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A Common Verse

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posted on Jun, 29 2010 @ 02:38 PM
As this cesspool of filth churns into a dramatic void of heartlessness, I gather my remaining discipline into a sheltered area of mind in which I find myself quickly and angrily closing a large and creaky door that sounds as if it were meant to remain closed forever, but for some ungodly reason was opened.

It is called the door to self, the door to the room of circles where in which resides a glimmer of hope and curiosity, leading the most naive and hopeful to certain mental suicide and sometimes even physical death.

It is a door to the world outside from within in which, if you manage to get open, you have been instantly and unknowingly embedded strategically into a labyrinth of lies and deception from which there is a sliver of a window to escape through, only if you are lucky enough to have the precious and rare skill and prowess necessary to even know such a place exists, let alone know the invisible escape route.

The demons masquerading as individuals in this place are what scatter the world and so, make its population. The few that eventually manage to escape and close this door they have so hastily passed through, find that they will never cross such a barrier again even on fear of death, for death is a glorified method of justice compared to what lies inside this place and its lack of escape.

After being given the knowledge of such ways in which the heartless cooperative operates and cooperates, we find solace in silence and find solitude enlightening and freeing as far as we can get to such a thing. Alas, these few of us remain hidden, silent and camouflaged as distant from that place as we can get. For the poor soul that finds himself initiated into such curios torments and lost in this place, best wishes be to you but alas, as so many have fallen, you will likely fall to the same heartless state and succumb to the master of tears, the master of apathy and the master of greed.

The same state that takes your humanity and replaces it with a mental weapon called society will take all else it can. Sabotage, malice, manipulation, greed, apathy and ignorance teem inside your mind and heart and conspire with each other to slowly taint the traits that make us human and turn you into something that could only be referred to as a heartless cog operating a much larger assembly of cogs and machinery which in turn, spin through time, tears and years, churning the worlds blender, shredding and ripping, grinding and slicing, tearing down and violently cutting deep into everything for the sole purpose to keep the machine running and for the sole purpose to hurt as deeply as you can creatively fathom.

This room, this world, the door that should never be opened is a gateway into hell on earth through the approach of caring for others and trying to be human as it were. This hell is real and is right here silently baiting individuals with hope an reason, with purpose and effort and dragging them slowly into its trap and undertow forever to then force them into submission which leaves them no option but being cast into agony or being chaotically manipulated into a well formed machine wheel. Into a being that can only be classified as a black hole of misfortune and hate.

Never looking to help, never looking to care, only looking for its own benefit and survival but especially intent on and skilled at hunting down those with some soul and heart left. The few that have such things thought previously extinct such as love, charity, forgiveness, hope etc. have learned the art of disguise in which they can artistically hide any redeeming attributes from the outside menace constantly hunting them down, just to survive and at most times, unfortunately.

We constantly hope that some day, some place we can shed our skins of protection and beam the light of caring and love to spread it from person to person and have it catch like wildfire to infiltrate the machine, and from there disembowel its inner workings like a monkey wrench cast into the gears would do. We dream about the days rust and corrosion takes over and runs the machine inoperable and furthermore, extinct as our kind are currently close to becoming.

Those hidden behind the disguise of deceit and corruption, those hidden behind the veil of hate and spite, those hidden deep within them self for the sake of not being engineered into the machine against your will, take comfort within for you are not alone. Our kind is existent and even though we have not found that sliver escape route, we hope where it is unseen do we not?

We long for the day that we can "be" us without being trodden down like a insect or rodent. To my brothers, remain frozen and disguised, remain silent and corrupt, remain distant and infiltrated with necessary evil. For shortly we shall rise and by love, caring and human characteristics we will un-thawe and take this world, plant our seed and watch it bud like a carefully watched over and watered rose.

Until then, even though this mentioned time is unknown to be existent within our lifetime or existent at all in time itself, carry on and keep this sliver of a sliver. Oh you heartless world that turns good men into demons by force, we loathe thee! If our demise arrives early from seeking yours, we eagerly await the chance for such a death is a valiant place if for the sake of dismantling you and your reign of cold horror!

In honor of my kind I speak out and submit a common verse to be remembered on the days you lose, the days you hope and the days we forget why we do what must be done.

When dawn submits to spiteful grace
My battle time expired
I'll hand this verse unto the next
For constant are the tired.

Should the barrier of nightmares be breached
I pray my life be put to sleep
In breathless slumber I will remain
Never to taste this hell again

And in the void of death I'll lay
Grateful for no earthbound day
As heartless spins the world abound
I'd rather perish than in hell be found


[edit on 29-6-2010 by Crossfate]

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