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Exchange Rates 6/29/10

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posted on Jun, 29 2010 @ 02:40 AM
Was just surfing the cuban website and at the top it says:

1 Euro = 1.10178 CUC

Then I went to google search the dollar:

1 euros = 1.2260 US dollars

That means the cuban currency is worth more than the dollar!

1 USD = 0.89583 CUC

Even more interesting Kuwaiti Dinar is worth more than 2x the Pound, and the Iranian Rial is the most suppressed currency out of them all at 10425.00 to 1 USD!!! Talk about economic sanctions. Iran used to be called Persia and was one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

Value of 1 American Dollar to other foreign currencies:
Argentine Peso 4.01437 ARS
Australian Dollar 1.14426 AUD
Botswana Pula 7.01262 BWP
Brazilian Real 1.77713 BRL
British Pound 0.66456 GBP
Brunei dollar 1.3839 BND
Bulgarian Lev 1.58506 BGN
Canadian Dollar 1.03388 CAD
Chilean Peso 537.266 CLP
Chinese Yuan 6.79666 CNY
Colombian Peso 1900.18 COP
Croatian Kuna 5.8311 HRK
Danish Krone 6.03315 DKK
Estonian Kroon 12.6806 EEK
Euro 0.810438 EUR
Hong Kong Dollar 7.78272 HKD
Hungarian Forint 230.991 HUF
Iceland Krona 127.633 ISK
Indian Rupee 46.2047 INR
Iranian Rial 10425 IRR
Israeli New Shekel 3.88171 ILS
Japanese Yen 89.3508 JPY
Kazakhstani Tenge 147.3 KZT
Kuwaiti Dinar 0.2906 KWD
Latvian Lat 0.574439 LVL
Libyan Dinar 1.9324 LYD
Lithuanian Litas 2.79828 LTL
Malaysian Ringgit 3.22101 MYR
Mauritius Rupee 32.0151 MUR
Mexican Peso 12.645 MXN
Nepalese Rupee 74.35 NPR
New Zealand Dollar 1.41073 NZD
Norwegian Kroner 6.43245 NOK
Omani Rial 0.3845 OMR
Pakistan Rupee 85.4298 PKR
Qatari Rial 3.64 QAR
Romanian Leu 3.51771 RON
Russian Ruble 31.0086 RUB
Saudi Riyal 3.75 SAR
Singapore Dollar 1.38739 SGD
South African Rand 7.56593 ZAR
South Korean Won 1201.86 KRW
Sri Lanka Rupee 113.631 LKR
Swedish Krona 7.74649 SEK
Swiss Franc 1.08493 CHF
Taiwan Dollar 32.0527 TWD
Thai Baht 32.3697 THB
Trinidad/Tobago Dollar 6.32619 TTD
Turkish Lira 1.57249 TRY
Venezuelan Bolivar 4.29456 VEF

I know it's just fiat money, but if another country was doing to the USA as what is happening to Iran we wouldn't be peacefully building nuclear power plants, wind, and solar energy we would be dropping bombs.

posted on Jun, 29 2010 @ 04:25 AM

That means the cuban currency is worth more than the dollar!

you cant compare currencies like that.
you have to look, what can you buy for one dollar or for one cuban pesos.
another important factor, what does an average american or cuban worker earn per month.
in reality the u.s. is economical much stronger than cuba.

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