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The Water Bearer, The Messiah, Project Blue Beam and the Connection.

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posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 03:31 PM
I would like to tie the three together for ATS members to discern the truth.

This is not based on whimsical beliefs and explanations but based on truths steeped in ancient traditions, allegories, metaphors, religions, scriptures and the occult.

The Water Bearer:

Luke 22:10 says "He said to them: "Look! When YOU enter into the city a man carrying an earthenware vessel of water will meet you. Follow him into the house into which he enters.

Many will refer to this man as a metaphor for the age of Aquarius.
Being that Jesus was representative of the age of pieces i.e. the fish symbol you see on cars with the word JESUS in it, the coming age will be the water bearers.

Please see the following link for a breakdown of Aquarius and the water bearer.

This link also connects the Messiah to the Age of Aquarius.

This paragraph is taken from the followings site...

Every Great Age has had its predictable and identifiable Gods and/or Messiahs. When the Aquarian God, or shall we call him the coming Messiah, makes himself known in the years to come, how will we recognize him to be the long-awaited Messiah who will rule over the Great Age of Aquarius? [According to today's count, the Great Ages last for a period of 2160 years.] The answer is much simpler than we might expect, especially when we look back into history and see that the Astrological sign that ruled a particular Great Age, clearly reveals how past religions, and their ‘gods’, reflect the expected Astrological pattern of that Age. The most vivid picture comes to us from the Age of Pisces, which is now coming to a close, but the Astrological pattern of the past 2000 years was truly that of the sign of Pisces.

It is typical of the many sites that connect the coming messiah to the Age of Aquarius and that of the water bearer.

The Messiah, also known as the Logos is further explained here..

Taken from the above link:

“I am the Logos, and I am awakening through each and every one of you. I will
speak through every mouth, in every tongue, and from every perspective. I am not
One Truth. I am All as Truth. I am the expression of limitlessness and will change
“You have sought to know me through many names. Now it is time to know
me through your own name; for I am the eternal state of being within each and every
one of you. If you will allow your Self to recognize this, you will come to realize that
you are the Light that you seek. Know that I am you, telling your Self, that it is time to
dine at the banquet of limitlessness, and awaken your potential to be and live All
That You Are.
“You are all one and yet you are each uniquely special in your expression. With
the opening of your heart, mind, and spirit to the expression of All That You Are, so
you will aid all beings in speaking their own truth and living their own dream. There
will be Heaven on Earth. You will All become a Unified Diversity and change All
That Is forever.
“The time is now. Awaken and speak your dream.
“I greet you dearest one, as the Messiah that you are.”

This is more of a metaphysical take on the Messiah and is very telling of the more occult take on the messiah and the Age of Aquarius.

This is a breakdown of Project Blue Beam from a religious site but the information is the four step program the blue beam theorist’s associate with Project Blue Beam and it connects PBB to the Messiah.

So you may be thinking what is all this about and why the connections.

Well lets start by saying the Messiah/Maitreya is an Aquarian male.

He comes to us as the water bearer in this Age of Aquarius.
So let it be said here that the messiah will be an Aquarian male.

Aquarians have many attributes, revolution being at the heart of their being.

So Maitreya will come to us soon in this age of Aquarius which the bible says will happens about 2000 years after the age of Pisces.

Well its been about 2000 years since Christ was here. 2012 possibly? I think so.

Project Blue Beam ties into the equation thus...

In 2012 during the 2012 alien craft will land in east London...the current home of the Messiah according to Share International...the spokes people heralding the arrival of Maitreya/Messiah.

When this craft lands the will speak through one man...

Yes the messiah, and thus the new Age of Aquarius will dawn.

This is not a joke. People in the highest echelons of power believe in this more than they believe in any of us. Behind the guise of power and wealth and control which they know are all illusions to imprison the masses is the truth that all they are concerned with is the coming age of Aquarius , the messiah and project blue beam(alien connection). It has been planned from ancient times. TPTB are following an ancient blue print and they have created this world the way it is for the very purpose of greeting this messiah.

Start to make the connections time is running short.
The messiah is not bad.

He wants to wake you up and make you all aware that the time is now.
The time for change and revolution of the spirit is upon us.

Embrace him. He is not evil he is a human being like you with feelings and thoughts but the spirit will live inside him and he will speak to the world.

Do not stone him, do not fear him but feel his love and his words.

Only he will be able to explain project blue beam to us without fear and panic ensuing. Only he will be able to work the grand plan to fruition.

Lend him your support for he works for you all.

[edit on 28-6-2010 by Spirit777]

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 01:56 PM
a reply to: Spirit777

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 02:20 PM
a reply to: Spirit777

It's clear that you put alot of thought and effort into this thread..

I think it rocks.

What's this about Share International? Do you have any information to share on Share Int.?

posted on Jun, 10 2014 @ 02:38 PM
I believe he is indeed an Aquarius.

He just doesnt know yet or unsure........

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