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Nareepol Tree. Hoax?

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posted on Jun, 29 2010 @ 09:14 AM
reply to post by _SilentAssassin_

I thought this was too weird to be real. But since I read this I started trying to find that damn video someone mentioned on here to absolutely no avail, the only thing I've been able to find was Blockbuster "We're sorry, this title is not available to rent or buy by mail." Searched about 20 zip codes trying to find it in a store somewhere. No where to be found. I did find a VHS tape here Amazon For under 3.00, I don't have a VHS player, but im going to look into it since this is the only copy I can find, torrent, streaming, youtube, or other wise. I found a site in spanish (translated through google) where a guy mentions 2 other programs, one from the learning channel and one from the sci fi network aside from the known one of the discovery channel. The information about these two programs is pretty scetchy as well. As for the host of Beyond Bizarre, he's got a rather bizarre acting history, also notice that for being one of discovery channels most popular series' it's there is no wiki for it, and the copies of it are almost impossible to come by. So I don't know for sure what it all means, if anything, it's most likely nothing, but it does seem odd that for such a popular series and such a phenomenon as this that it's so obscure.

posted on Jun, 29 2010 @ 05:14 PM
The vid of the mummies could very well be monkeys, and the vid of the 'fruit' growing on the tree is just stills, they would have been easy enough for someone who's not used photoshop before to create. I would to need to see a vid (or better still visit Thailand and see this for myself) to start believing in it as an absolute truth.

Maybe someone who's actualy been to Thailand and seen one of these trees up close can chime in and tell us some more? I read the story behind it, it's all very facinating stuff, which obviously existed years before technology could have been used to create fakes.

These 'fruit' could easily be made using wax molds or plastic, that vid isn't really proof of anything.

It's a lovely thought, and a weird one, my mind remains open on this one.

posted on Jun, 30 2010 @ 01:07 AM
reply to post by 6minutes212

That's awesome. I hope you do find it. I'm going to to dig a little bit into to it. I would love to see that.
I can only just imagine if a tv network did something on this it would be so nuts.


Date: 8/29/01 10:07:29 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent: Glad you liked the Naree Pon. I found them in a little shrine in a temple about an hour and a half north of Bangkok. Hard to find but worth the trouble. They have two and they are rather incredible. What are they? Hard to say, not quite a monkey fetus, not a pod that resembles a person, maybe some gourd type thing which has been altered and allowed to dry out and split and distort. They seem to be covered with fuzz like on a peach, and one of they may have had some gold leaf on it. What's your story and how did you become interested in the naree pons?

REPLY: My wife and I saw the Naree Pons last year on a Discovery Channel Presentation: Into the Unknown Sideshows and Skeletons. Unable to obtain a video of the episode, I sent a query throughout the Internet concerning the Naree Pon, now a year later I get your response, which I most appreciate. What do the Thai Monks at the temple say about these strange little entities?

Date: 8/30/01 9:53:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent: No one at the temple seemed to speak English, yet they were very proud of their Naree Pons. Perhaps equally proud of a preserved deformed pig fetus at the base of another shrine. Some female monks invited me to eat with them and were all smiles when I indicated the Naree Pons. I did purchase a Thai magazine with an article about these Naree Pons but haven't had it translated yet. A small brochure at the temple was translated and touted how you would be rewarded if you donated money to the temple. If you get to Thailand let me know.

EDITOR: these creatures are small, notice the pins. I know, I know, at first glance this data smacks of a Texas roadside "Jackalope" attraction [I do love carnivals and roadside attractions]. But the info as presented on Discovery [gosh, wee Elves on TV] came across as most serious. As I recall the dialogue even mentioned that the Naree Pons were under study by US universities. Kent's wild Celtic instincts whisper that there might exist something of significance here. So in mighty ORBIT tradition let us SLEUTH!

ARCHIVES: I am convinced that this pre-Sumerian image is an accurate representation of the races who lived here before Inanna and her family acquired the planet. Inanna says they are called the "Nagas" in sanskrit. Their lineages are described in great length in the Mahabharata." (S. Ferguson, 31 July 1997).

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