while fighting communism. But in reality- our government intervened in many nations around the world, and, we crushed Democratic governments all in the name of fighting communism.

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