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Is our instinctual power.. which is greater then our perceptive power, being used to control us?

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posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 12:49 AM
People who judge optimistic people tend to think that optimistic people are lazy and therefore not taking all the facts into consideration. However optimistic people in sales field prove to be 40% more effective then non-optimistic or (in this theory: non instinct believing people who base truth on emotion instead of fact, of which fear is used the most easily) Optimistic people believe more in their instincts then what we are being taught by the changes in society. Fear.. fear is an instinctual feeling which always has a greater emotional tally then non instinctual feelings.. why because we can second guess an emotional based on what our learning experience is)why we have perception).. because that emotion has not been handed to us in the form of an instinct.. which would likely not be stored for us to use automatically unless it was based on a truth about something.. ie we have instinct because it has been proven as a truth.. if not it would not make sense to have it and we would fail and have died off as a species.. we must pass our instinctual thoughts as they are truths that we automatically feel... nature if you will..we should take it as a truth based on thousands of years of evolution... they(people who want to control us) use that instinctual feeling of fear(go stand outside in a safe neighborhood.. you will still have a little fear.. that is instinctual... and they use it against us.. In other words there are two different types of centers for thought that would control emotion...the first for evolutional which has taught us many truths and have been stored into our brains because of that... it includes the most powerful controller of our emotions which is fear.. and the second mind of thought is for taking into consideration the things that are changing on our earth... the ability to learn.. ie our interpretation of what is going on around us and maybe in a clearer sense our "fad or IE societal changes or being hip" Do they(greedy people who want to control the world do this by feeding our stronger fearful evolutional emotions to overrun our suddenly more important interpretive skills that have greater meaning now then ever as we are changing faster now then ever in history and that the greatest new power of letting ourselves look and learn about whatever we feel as a real truth (ie.. the internet) and our new ability to share our thoughts via hi speed media (internet) is being defeated by our easier to control ability to use.. by using our instinctual fear.. the most intensive instinctual emotion to control us. Are we smart enough to rise as a new smarter and optimistic society against that now lie of fear and are we capable of and handling that the new found collective truths and facts should control our emotions instead of a time when we were not so able to learn from each other and change in a faster pace what might be new truths formed from changes that have occured due to humans working with each other to figure everything and possiblities out?
Times are changing now faster then in history and our ability and need to change rapidly have been input into us and we can finally move to the next age.. IE 2012? "Tje Great awakening" that as come about because we as a society can now all talk with each other?

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posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 12:26 PM
i have this saying to add: "fear, heavenly fuel".
instincts, intelligence is often in mythology refered to non-human beings, like angels, demons etc.

posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 01:19 PM
reply to post by drats

Listen, i got part of the way in to your Wall of Text, and lost track of where i was. So, rather than read something like that i would just like to recommend you edit it while you can, and break it down into paragraphs. You will not get any response if you don't. That is impossible to read.

To give you my opinion on what i think your premise is, yes...instincts can be used as a control mechanism. I do it in management all the time. If you approach with empathy, people will always follow you. Of course, i would never do them wrong...and that may have something to do with it, too.

Anyway, look at my post. A few nice, short paragraphs that are easy to track your way through. That is how you need to amend yours to. Make it easy enough to read, so that people aren't just banging their heads against a Wall of Text.

edit to add: you might want to link to a couple of sources for the information you are basing this on. It gives a bit more credibility to your OP.

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posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 01:36 PM
I had trouble reading the wall of text as well without line spaces but I see that was already commented on.

Anyway as far as the question are people controlled by instincts or do they follow their own perceptions and act accordingly? I may not have the original question worded correctly but I'll take a stab at an answer. While studying the stock market and people's reactions I have discovered that a large enough group of people will act predictably. They follow the herd instinct. If they see a lot of other people doing something, they'll follow right along. I believe it's part of human nature to do so. I could say a whole lot more but instead I'll point to the source of my new knowledge which I barely even touched upon. You can understand what the mass of people's reactions will be by studying Socionomics.
I found a link.

It's not free but there are free tidbits given out from time to time. I believe one day this information will be taught in college courses. What I've learned has been very interesting. I'm not subscribed to socionomics myself either but I've read a number of interesting topics covered by it on the associated web site for Elliott Wave International. I personally think Robert Pretcher is very brilliant but has failed to take into consideration the amount of manipulation those in power have exerted. His predictions on the nominal dollar value of the Dow were wrong in times past. He failed to take into consideration how the value of the dollar would be manipulated. It's complicated and difficult for many people to accurately predict the nominal value of the stock market far out in the future. While that is complicated, Socionomics seems fairly intuitive after reading about the tidbits I've read.

Club EWI has some free question and answer comments from time to time.
I'm not trying to promote this but feel this knowledge can definitely help someone in sales or whoever could benefit from knowing how a large mass of people will react in the future.

If more people on here read about Socionomics, there could be a lot of interesting threads on ATS. You have to be careful not to run into any copyright laws though.

So while I diverged slightly, people may believe they follow their own perception. In reality they follow the herd most of the time and do so predictably. If you know what the herd will do, you have an edge over them. You need a large enough group of people to be able to predict the herd mentality. I've found myself following the herd instinct when it comes to stock investing and it is hard to overcome. We are programmed to do certain things and that programming is difficult to break away from.

We the people are simply following herd instincts. Governments do attempt to steer the herd and control the herd on a temporary basis but the herd tends to react the way the herd typically will react after the government manipulation dies away. I suppose if governments had an endless money supply or ultimate power which they do not, they could keep manipulating the herd to react a certain way but those measures are only temporary at best.

One thing I learned is that the government is the last social instrument that changes to reflect the social values of the herd. The people in the US have become more conservative in their economic thinking and spending. The same likely applies for many other countries. The government will be the last ones to change since the individuals who no longer reflect how the people think will be voted out and replaced with officials the people want. Elections take a while. I believe one prediction from one of those sites I linked was that only 20 percent of current incumbents would be left in office within 4 to 6 years. I'm hoping the predictions for the stock market and our economy are flawed. I'm sure there are plenty who would like to manipulate that. I have read an alternative point of view but that is another topic.

What I said above may only be true for a free society with capitalism. I'm used to thinking mainly about the US first since I live here.

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