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“G20 is a smoke Screen for BILDERBERG”

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posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 10:40 AM
Dear: ATS Members

I have been watching over the last ten years now, the formation from the G8 into the G20 summit. I have been following and researching Bilderberg sense 1991 and trying as I might to teach others about this elitist group meeting. Sense Bilderberg inception it has been clouded by mystery and a complete media blackout; yet the richest and most powerful leaders in the world meet in secret and form their plans for this planet.
Ten years ago G8 was formulated as a world financial heads meeting of the top eight industrialized countries and now has grown into the top twenty world leaders meeting. Over the past three years or so Bilderberg has been brought more into the light and several foreign media journalists have started to cover this meeting.

Now that you have gotten the gist of the two groups above, it is my hypothesis that the formulization of the G20 summit is to draw attention and media coverage away from the Bilderberg group meeting. Bilderberg cannot allow real mass media to cover this yearly meeting of the power elite or cover their plans for the world. The G20 summit is the perfect smoke screen for Bilderberg; to draw the major attention of world protest groups like those that have shown themselves in Toronto over the past weekend.

Bilderberg needed a summit like this to become public knowledge so as to draw that major attention away from their yearly meeting because, they could not allow such major attention to the real World leaders meeting that takes place once a year. Once again Bilderberg is playing five to ten moves ahead of those that would like to bring this meeting into the light of day and out of the shadows of night.



posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 11:59 AM
This is nothing new.

If you see who is there, and what their plans for us are, such as obama wanting to extend our stay in Afghanistan now that they found those resources, even though he promised to be home by now.


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