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P-M-H Introduction Real Talk

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posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 02:43 AM
Ok hi people this is my intro going to hit on some stuff that I've been thinking about and introduce myself, please read this full. its all truth

First of all im P-M-H stands for my initials because im not hiding anything from you my point of being here is to contribute help everyone see what is really happening. because if you havent seen recently we (the world) have been getting literaly #ed.. millions of gallons pouring into OUR oceans wars happening on our soil un provoked. governmental BS happening (what the FuK makes the G20 so special) If you cant open your eyes and see that you are slowly being pushed into what 'they' want you to do.. your hopeless. But the people that see whats happening the true intention of the oil spill. of israels attacks, the G20 summit. you can see the 'ELITES' are planning.

And what are we doing? reporting all this? We as a community need to step up to the plate to speak. We all need to join together make a list of ideals what we want the world to be. No more corruption, no more lies, No more being used in a system that contributes nothing to your well being only uses you as a scrap. # the system and all the government. You think Obama will stop the spill?? Sure he will when the master tells him to....

WE need to unite under one list of ideals become the politics and when the time comes (trust me it will) when we become extrememly opressed to the point where we lose our rights and things that make us US. We take over.. What you think the military can stop US?? the government can stop US?? NO THEY CAN'T they make us think they can with the media and everything else but seriously we ratio them out by atleast 10000:1 IF NOT MORE. EVEN IF WE WERE UNARMED WE COULD STORM THE WHITE HOUSE. But we wont resort to that... Because we have the truth with us. And the truth can bring things down from within. Just look at 'wikileaks' people inside the government are bringing it down.

But to conclude I hope everyone that reads this understands what is happening and what will happen because I am ready for anything and when '# really hits the fan' so to speak I will be one to take lead. I will be one to remove our impotent leaders from service and with your help we could have a world how it should be free.


posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 03:24 AM
Congratulations you just made the "red" list execute on sight........
may i for one join you?
I can remember my fathers warnings from a very young age....
even back in the fifties they were forging the agenda plainly enough for an uneducated man to see.....
Now they simply do whatever they please in plain sight with seeming impunity....
Its way past time to fight back1

posted on Oct, 20 2010 @ 08:12 PM
we fight back though and your called crazy or ill.
its got to be planned. and good
a world wide liberation collaboration
its going to happen
wait for the trigger...


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